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Charging More Than The Zillow Zestimate

Progress Residential has less than 2 stars for a reason. You really should listen to what others are saying.

Your rent will go up every year, and you do not get control of your utilities.

They make you go through a third party which involves no access or control of a savings plan, and there are always fees to pay the bill.

We have had over $500 in utilities for a month, but we cannot adjust for savings plans.

The local utility company has plans for doing most things like laundry and dishwasher after 9:00 or on the weekends, and we do not have that option.

You also do not get to see the breakdown. We have lived in our house for 3 years.

Each year they have raised the rent, and it has been annoying but manageable.

The first year it was raised $64 per month. The next year, it was $91. They wanted $150.To resign the fourth year would be a shame on us.

For the last three years, there has been no discount for paying your rent on time with astronomical utilities.

There have been no home improvements or remodeling in four years.

As far as maintenance goes, in 3 years we have had two problems.

They sent one drunk, cranky jerk over who butchered the ceiling. It is an eyesore.

It looks like when your kids punch a hole in the wall and try to patch it themselves with dad’s plaster kit in the garage.

Except it’s the ceiling, and it is huge. The dishwasher was broken when we moved in, and they sent this same guy.

He always reeks of liquor, and he’s vulgar. Then our sprinkler system in the front yard never worked.

They sent 3 guys over who dug up the yard but never found the busted sprinkler and just left it.

It looked like we had an angry family of prairie dogs destroy our yard.

So sure, they sent someone, but that is what they are sending.

They will continue to be around for a while, though, because they keep buying all the houses and ripping off renters.

They are really nice when you are viewing and make everything so easy.

They start with charging more than the Zillow Zestimate, and it creeps up every year.

Your rent will go up every year. I am sure they will try to take my deposit, too, but I will fight it even if the whole thing is lost to court costs.

Is Progress Residential legit?
Progress Residential is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 16 consumer(s) was/were given a Progress Residential as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Progress Residential located?
Progress Residential is headquarted at 5115 Covington Way Ste 8 Memphis, TN 38134. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Progress Residential by dialing (901) 235-8165 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Progress Residential’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Progress Residential’s customers, US $4585 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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16 Reviews on Progress Residential

  1. We have been here almost a year and noting has started to fall apart.

    My husband and I rented a home from progress residential that seemed to look nice at first but throughout the months things started falling apart terribly, mold started appearing plumbing was horrible. In April , we vacated the rental properties because of this situation.

    In June we received a list of deductions over S6,000 that they claim we were held accountable for such as repainting the entire interior of the house due to dirt on the walls, mold, leaks, plumbing issues etc which affected the home. Also, normal wear and tear on the interior paint of a house is to be expected. The fading and soiling of the paint (which was already there) is due to normal wear and tear.

    As such, the cost of repainting should be left to the rental company. The bathroom was falling apart, there was black mold building around the master and the other restroom, the toilets where leaking, the kitchen sink was leaking which caused mold in the cabinets and gave the home a terrible smell, it was just horrible.

    I went to look at the home after we moved out and it was completely remodeled everything and we were left we their bill! The home looked nothing like it did when we first moved in it. Everything they did was new and updated, when we moved in it was not. We called the company serval times complaining about the problem when we occupied the property when they finally came they only repainted over the mold and put some paste down under the cabinets as they did when we moved in.

    They advised would come back to fix the issue and never did. I have lived in a couple of rental properties and never have I ever experienced anything like this. Please be aware of this and take notice of everything that is wrong with their properties before committing to a lease agreement.

    We were unfairly charged for damages that were not cause by us. Luckily, we are now renting from Main Street Renewal which seems to be a much better company. We have been here almost a year and noting has started to fall apart.

  2. Lets see what they come back with.

    This is by far the worst company to rent from. I am in the process of moving out with a move out date of 1/30/2019. My rent is paid up to. The company left a can of paint in the laundry room for future use. While in the process of preparing the house for move out, I took that can of paint to the hardware store where they purchased it from (the label and the codes are on the can) mind you.

    Started touched up, and guess what its the wrong paint. They tell me that the paint color changes with time and therefore it wont match what was left for me. So now they are discounting the cost to paint the entire house from my security deposit. Not to mention a few items, that they didn’t handle during my move in. Light bulbs not working. Never replaced by them.

    Toilet running, oh because not reported within 24 hrs of move in, I was responsible for replacing the flap or i would be charged if they sent someone. Also the close door knob, just put on gently. As soon as we opened the closed, wow the door knob on the floor.

    But all things you dont see during your move in inspection. My son was in a total loss accident on Christmas day, which in the process lost the garage remote. Guess what? I had to replace it or be charged $60 for the remote. No heart from this company.

    I received a call from the move out inspector today my move out date, bothered that the keys to the home are not in the lock box. Well lets see. Today is the 30th, so wouldn’t I have till mid night to move out? Also my rent is paid up till 1/31,

    so why would you be trying to get into the home on the 30th to finalize the inspection? This is just the beginning of my review. I will be waiting for final charges to the home. I assure you this will not be the end of my review. I have further action in place regarding this paint issue.

    If you leave paint for the tenant to use, then this in my opinion is the fault or scam of this company to ensure to charge you to repaint the entire home. I am literally upset with this company. I have copies of the receipt for professional carpet cleaning along with the professional house cleaning done. Lets see what they come back with.

  3. Managers won't call you back

    Pile on fees when you are moving out.

  4. I wish I had before deciding to rent from them.

    ZERO STARS!! I never write reviews but this company is by far the worst I’ve ever come across. DO NOT under any circumstances rent from this company!!! There isn’t a house in this world that is worth dealing with these people. I’ve lived under many management groups as well as worked for many management groups and this place is by far the worst.

    Very unprofessional, unreliable, they make up policies as they go and change them just as fast, and they charge bogus fees for everything. Watch out for renewal time because they will increase your rent $100 plus.

    I wouldn’t recommend renting from Progress to my absolute worst enemy!!! Don’t take my word for it, read through the reviews all across the internet. I wish I had before deciding to rent from them.

  5. This place is the WORST!!!! You have been warned

    This place is the WORST!!!! You have been warned! These people are inhuman! The nonchalant attitude, lack of concern for their tenants wellbeing, hidden charge after charge. Fee for everything!!

    Everything I have ever read about this company has been true. Every review that I read I felt that my exact story was being chanted over and over. Hindsight is 20/20, I truly regret not looking more into this company before signing…….

  6. I'm sure if your system sent the information, the corporate could have found it, they just didn't care to do so.

    The orders have been completed as of this moment yes, but it took longer than 24-48 hours as in contract. It took 2 weeks and more to complete all my issues. The flooring, I had someone to look at it and they stated it wasn’t laid correctly. Yes, a manager came by but did not have someone out later that week as promised.

    I was told, that the maintenance manager said it wasn’t any problems in my home. They lied about requests for problems wasn’t being made but yet received emails once they were completed were being sent. It took me to write this review for someone to call about spraying for roaches. Which, I had already had it sprayed myself since, it took y’all forever.

    Roaches are disgusting and they have lots of babies and they hard to get rid of. Don’t you see the commercial on the tv about roaches. A month plus to get this property sprayed from you guys is ridiculous . What’s even more ridiculous, you guys want your money on time but picture this.

    You move into a home and you called several times about outlets and other issues about home. It TOOK 2 WEEKS!!!!!! before someone came to fix my outlets. You know what made yall move on the outlets? When I told them I work from home. I guess when y’all money becomes in jeopardy, you want to fix it. IN order to work from home you need your outlets for internet and charging!

    I went 2 weeks but yet you guys want your full payment every month. Can your business run without money if so teach me because mines can not! My business requires outlets to plug up printer, computers, chargers, telephones, and internet to keep it rolling. Anytime when a rental property interferes with my money is ridiculous and I’m very upset about it.

    Your contract lied. Also, I can email the confirmation that orders were placed in your system if you would like. I guess your corporate person forgot you guys send out emails when the work is completed or canceled. Would you like a copy of those? I’m sure if your system sent the information, the corporate could have found it, they just didn’t care to do so.

Reported Loss :4585 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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