Palm Beach Research Group

Palm Beach sells crap wrapped in golden cover

I have never come across such useless service that is only accelerated towards making profits through never ending plans. Palm Beach research group leaves all behind in doing so. When you buy one, they would encourage you to buy another one for making the most of it. However, none of them would do any good to you. I was not shocked to see the results on Palm Beach research group reddit page.

It has been ranked well, however, there are lots of ways to manipulate things over internet, don’t you think so. In November 2017, I got the palm beach letter pdf on my email informing that they would be ceasing the publication of the Legacy Portfolio on an immediate basis. I had paid for my lifetime membership back in May with $295 in addition with an annual maintenance fee of $26.50.

The mail also contained the details of another annual plan that they were offering as Palm Beach Income options service and that costed $3000. I was never interested in options and decided to ask for a refund. I emailed to Palm Beach letter customer service asking for a refund and mailing the cheque to my address, however I feel the chances of them doing so, is slim. As, I have not received any reply from them since then.

The program, the Legacy Portfolio that I was enrolled to, worked with dividends. They just cancelled it without prior notice or any kind of compensation. This is disgusting. I still remember the way Tom Dyson sent those newsletters back in 2013 to opt for this plan, and now, all of a sudden, they cancelled it at their whim.

I am not saying all this with my only experience. My friend who subscribed for their Palm Beach research group cryptocurrencies plan, was shattered after checking that he paid for a worthless plan. Palm Beach group cryptocurrency program got him nothing. The company claims to be making riches out of slums, however, I think it is true the other way around. Palm Beach group crypto is their worst program that they offer so far, and my friend is one of their victims.

Palm Beach group reddit comments seem plotted. Because the kind of experience my friend and I have witnessed, talk about a different story all together. These people including the owner Mark Ford are looting people for their own good. Even if we take profit calls out of our equation, their ways of sabotaging subscriber by changing or taking the plan completely, is not a professional way of working things out. You would never be able to reach them as they would ignore your emails, if you ever thought of asking for a refund.

I even tried calling their helpline number, but no luck. I was given a waiting time of 95 minutes by the automated machine, the first time I called and the second time, when I decided to wait on the line, my call was disconnected after 10 minutes of waiting. And, till date, I have received no return calls. Palm Beach Research group is scamming people and I would never ever recommend it for anyone.

Is Palm Beach Research Group a scam?
Palm Beach Research Group is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Palm Beach Research Group legit?
First Palm Beach Research Group is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Palm Beach Research Group’s consumers?
There is/are 27 review(s) posted about Palm Beach Research Group and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Palm Beach Research Group located?
Palm Beach Research Group is located at 55 NE 5th Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483, USA. You can contact Palm Beach Research Group by dialing 1 (888) 501-2598 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Palm Beach Research Group’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $1000 was the total loss incurred by Palm Beach Research Group’s customers.

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27 Reviews on Palm Beach Research Group

  1. This company is a scammer, I was charged 49.00for a monthly letter that I never received. No way to contact them, per others complaints they do not respond To e-mails.

  2. How do you connect to the bank

  3. Palm Beach Research Group is a Huge ßCAM!

    After canceling my membership I immediately wrote & called them requested my refund of $299.00. I got thru to their Customer Service by phone, made constant written requests for over (6) months but never received a call back or a. reply in writing with the return of my money
    They are dishonest, disgusting liars. Cheaters, Con-Artists who. Are the Devil out to kill, steal and destroy every I ne faith that that would do the right thing but they don’t. They are EVIL.STAY FAR away from them & publicize this everywhere including your local Better Business Bureau.
    I became so Angry they are still getting away with stealing money from people.

  4. Fool me Once

    OK, so I now know I was suckered into Teeka’s smooth video’s, amazing the support he offered, sharing his insights for the good of the common man, the promised service and support….Seriously, I look back now, so ANGRY that I could be this naive, so ANGRY that I put in hard earned dollars that we had worked so hard to save.
    So here is my tip to anyone wanting to Join Teeka’s charade – if it walks like a Duck, if it talks like a duck – it is one!!
    There is NO service and support
    There is NO investments support
    You just get bombarded with emails so much until you dont know what to follow
    Ask for a refund – a credit is offered…But then you never hear back. They have your money, they AINT giving it back.
    Support is from some (many) Muppets, working from home who have NO IDEA as to the products, the questions or investment, their standard line is -I’ll have someone get back to you….
    With all the issues about Facebook, Google and the like, HOW do these platforms allow MONSTERS like this to prey on people when so many people are being scammed – where is their responsibility allowing these types on CONS to be advertised and perpetrated on their platforms??



  5. Scammers

    Charged my card for services I refused to renew on my original order.

  6. doesnt reply to messages

    paid 2500 plus and they never responded to my email or message and no refunds and seems like fake results

  7. Do not trust, Spammers, Probable Con Artists

    Do not trust. Serial spammer. Probable con artists. They must have purchased my email address. I have never heard of them, certainly have never signed up to their emails. I have unsubscribed many times, they’ve confirmed, but they keep sending multiple emails daily, for months now.

  8. When a company customer service fails to Providence service, beware!

    Pretty much concur with the majority of experiences on here. If only I had seen these reviews before I fell for this $2500 for 5 crypto coins to midnight scam. If there is anything legitimate about PBRG, it would be that it assumes they are dealing with seasoned traders. I doubt this however, because in their sales pitch, mention was given to training up an 80 year old lady to trade, so it must be easy, right? Think again! Could I get online help or have one of their so called expert traders call me back? Nada!

    Tried to get hold of their customer service, waited one hour, only to be told they could not transfer me to anyone on the technical side. It seems they all hide behind their computers and supposedly respond to emails only. 5 emails later and I have had no response.

    They are clever in that they don’t offer a refund for services not satisfied with, but they offer to re-purpose your membership for opportunities to trade stocks. So more of the same!

    It is most clear this company operates on hard selling but neither has the personnel nor infrastructure to provide any customer service. What kind of company would provide such week services? I wonder how many have been fooled by their act, only to have their funds repurposed for Teeka to fly around the world in private chartered flights. They will not be able to sleep easily at night for too much longer.

  9. can'r unsucscribe

    Never signed up for any of their stuff yet somehow i got on their email list which i’ve unsubscribed numerous times to no result. With that kind of business ethics i’d never use them for anything.

  10. Dont give them a dime

    Switch and bait scam artist claiming to know the next big stock play, when his record concluded in a host of common sense picks. He leads the presentation for you to follow what the name of 1 pick would be leading up to an intermission to pay for it. Once you pledge to pay it takes you to another page to pay more 2,500 more and before you know it, you’ve been charged with a regular membership you didn’t even agree on. The page froze, next thing i know I was charged. Now I’ve been on hold for almost 2 hours to get anyone on the phone to cancel this charge and falsely advertised scam. They charge people loads of money over the weekend while they use that money to invest and by the time you get your refund they have flipped your money 10 fold. Probably using the money to pump specific whale stocks and leave the avg Joe holding the tab.

Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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