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Qnet is just another escape for scammers to build quick money

I learned about QNet India from few friends and was eager to know more about the details. I was called for an introduction session and went there out of keenness. In their workshop, they talked about everything that is possible after joining QNet.

They have answer for every issue and will make you believe that everything is possible. However, they do not discuss the pyramid scheme that they are running in disguise. Mostly, they tried to convince that they are not operating MLM scheme. That seemed dubious to me.

The IRs came in costly cars and were flaunting their assets. Everyone was trying to impress the audience and were almost forcing them to sell their scam. That is where I felt confused. After attending few sessions, I realized that this is the way they lure customers.

They will never admit the huge amount that you need to spend on useless items. In addition, they will require you to push your close ones and relatives to make fool out of them. In short, they give you a dream and will take the control of your sleep in their hands. It is so easy for them.

Their offer sounded fishy to me. They asked me to invest 30,000 INR and promised to convert that money into a small business without having any offering for the same. They told me I do not require anything apart from leading a lavish life. It was so good to be true. But like many other, I couldn’t stop thinking, “what if it is true?” And I joined.

One thing which is great about them is the way they lure people and show them something that they have always wanted. They make it sound so real that very few can see through it. Unfortunately, I was not among those few. Even when I was in confusion, I could not resist from trying the scheme because they gift wrapped it beautifully. I am sure many get into their trap.

Only after investing, I came to know the real game. You need to have two investors down the line and you will be only paid if each of those two investors brings another two down investors to join. You will be paid 1.5K for the investors you brought in. If you fail to get the investors, you will never be able to see your money.

I did my calculation and found out that from each line, you make 9K and each of the other investors jointly earn 21k. So where does the 9k from the 30K went. That’s how they make profit. Also, they claim that they have got products for the money we spent. However, that is again a mask to cover their scheme. They still make a lot of profit.

QNet sells many product and claims that few of the nutrition product even fight from cancer which is not at all true. Their products are useless and you will not find it worthy spending even a penny on them. I spent INR 30000 which made me repent after knowing the truth about their real scheme.

It is not easy to get to the top investors as the entire functionality is online and it becomes difficult to get in touch with the management. The company is based out of Hong Kong and IR are scattered in many countries. India itself is a host for many parasites who are making profit by laundering money from innocent people. Every active IR follows a same pattern to get people to join.

They conduct workshops and seminars in malls and common places. They flaunt about the earning and make fake promises. They are told that their investment can be doubled in few years and make them believe in what they say. They prey on vulnerable people and they do not pardon their own relative and close friends. This is the reason why most people have to stay alone. What else they can do after cheating their own people.

In these seminars, they even pressurized people to pay instantly so that they cannot do their research. They cannot let people change their mind and anyone who seems confused, becomes their target.

They pressurized me for purchasing the product and later for getting the investors down the line. The investors whom I joined were pushy and made me feel irritating. They asked me to lie to people about high returns and fancy holidays trips abroad. I do not understand, how a company that sells genuine product needs to lie to get customers onboard. Whatever was the reason, I was not able to buy it. But the harm was already done. I was scammed and was not able to find a way to get my money back.

I work in a private firm. I have a fixed income and spending such an amount at once, was not easy. I tried becoming one among them and tried convincing people. I tried to talk to people to persuade them for joining. But, my conscience was way too strong to let me be a part of that scam. I was not able to convince any of them because I couldn’t lie and lost my money. It was not easy for me to make stories and that landed me nowhere.

Please remember, never sign any document with them. Otherwise, you will never get your refund even in parts. I made that mistake and still struggling to get my money back. These people are monsters and their scheme is designed to benefit the top investors. There are more people who are in loss that those who have made any profit, other than the organizers. I couldn’t convince even one. I knew that I was bad at sales and this was something that was not sales which the company claims, but a scam. I was not prepared from within to sell the scam to my friends and family.

And inviting unknown people in workshops was even a worse idea. I neither have time nor have the guts to lie. The people sitting on my top tried to train me and taught me the ways they were using to cheat people. I was so able to relate with their training as I was the one who got cheated with those tactics.

I was stunned to know that people who have settled life and are working in renowned companies are a part of this scam. I was not the only one. The only difference was that these people were actively involved and I was not. The company targets professionals from information technology field. They are the ones who are ready to try new options and the company knows how to cash their desires.

The proof is right infront of us. You can find atleast one people talking about QNet in big organizations. When I was proposed the plan, it was proposed by an IT professional. I didn’t know how come this name missed my list if it was so popular. But these guys operate in disguise and try to mask their every move to attract any kind of limelight.

This is a red flag and a big no for those who are in a mood to join this company. I would like to warn everyone out there who are willing to be a part of this scam thinking that this is an ecommerce business. This is not at all anything close to Jabong or any other ecommerce platform. There is a huge scam hidden inside which can only be discovered after you become a part of the scam itself.

The company is thought to be the same company that was banned in Chennai and was named GoldQuest. It is believed that it changed its name to QNet for continuing to fool people. It is still not sure but there are serious allegations which is not less than true.

Their puppets can be found in many big organization which make them trustworthy. But, believe me, they are just another face of pyramid scheme. I am happy to know that people are becoming aware of their scam and authorities have been alerted.

If I was among the active members, I would have been behind bars as well. I know that I lost my money but I wish they pay for what they did to me and many others. Bombay court is already trying to get to the root of the scam and soon people involved in the fraud will be prisoned. I wish it happens soon.

QNet has already caused huge damages and is a serious threat to the economy of the country. If it is the same company with the name GoldQuest, then it is even more dangerous. We need to find ways to curb companies that plan to build their profit over other’s loss. This is not only unethical and unprofessional but completely illegal. The MLM and pyramid business need to be eliminated totally.

Is Qnet India a legit?

Qnet India is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Qnet India located?

Qnet India is headquarted at b30 ndse 1, Rajpath Area, Raisina Hills, New Delhi, Delhi 110010, India. You can contact Qnet India by dialing +91 990 050 9004 or visit their website qnet.net.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Qnet India’s customers?

According to Qnet India’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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5 Reviews on Qnet India

  1. QNet Review

    QNet is a big scam. Stay away!!!!!

  2. QNet Review

    I am working in an IT company. 7 months back, I joined QNet after my friend requested me to. She told that I need to pay and she would take care of the rest. However, since then, she has asked me to accompany her in seminars which are utmost boring and I found her lying all the time about the trips she takes.

    She tries to trick everyone that she talks to. I understood that soon and stopped talking to her. I always make excuses when she asks me to attend any seminar.

  3. QNet is a scam

    QNet sells pyramid scheme and let you believe that you are working as an eCommerce professional. If you really wish to save yourself from a big problem coming in future, stay away from these liars.

    QNet is a scam and soon people associated with this company are going to see the tough side of the country’s law.

  4. QNet Review

    QNet tricked me into joining their scheme. It was not more than a week that I found out that all they teach their IRs is to lie for making more investors join their dark side.

    I was told me lie about the product I was using and then they forced me to get them members down my line. It is a kind of creepy, the way they ask you to do the sales for them.

    They want to call it eCommerce business but they are not. They make you join their MLM scheme if you wish to make any purchase and on top of that they will ask you to fool others as well.

    A shitty company and a shitty scheme. I stopped answering their calls and gradually they stopped calling me. But, their harassment was for months before they stopped trying.

  5. QNet Review

    I have been reading news about the people who are arrested since few months. But, I am waiting for the final decision to make sure it stops scamming people. I have found stories of workshops still continuing.

    They took my money and when I asked for refund, they shut me out. QNet is unprofessional and is only trying to fool people around by false promises.

    May 6, 2017

Reviews: 5
Reported Loss : 500 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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