False binary online trading company

I had been looking into purchasing Bitcoin this led to Binary trading which I was Nieves about, I followed a link to one of many and got involved, I never thought about it but put over a £250 deposit in Option888.

From this deposit I ended in profit over £1000gbp on Option888, this was when the alarms bells started ringing.

I placed a withdrawal on the 22nd which said it went through, however it never appeared, in the meantime is totally stupidity not thinking about it being a scam I tried out another option via Zoomtrader these guys were very pushy and that’s when all my questions arose,

I now believe I have lost £750 GBP not received any of the profit and whilst trying to get my latest £250 deposit back it says I can’t due to maximum withdrawal taken.

I am even more worried in that they have a lot of my personal details enough to easily falsify me as a person.

I am in a hurry panic

appreciate any help guidance anything at all



Is Option888 a legit?

Option888 is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 11 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Option888 located?

Option888 is headquarted at 39-41 high streets peterport, Moffat GY1 2JT, UK. You can contact Option888 by dialing +44 238 0000 268 or visit their website www.option888.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Option888’s customers?

According to Option888’s customers, a monetary loss of US $750 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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11 Reviews on Option888

  1. dont do it

    Had a bad experience with them and they took my money but I’m glad I was able to get it recovered. If you’re thinking of doing it, don’t do it.

  2. trading binary option was a scam

    I do not recommend dealing with this company at all!!! BEWARE. If you are getting into trading for the first time I would highly recommend setting up a demo account with a recognised FSA tracer. They call you consistently and pressurise you to put money into your account from your credit card, if no funds available there, they then ask you to get out a loan!! So in essence, they drive you towards more DEBT. You try to recover the money lost in the stock market and your position get’s worse…Now I have gained all my lost funds back and closed my account, with the help of an expert, am so happy to share my experince you can reach out to [email protected]

  3. be careful

    I completely regret introducing my colleague to such a wicked and heartless broker company i put the whole blames on me because i felt they could be trusted i was meant to do business with them as well if i was able raise capital but i wasn’t at that money so i convinced my colleague to work with them well after the whole trading with them i really regret getting him involved because he got scammed and threatened to get me arrested because i introduced him to such trader all our efforts to contact them proved abortive till we had to reach to a consultant called homeofrecoverydotcom and they were able to help me out and get my colleague’s money back in full if wasn’t for their intervention i probably would have been locked up in jail.,

  4. Thieves! My life savings gone

    In March 2017 my personal trader at Option888 decided to put all my $21.500 into one basket and all was lost. These were my life savings.
    I am now retired and living off a meagre pension. How do these people sleep at night? 25 years saving gone in 20 minutes. I am approached by recovery firms, but who can be trusted. I was also contacted by a lawyer firm who promised to retrieve my money and got $2000 up front for doing nothing. Firm was Veronica Birman who I see also scammed many people.

  5. Trading Binary Option was a scam

    I am one of the Victims. At first, the software seemed to be really professional and authentic. I found many favorable reviews about its performance and delivered results. So, I decided to invest in it and try to achieve success in the online trading sphere. Soon, I realized that the software was swallowing all my investments. I invested over $140,000 and couldn’t withdraw my money, months passed and still nothing. So, I reached out to a Certified Binary Options Recovery Expert [email protected] to help me recover my funds, I have been able to recover $100,000 and the remaining $40,000 is in progress. I really can’t tell how happy I am.

  6. Don't you ever invest with this brokers

    Never you believe this company, I was scammed $39,900 few months ago I called and mailed there customer care but all to no avail,not until a friend introduced me to a broker from USA who assisted me in recovering all my lost funds in no due time. If her assistance is needed you can contact her via [email protected] gmail .com. Her company is tested and trusted.

  7. won’t ever dare to trade with option888 again they stole all i have and was still expecting me to even pay more i wonder who does something that heartless in this life but i didn’t let that weigh me down i immediately made in contact with assetdomedotcom because i’ve been really seeing alot about the positive service they render i didn’t believe until they worked for me and i was able to get all my money back in full i’m highly indebted to them

  8. Trading binary options with TraderVC has been a nightmare for the past couple months. After denying my request for a withdrawal countless times, I was finally able to recover all my money with the help of an expert I read about online. Happy to share my experience and also to enlighten people on how I was able to get my money back. You can reach out [email protected]

  9. I was able to retrieve my lost funds of $160,000 within few days from an unregulated broker who took my funds and refused to refund me till i found this man i used and retrieved all my funds back. They don’t listen to us because the think you cannot do anything. Reach him if you have similar issues with any broker, he will help you get yours as well. We must stop this scam [email protected]

  10. Option888

    This Company with a lot of brands are now going to be sued! The ledership is in custody in Germany and Bulgaria. But the one in Bulgaria is going to be taken to custody in Austria, before the trial. Efri.io have their whistblower, and today +100 clients have signed up in this class action. It`s free of registration, and it will be cheaper as many victims can join.

  11. Forceful Account Closure

    I was scammed in May 2018. I send complaint to Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB); Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP, USA); Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, UK), but none of them took action- regards to Finance-Recovery China for getting back my funds this year.

Reviews: 11
Reported Loss : 750 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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