Parkside Lending

ZERO Customer Service

Consumers-run-don’t walk-run! This is a servicer and that’s it. Expect ZERO customer service.

Parkside Lending have NO compulsion to give it as they will inevitably be selling your loan.

This is what they did–or didn’t do: Most people pay their bills using their banks bill pay service.

Most banks have an auto fill for a payee’s address. Most payees put out changes automatically, should there be one to all institutions.

Most payees also send a courtesy letter to their “customers” (but we’re not customers to loan servicers, we are borrowers).

Not Parkside, they just change the address. So your payment is late . Ok,ok it’s late on the 2nd technically.

But we all know we have until the 16th. Wouldn’t have mattered if I’d sent it on the 22nd the month before because it never got there.

As we all know, bill pay deducts the amount from your account and it’s really up to you to check and see if the actual check has been cashed (no bank to bank, er, lender, electronic payments for Parkside!).

So, they call on the 17th, I check and see that the address I had been sending the payment to has changed.

It actually changed months ago but the old address was still accepting payments I guess because this was the first time the check hadn’t been deposited on time.

Ok, that’s the way it goes, right? This way they get to sting their customers who don’t catch the trap with a late fee.

That probably added up to hundreds of thousands if not millions of extra dollars for them.

But no, that’s not good enough. They dinged my credit report on the 1st because I insisted on making sure they hadn’t actually cashed the payment since they had all the previous payments that went to the same address.

They dinged it with a 30 day late, based on the payment being due the 1st.

That’s right, they dinged it on the nose of the 30th. Assholes. No, it’s acredited.

These servicers are a dime a dozen these days and they have no intention of being in business for the long run.

They will come in, hit the industry hard, make their money and when the shit game they play starts to catch up to them—or if it does—they’ll fold up and open up as somebody else and start all over again.

Is Parkside Lending a legit?

Parkside Lending is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Parkside Lending located?

Parkside Lending is headquarted at 180 Redwood St Ste 250 San Francisco, CA 94102. You can contact Parkside Lending by dialing (415) 771-3700 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Parkside Lending’s customers?

According to Parkside Lending’s customers, a monetary loss of US $4555 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on Parkside Lending

  1. Nightmare

    Stay away from them. They use strong arm tactics to try to rope you in

  2. If you are not currently using them you should be.

    I have been using Parkside for over a year now and am still impressed. Fantastic customer service every time. Quick responses to all questions. I can’t say enough great things about this company. If you are not currently using them you should be.

  3. waste of time and money.

    waste of time and money. Totally misled me and kept asking for unreasonable demands.

  4. Do not get involved with this company.

    Horrible experience! My mortgage broker worked with them for 6 weeks to get me a refinance loan. I provided everything they asked for to the point of ridiculous (copies of canceled checks — front and back– for 7 years of my private mortgage payment, in addition to a form filled out by the mortgage holder stating that I made every one of my payments on time).

    Now less than a week before closing they deny the loan due to a cash gift my father had given me to help with the down payment on the home 7 years ago. This despite numerous assurances by the underwriter to my mortgage broker over the past 6 weeks that this would not be a problem.

    They also never sent me a correct pre-loan statement despite sending me at least 4 over the past 6 weeks. They kept charging me for the home inspection when the home inspector charged my credit card for it a month ago. Crooks! Do not get involved with this company.

  5. If you have a choice, I'd say move on.

    I’m 5 days in. My broker is dealing with Parkside and they are not impressing me. Right now I’m thinking the one-star reviews are accurate, the 5 star ones are “schills.” If you have a choice, I’d say move on.

  6. One of the worst loan servicing company i have ever dealt with.

    One of the worst loan servicing company i have ever dealt with. They start calling you at late night after 2nd of the month, even though you have up to 15th to pay without late fee. Their website sucks… Representatives are rude. I am looking for government agency to lodge a formal complaint. They are harassing….

  7. The worst customer service EVER.

    Absolute worts company on the planet. 4 months in we are still dealing with duplicate mortgage invoices. Nationstar claiming loan was sold to them. Parkside executives suck out loud,

    they tell us the will take care of our issue, but they are obviously doing NOTHING, The worst customer service EVER. Please avoid these people at all costs!

  8. do not give this company your business (and basically, your soul) if you do not have to.

    Absolutely atrocious excuse for a mortgage company. My closing date has been rescheduled five times now because of ridiculous requests that could have been sorted out months ago when I originally sent documents. Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to purchase a home using Parkside Lending.

    If this is your only option (which is unfortunately my case), I suggest refinancing as soon as possible so that this horrible company does not get any more of your money than they need to. Seriously, do not give this company your business (and basically, your soul) if you do not have to.

  9. Scammer

    Parkside apparently sold my loan.

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 4555 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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