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Don’t every us this company. I lock my keys in my truck. I have Toyota road side service. I contacted Toyota at 3pm and they connected me to Pop-A-Lock. The rude rep on the phone told me that it would be 75 minutes for a tech to reach me, I said okay. After the 75 minutes passed, I called back and was told they (the same or another rude rep) told me that it will be another 10 minutes before the tech would arrive. So I called back in 15 minutes and now I am being told someone will be there in 2 hours. By now I am getting a little upset. With all the different times and the rudenessAt 5pm the tech calls me and says that he is finishing up in Dublin which is about 30 minutes away and said he would get there around 6:30. I explained to him how long I had been waiting and he said I am on my way. This is where I really get upset with this lousy company.
I have a 2014 Camry in excellent condition. Everyone thinks that it is a new and cannot believe that it is almost 5 years old. They send a rookie out to help me. He cannot get in the to car. While doing this, I notice that there is a gap forming on my doors. He tried the driver side and could not get in, then tried the passage side and still could not get in. He tried for ~45 minutes with no result. I said that I don’t live that far away, if you will take me home, I can get the second key. He states, they cannot let customers ride in their car(s). So I said I will call my friend or lyft. But he wanted to tried one last time. I mentioned to him that you may want to stop, because I do not want my doors damaged. He says it is an easy fix. Since he could not get the doors to open, I said why don’t you try opening the drunk. He says, oh that is a great idea. after two-three tries, he is able to open the drunk. Now to fix the doors, he tells me that he has

repaired the doors, but I am so tired of dealing with this bad company, I just wanted to go home. Oh did I mentioned it is now around 6:30pm. After I get home and was getting out of the car, I notices that the gap is still in my doors. I call them and they tell me that I have to file a insurance claim with my insurance. I state this does not make since to me, to contact my insurance when your employee has damaged my car. The rude rep tells me that this is how they handle claims. So I call my insurance and they tell me that I would have to pay my deductible of $500 and this type of claim is not cover under my insurance, so it may be more. Luckily I have a great insurance company (Amica). They contact the company on my behave and a supervisor call and say they will be out in the next couple of days, again stating it is an easy fix. Well guess what, my doors still have the gap and now I can hear wind noise, which I did not have a problem with before. Whatever you do, DO NOT use this company. Pay the money for a professional company. BAD, BAD, BAD

Is Pop-A-Lock a legit business?
Pop-A-Lock is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 10 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Pop-A-Lock located?
Pop-A-Lock is headquarted at California Street 1675 CA US. You can contact Pop-A-Lock by dialing (415) 668-5625 or visit their website popalocksf.com.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Pop-A-Lock’s customers?
According to Pop-A-Lock’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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10 Reviews on Pop-A-Lock

  1. I will be asking for you.

    I would like to express my appreciation to Pop a Lock and one of their lock smiths who came to my home last week and installed new locks on all the doors in my home. I believe his name was Jim. He gave special attention in making sure that each replacement was neat, clean and that all locks functioned properly. The price I paid was very fair also. Jim, if I ever need a lock smith again, I will be asking for you. Thanks!!! Joyce

  2. I will definitely recommend you.

    I had the locks rekeyed in my home a few weeks ago. The service man that came was named Jim. He was just great. Very professional and very fair and fast. The locks work great. Thanks Jim and thank you Pop a lock. I will definitely recommend you.

  3. Bad Services

    Cannot really give a star – service terrible and unprofessional. Date of service was 10/10 today. My call was to help a lady friend. The tech who refused to give his name used only his cell 702-541-4038. Was told the time to respond. After the response time expired, I received a call from the tech who said he was “5 minutes” away.

    When I asked if he was really 5 minutes away and on what street he was located, he became very rude and hung up. I called his dispatch about the interaction and it turned out he was still more than 20 miles away. When he arrived, he was beefy and jumped out of the “Pop-A-Lock” care and yelled in front of the lady to whom I was speaking and whose vehicle needed the help: “Are you the one who cried to my dispatcher.” He backed down like a little girl when I told him he could shut up and leave.

  4. But I am home and happy and not out too much cash.

    Locked myself out like a fool, called these guys the next morning and made an appointment for the afternoon. They showed up right on time and had me back in my place for a very reasonable price on a Sunday.

    Only thing I’d quibble with is that they were not easy to get ahold of before 9am, despite what the website says (“24/7 service”). But I am home and happy and not out too much cash.

  5. but even their competition doesn't offer that!

    Called on Saturday late morning for a non-emergency rekeying and they were able to send someone over within a couple of hours. The technician arrived at the scheduled time, was courteous and knowledgeable. The only thing more I could ask for was a lower price, but even their competition doesn’t offer that!

  6. I do however highly recommend this business

    I was 130 miles from home on a Sunday morning. I opened the trunk of my car to find that my car key broke. Pop-A-Lock responded in a reasonable amount of time, and considering the high-cost of weekend locksmith’s, their price was also reasonable. The agent was polite, and knowledgeable.

    I hope to never again encounter the circumstances that led to my call to them. I do however highly recommend this business 🙂

  7. So I called my friends who then recommended me to call Pop A Lock.

    It was a little after 3 AM and I had just got home from the club when I realized that my keys to my apartment were not in my purse. So I called my friends who then recommended me to call Pop A Lock. I called them and they guy said he would be there in 30 minutes but he didn’t showed up until an hour later.

    Keep in mind that it was super cold and I was wearing a strapless dress with a cardigan and my stilettos so that hour wait was painful for me. So dude arrived and unlocked my door within minutes but he wanted $150 for the two locks he unlocked. Is he serious?! He said it was after hours and they charge more at that time.

  8. I was told a different price.

    Pop a lock is new in South San Francisco, and to be honest its the worst one. Ive made keys at the Pop a Lock in San Francisco and San Jose, but this once just opened up here. I went in a couple weeks ago to make some duplicate some keys. THe place is extremely creepy. Its located ina building. Thats fine,

    Once you walk in the experience is extremely awkward. No music. No sounds. No TV. Awkward silence. There is only one person working there, which i find normal since the three times I’ve been there its been empty. ANyways, I walked in ask for some pricing on key duplicates. I had already asked by phone and what I expected happened. I was told a different price.

  9. Avoid if at all possible.

    3 freaking hours for a simple jump start in the middle of Daly City, CA. Allstate uses these guys for roadside service. Avoid if at all possible.

  10. Terrible company.

    Terrible company. My insurance roadside assistance hired them for me. 15 minute arrival time is what my insurance told me. Pop-A-Lock took over 2 hours!!! The driver apologized about there being three calls ahead of me.

    SO rather than valuing my time and declining the job they just decided to make me wait. Purposely!!! My insurance could have called a number of company’s that weren’t four calls deep. If I knew I had two hours I would have done a dozen other fixes that would have not had me waiting so long.

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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