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Hi Chris (Owner),

Presidio Sport & Medicine have super facilities, professional therapists / staff and what seems to be a thriving business.

After a month of sessions at MT Tam Ortho. Phys. Ed, we chose to switch to you and your team because you came highly recommended as the best PT for athletes.

I’m writing this review (to your attention) because we feel the overall PT plan and the execution of that plan fell very short of expectations set.

The plan, as we had been told was to…
1. Build strength while avoiding injury / potential for injury and setting a course of exercises for recovery and post recovery following a sports related injury / surgery.
2. Push and build strength – out of session – through varied and progressively more difficult assigned exercises/drills … understanding limits and potential along the way
3. Help an athlete recognize and distinguish the necessary fatigue and pain of exercise regimen(s) while not going beyond the ability of his body to heal and recover.
4. Get back to 100% at the right time and at the right pace

Addressing each of these:

1. The sessions themselves took on a redundancy that, at best, nurtured complacency and delayed progress. This was a very large part of why we left MT. Tam and came to you. We understood you were different because your therapists understood athletes, their drive and needs, and you were highly tailored and engaged with the athlete on that path leading him/her to recovery.
My impression is that your therapists are very competent but there were simply too many of them, with too many patients on their docket, and too little hand-off or prep. when it wasn’t the lead therapist’s session execut​ing​ “the plan”.

2. The sessions were very standard and staff seemed competent, but there was little progressive, “upward” movement. ​The sessions felt very routine – ​caught in a loop​. ​I can’t imagine a professional athlete – with the hindsight of recovery from a previous injury – would have made it past 2-3 of your sessions before looking for an explicit​,​ results-driven trajectory and recovery plan.

There was so much time spent on challenging whether or not exercises where being done and done correctly​,​ ​it felt like we were stuck in a holding pattern​​. It was “Groundhog Day”-like, but without growth built on cumulative knowledge gained by the previous day’s experience. The sessions became quizzical because all exercises asked of him were being done, every day, with additional biking, walking, ​and ​jogging exercises.

If not young, schedule constrained, active and an aspiring athlete, what was delivered (vs how you were differentiated to us by what we were told and read) probably would have been just fine, but we left Mt. Tam and came to you because the PT it provided was “just fine”.

3. Christi put a great deal of focus on challenging dedication to exercises, cautioning about re-injury and going too fast with supplemental exercise. This PT’s advise was demotivating and retarded overall progress by erring heavily on the side of caution.

Fears were also augmented by challenging the doctor’s recovery trajectory​ /​ guidance and ​supplemental work that included jogging, stationary bike and non-contact drills.

4. Facing challenges to schedule sessions during the day and working hours – Is therapy / recovery only a Mon-Fri 9am-6pm opportunity for a privileged few here in Marin?

​W​e agreed to sessions in the Presidio, but this helped exacerbate #2 & #3 and feed a valid perception that prep, plan and progress were impacted: Too many PTs, breakdown of patient history and information share, exercise/drill sheets not provided, etc.

5. If there is a fifth item that impacted the recovery regimen, it was your front desk. Just as your front desk personnel helped sell us on PSM, they were also a good part of the reason for this long review.

While ​we were​ encouraged to schedule way in advance in order to secure PT sessions with ​you ​or ​others, ​we had to be the activist, on matters of schedule, follow-up and most important, personalization.

The overall front-desk experience was sometimes good, and at other times I’d ​wish I ​never initiated the call or query. Maybe it’s just too much business and work coming at your front desk PSM and it cannot be accommodated

Is Presidio Sport & Medicine a legit?

Presidio Sport & Medicine is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Presidio Sport & Medicine located?

Presidio Sport & Medicine is headquarted at United State. You can contact Presidio Sport & Medicine by dialing (415) 561-6655 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Presidio Sport & Medicine’s customers?

According to Presidio Sport & Medicine’s customers, a monetary loss of US $320 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on Presidio Sport & Medicine

  1. After my treatment came to a close again I asked if there was any outstanding balance.

    First of all I want to say that the PTs who treated my rotator cuff injury were great and I would definitely recommend them. However, the PTs are only part of this business and sadly the way they dealt with my insurance was less than professional.

    I asked repeatedly during the months of treatments there if there was any copay required from my insurance. They assured me everything was fine and if there were copays required they would bill me. After my treatment came to a close again I asked if there was any outstanding balance.

  2. Too bad there are not any good pts to speak of in the Bay Area.

    PSM set back my recovery from an ACL knee surgery at least 4 months because they would not follow the physical therapy protocol of my doctor who is one of the very best in the world.

    I now have to be my own physical therapist, and have to deal with being 4 months behind which inpacts my sports and work. Too bad there are not any good pts to speak of in the Bay Area.

  3. I feel like a cog in a bad machine at this place.

    I feel like a cog in a bad machine at this place. The experience is about THEIR efficiency and convenience not yours. The “hour” long sessions aren’t even 30 minutes as the PT comes in (usually 5 minutes late) but always finishes “on time” so you can be shuffled off to the exercise therapist who is a PT wannabee. The therapist is also focused on the clock.

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 320 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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