robbed me of $2000


My girlfriend is a huge dog fan. So, I decided to gift a god. I asked for references with a few people and one of my friends recommended me to He also gave me a name who knew him well at So, I went online and started communicating with the firm and tried to settle a deal. They said about the advance payment and I agreed after asking my friend whether they asked him too to pay in advance. He said they did and so I paid $1000. I adopted a Saint Bernard because it was her favourite and asked to deliver it at her home on her birthday. So was done, the dog was delivered as promised on her birthday to her. She was very happy and a month passed.

Suddenly one day she calls me up and started asking the name of the firm from where I had gifted her the dog. I asked what the matter was and she got very angry. She said that the dog was colored. I was really shocked on hearing this. I went up to her and saw for myself. The spa from where she was getting the dog bathed had stains of color that came out from the dog’s body. I took my friend alongside me and started asking about the matter. They said that it was normal for them to receive such complaints from other spas because they were up for competition. I said but they’d have to do something that could get this problem sorted out.

They said that for gaining our belief again, we could send them the dog and get the spa done from their store. We did the same. Meanwhile, I went online and looked for people who have had similar complaints like me. I found that this company, already had 5 to 6 pages of complaints that they were yet to respond to. I contacted my friend to enquire and ask about, how did he get to know about this company and how legit is this firm. He said that he too had got some problem with the dog that he bought and is in talks with this company. literally has thousands of complaints online. So, my advice to people who are looking to buy a pet from Petfinder is to please go online.

Days past and we receive a call to collect our dog from the firm. We tried to ask about our problem but they say that they would inform about it, in person. When we met in person, they said that the other spa which we had contacted was just trying to blame them or frame them. But we asked what about the stains of color that had come out in front of my girlfriend, that couldn’t be false yeah? They said they would get back to us on the same. My girlfriend was so very angry with me that day on hearing all this. She said that I was very careless about buying her the birthday gift, she always wanted to have. I tried to make her understand, but she didn’t. So, I had a fight with my girlfriend too.

In the meantime, I got a call from my friend and found out that had sold them, some dog which wasn’t really meant to be sold. They had messed up with a dog that had come there for getting treated. The dog owner was trying to reach out to them and was blaming my friend for taking a dog that was in a good condition than their own dog.

I was really alarmed by the condition of my friend and his girlfriend and was sure that something was wrong with the firm and that something wrong would be done to us too. I realized that I shouldn’t have paid up for their annual maintenance fees of $1000. I paid in a hurry because of the threat of the color stains on my dog. But I desperately wanted that back so I called them up. While on call, I tried to figure out a way to tell them that I had done a mistake by paying them and wanted my payment back. I said to them that something had suddenly come up and we wanted to cancel the annual contract. However, I said that they could cut the spa fees from the $1000 that I had given to them and give us the remaining back. They said that they would get back to me sometime after discussing the matter because it was unusual. Meanwhile, I got a call from my friend and he informed me that he had to pay the dog owner $500 as they did not take care of their dog in the way they should’ve, some sort of mishandling fees.

And he said that this was all because of that they had to suffer emotionally as well as financially. His decision was to return the dog to at a 50 percent lower price than what they purchased for in just 2 months’ time. I smelled something in the air that was surrounding me and my girlfriend. So I was already prepared for it. On inquiry with the previous customers of the firm, I came to find out that what they did was, they would set up such confusion in front of their customers which would force them to cancel their deal months after their purchase. And what they would get in return is a complete doggie that was ready to be sold at full price at half price than the market. They had set up a whole chain of it.

I enquired 3 previous customers of, everyone had some of the other confusion and because of which they gave their dog back to So what I did was, I canceled the idea of canceling my annual contract. When they called me back to inform me that I could get my $900 back, I said that the emergency had been cleared up and I didn’t mind continuing the annual deal. A few days later, they called up casually to enquire and tell me that the dog that I had was of somebody else’s and they said they were sorry for the confusion. I welcomed that as I was already prepared for it. And I said that it was their fault if any of such confusion did take place in the first place. So I would hold them responsible for this deed.

I thought I had them under control until now. But then I received a bill at my mail address demanding $500 for mishandling fees and official legal notice to return the dog to its original owner. They had the documents under control and that is where I lagged. I had to return the dog that my girlfriend liked and sell it to them for a 50 percent lesser price than what I bought it for. And all these for a simple reason which was a mistake of not mine but the middle person i.e. They don’t realize this mistake and I also think that they do this intentionally for making more profit in the business. My girlfriend hates me for this and always remembers this birthday of hers. This is all thanks to, I lost almost about $2000 to them and my relationship is also not stable.

They don’t realize when they apply all these business tactics, what harm it does to a relationship. They are fraudsters. I don’t feel like trusting any more pet companies that offer these sorts of services are con. They scam you and rob you off of money and put your relations at a risk. This is to you all reading about, please do not choose them. Because if you choose them, chances are very high that you end up selling their puppy back to them at much lower price than you purchased. The troubles set up by them would even end up costing you double of the price that they charge. They threaten you to give their dog back and if you don’t, they give you a legal notice.

In the end, you would have to give up the thought of owning a puppy or a dog of your choice and put your hands down. Because $2000 is too much money to spend on something and end up without any results. is probably the worst professionally responsible pet service offering online. Their paperwork is a fraud, their spa services are fraud, and everything is a fraud. They set up this business to rob innocent people of their money and faith. So I am writing out to you, please read the reviews of online before making a purchase from

Is a scam? is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is legit?
First is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by’s consumers?
There is/are 1 review(s) posted about and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is located? is located at United States. You can contact by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2000 was the total loss incurred by’s customers.

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  1. Bait and switch

    They send me emails every day saying they have dogs that meet my criteria.How the f is a pitbull even close to a german shorthair. But they sure can ask for money

Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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