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Snapshot discount is a bait for Progressive to sell their Insurance Policy

I opted for Progressive when I shifted to Texas from another city. My previous company gave me a quote with 100% raise and I was not ready to pay that much amount.

So, I started looking for other options. It was not the only company I looked for. I enquired about few more companies and compared their quotes with Progressive Insurance. I found it cheaper than others. I think, it would have been wise to compare other things as well. Anyway, this is how it went.

They had advertised of a Snapshot device which was required for getting the discount. So, I installed the device and went on with signing up for my insurance. After installing the snapshot device, I started for my office and heard a beep when I applied brake.

I realized that their criteria for hard brake was arbitrary. It was 7 miles per hour speed reduction to be made in less than a second. Their entire criteria for meeting safe driving was hypothetical. And, it triggered very often, even when you are trying to avoid yellow light, or slowing down for a turn.

I was not able to keep up with the device and no one could possibly have, unless the car was not taken out for a ride. Soon, I checked that mine and y family score started dropping.

Whatever we did, nothing helped. I made sure to drive slow and do everything within their imaginary margins. I had to call Progressive to get a solution for the score improvement.

When I called them, they informed me that the fast start was the cause of our bad score. Fast start means a surge in speed of 9 miles per hour or more in 1 second. They also informed that the fast starts were not alerted with the snapshot device, neither tracked in the online reports.

I was left aback. This was disgusting. At first, they have a system that measures unjustified numbers and then they have the guts to hide other parameters.

I realized that their snapshot discount was a way to lure customers into buying their insurance policy. knowing that the safest driver would never meet the criteria, the discount would turn into more penalties, Progressive insurance does fake advertisements. This is a scam.

If you opt out of snapshot discount, your discount is gone and if you stick with it for 45 days, you pay penalties for not keeping up with the criteria. So, you lose in any way around. This insurance policy is a fraud and is scamming people with pretention.

Let’s spread the word to make them pay for it. I had to opt out of the insurance plan and took another one, looking expensive as compared to Progressive, but much cheaper.

I think, progressive insurance’s discount scheme is nothing more than a mere illusion. If you find it interesting, better read about the actual figures on web, before you trust them with your money.

Is Progressive Insurance a legit?

Progressive Insurance is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Progressive Insurance located?

Progressive Insurance is headquarted at 6677 Bramblewood Ln, Mayfield, OH 44143. You can contact Progressive Insurance by dialing 1-855-758-0630 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Progressive Insurance’s customers?

According to Progressive Insurance’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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5 Reviews on Progressive Insurance

  1. Any trust with snapshot GONE!!

    New to snapshot and dismayed. Went to the store but reported I WAS NOT THE DRIVER? Then the ghost should have paid my grocery bill. Phone usage NEVER!! Yet a million violations for that WHAT??? Only 1 week and it’s very clear the only violation I have is signing up for snapshot. Pissed off here!!!!

  2. Progressive snapshot smaccused me of slamming on my brakes

    Brother gave me his hurricane damaged Jeep . Was talked into installing progressivecsnap shot to save money so I sold my Honda CR-V . . I was charged $158.00 extra for 6 month renewal for fraudulent hard braking as I do not speed , plus I live in countryside & far from town & charged for mileage . I have to buy supplies as I’m still hurricane damaged from Irma 2017 . The snapshot affected my jeep patriots computer & my light system & affected the engine cutting off & once removed last month I detect issues . My agent didn’t advise me of any increases & of the defects in the snapshot .

  3. Snapshot Scam

    I signed up for auto insurance with the Snapshot device. My initial premium (with Snapshot discount) was just $52 a month, for my BMW X-1. The Snapshot device beeped three times shortly after the car started, and then once or twice each time it came to a stop. While using it, I had no accidents, no claims, no tickets. My mileage was low, thanks to semi-retirement and the pandemic. When it came time for my policy renewal, Progressive tried to increase the premiums (for the same coverage) by over 400%, to over $200 a month. I logged on to check my Snapshot report. The only negatives were so-called “hard braking”, which seems to have been nearly every time the vehicle came to a stop. Now, I live in an urban area, and there are lots of stop signs and intersections with red lights, meaning lots of stops from a low speed. None of these were panic stops, no tires screeching, no “hard braking”. A passenger in the car would not have noticed anything untoward. Stopping is part of safe driving technique. This is nonsense. I am filing a compliant with the State Insurance Commissioner – and I am finding a new car insurance carrier.

  4. SCAMMERS canceled me and ruined my credit

    They ruined my ability to get reasonable insurance by requiring all kinds of complicated procedures to provide them proof of residency and a laundry list of assignments to get a good rate then dropped me when I was late. I work. Who has time for all that? ridiculous! Now my insurance quotes are all sky high

  5. Swindled by Progressive

    In 2017, my longtime boyfriend was in a car accident that totaled his car. The other driver was coming off a university campus and ran a red light, and they collided. Thankfully, everyone was able to walk away, but that’s where the silver lining ends.

    The other driver swore she had the green light, but it was his word against her’s, and the police couldn’t determine fault. “No big deal,” he thought, “I’ve got full coverage.”


    When he had purchased the car from a used car dealer a year before, he had the insurance from his old car transferred over. He agreed to everything over the phone right there at the dealership, and he immediately started paying a higher premium for the new full coverage. But after the accident, Progressive refused to pay out. Before they could actually provide the collision coverage he needed, there was a document he needed to sign, and until that happened, his car wasn’t truly covered. Worse yet, the document couldn’t be signed retroactively. As far as they were concerned, nothing he did was going to get him collision coverage for the day of the accident.

    Of course, Progressive swears up and down that they told him about this, and that they mailed him the form, but they most certainly didn’t. You’d think if this form was really that important, they’d have called or mailed him something or emailed him when they didn’t get it back. But no, they continued to take his money without saying a word to him for the full coverage about it.

    Fast forward to the accident, and now he’s got a car he can’t drive on which he still owes thousands of dollars. He couldn’t believe what they were doing was even legal, but apparently his hands are tied. I contacted the state’s Insurance Commissioner, I contacted lawyers, all with the same result—there was just nothing I could do because the Police did not find fault.

    Now, every time he make a car payment, he thinks about that day—the other car slamming into his, that brief moment when you’re sure your life is over—and he has to fight back anxiety attacks. He can feel panic building in him every time the subject of the wreck is brought up. It’s a nightmare he’s going to have to keep reliving over and over for as long as he has that costly, monthly reminder. The only bit of of consolation Progressive gave was that they refunded him the difference of the full coverage he was paying to a reduced rate to liability coverage.

    My boyfriend served in the military and served in Iraq. He shouldn’t have to face this every month and deal with the anxiety of paying for a car he does not possess while having to take a bus to work because we cannot afford to buy another car while paying for a car that is now in a salvage yard.

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Reviews: 5
Reported Loss : 1500 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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