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Pete ice team edina realty is not a realtor, he acts to be one

I have contacted Pete Ice Edina Realty to HELP us out to sell our house. But that was not at all the truth. He is a con artist who can very well convince people to trust him. However, his intention was never to help.

I was very much happy with my house that I bought a year ago. My family and I never thought that we would have to sell our house because we were not able to pay our bank debts. We went through a financial crunch and we had to take this big decision that everyone was ignoring from a month.

Pete Ice Team checked the house and told us that he would do the assessment of the house and would come forward with the entire data in few days. He said that his professionals at Edina Realty are great at comparing market values. We were novice and didn’t know what to expect which he was able to grasp in the first meeting itself.

We bought this house from a builder and never had to contact a realtor. So, it was our first experience. He convinced us to leave the house and check in a hotel until he finds a place to stay. He also asked to hand over the duplicate keys to him so that he could make visits incase someone would be interested in buying the house.

It sounded fair and we left the house within 3 days of our meeting. I signed the agreement with him which had general clauses but nothing was mentioned about the house sale thing. I enquired and he told me that the agreement was to ensure that we do not talk to any other real estate agent and soon he would be presenting the terms for sale of the house.

It was a month and he did not arrange any place for us. The hotel charges were giving us pain and we moved in to our sister’s place for couple of days. He promised to get a place in a week. So, my sister asked me to stay with her.

After a week, we never got any answer about a house on rent. I called him and he ignored my call. He never gave any analysis report of the house and its total cost. He kept us deviating from the topic for a month. So, I decided to cancel the agreement with him. While signing the agreement, we had paid him $2000 which was non-refundable.

So, I knew that he won’t return it. But, I had to sell my house and I needed another agent. So, I took that decision to cancel the agreement. When I reached his office, he made me wait for 2 hours. When I asked him about cancelling the agreement, he started scolding me. He told me that he had worked a lot for the house and had got few interested buyers as well which I knew wasn’t true.

When he saw me not changing my mind, he asked me to pay him $1500 as the cancellation charge. It was there in the agreement which I never noticed. So, this was his plan. He got $3500 from me without even working for me.

Is Pete Ice a legit person?

Pete Ice is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Pete Ice located?

Pete Ice is headquarted at Superior Boulevard 1000 MN US. You can contact Pete Ice by dialing 612-865-8533 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Pete Ice’s customers?

According to Pete Ice’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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7 Reviews on Pete Ice

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  2. Pete Ice Review

    I can totally connect with you in this case. It was Pete how contacted us in our case. He was aware of our plans, I am not sure from where. Maybe, he would have seen us posting ads on various listing websites. He called us to know if we needed any aid with the selling of our house.

    We had never handled any such thing before and had purchased the house directly from the builder. So, agent was a new term to our dictionary. When he asked me for a meeting, I couldn’t deny. I thought that meeting was harmful and also did not rule out the fact that he could be genuine.

    After all, for 5 months we were looking here and there to find the right price for our house. If it had to be this way, why not give it a chance. So, the meeting was planned after 2 days. He insisted on meeting me at my place, which he told would help him do the first-hand assessment of the house. He sounded clear, so we decided to meet at my place.

    I was having his mobile number and not much detail. The day we met, he was carrying his attorney with him. He had some papers in his hand and looked professional. He handed me his business card. There was an email and office number.

    He checked the house and gave a rough estimate that was way beyond what we had expected. He told me that he would get a great deal for the house. I was happy. He gave me the contract paper and told me that to make sure I do not deal with other agent, I needed to sign the contract and make a payment of $500.

    He assured me that he would adjust the amount in the final bill after the house is sold. He was convincing and I needed the work done. So, I signed the agreement and handed him the amount. He left and told me that he would present the final assessment paper in a week.

    He put the board saying, “For Sale” outside of the yard and left. After 10 days, when I did not get any reply from Pete, I tried to call his cell phone. He said that he was out of station for a week and that was the reason for the delay. He said that the papers would be ready after 5 more days.

    I did not get any calls from him after the designated date and had to call myself. This time, his phone was unreachable and his office number was out of service. When I tried to look at the address, I did not find one. He had not printed that on the card.

    I knew I was scammed but it was already too late. I tried searching him on internet and found your post and thought it would be helpful if we shout together.

    Pete is a fraud and he would be caught soon if we keep spreading the message.

  3. Pete Ice is a fraud

    I was fooled by Pete Ice and it was so easy for him to convince me as I was not at all aware of the legal terms and assessment related to my house. He made me vacate the house and put the sale sign to fraud me.

    Later, he showed me a house with the similar sign and made me stay there on rent which was not under his jurisdiction. He can make you go through hell.

  4. Pete Ice Review

    Pete Ice lied to me about the house and its worth. All his calculations were misleading.

    I consulted another agent and was saved a big time. He really needed to be convicted.

  5. Pete Ice - fraud

    Pete lended his assistance in helping me sell my house and he kept me ignoring for 4 months after taking the processing fee. Later, when I tried to confront him, he was no where around.

    He is a jackass and a fraud.

  6. Pete Ice Review

    Pete ice made me invest $30000 and got me nothing. I got trapped into his scam and he very easily got away with that.

    He completely isolated me and never returned my calls and emails after he had scammed me.

  7. pete ice is scammer

    he should be ashamed of the scam.. he roar lot but ultimately its scam..

Reported Loss :3500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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