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I Was Treated Very Poorly

I was an OnPoint Community Credit Union for 10yrs. The last 2-3yrs have been a strain as I was treated very poorly by all avenues of the bank.

They are becoming more and more like a big bank mindset.

I raised my limit on my card to pay for a trip to Europe, miscalculated so went to branch to have it reincreased and they refused “for my safety” Called cs and got it done in 2min.

They repeatedly sent me offers for their credit card and asked whenever I went in a branch.

I finally looked it over and decided to apply because they had an attractive rewards card.

I was instantly approved for $20k! Then they wanted some more info which I provided.

Then they demanded my tax returns. Really? For a credit card? Then when I refused they sent my letter saying I was not approved for $250 in credit due to lack of income and poor credit.

Funny considering the same day they demanded my taxes I applied for another rewards card and was instantly approved online for $20k credit line and just received the card in the mail.

No first born required. Then I had an issue with a vendor I made a purchase from.

I wanted to make a return because the product was not as advertised.

I tried for two weeks to get a response from vendor so you would think I could turn to my bank to get the refund. Nope. They refused.

They would rather lose the hundreds of thousands of dollars I would put through their bank in income and investments and so on than to reverse a charge for $45.

Is OnPoint Community Credit Union legit?
OnPoint Community Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 9 consumer(s) was/were given a OnPoint Community Credit Union as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is OnPoint Community Credit Union located?
OnPoint Community Credit Union is headquarted at 517 SW Harvey Milk St Portland, OR 97204. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact OnPoint Community Credit Union by dialing (503) 228-7077 or visit their website onpointcu.com.
How much monetary loss is incurred by OnPoint Community Credit Union’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by OnPoint Community Credit Union’s customers, US $2177 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is medium.

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9 Reviews on OnPoint Community Credit Union

  1. Oregon Medical Cannabis Patients BEWARE.

    Oregon Medical Cannabis Patients BEWARE. Get a money order and do not write a personal check to renew your card! They look for the words OHA and OMMP on the checks you issue.

    Then they will cancel your accounts and leave you out on the street with no disability payments and a canceled credit card.
    Avoid the Hillsboro branch by Winco. The manager there is out to getchaaa

  2. they should of send an password with it but I DID NOT recieve it.

    They are sending a new card with a cip in it. To activate it, they should of send an password with it but I DID NOT recieve it. Now when I talked to their customer service on the phone, they are acting like it is my fault of not recieving one.

    I am writing this review because my older card is being declined last 2 days, I can’t buy anything to my house, not a single thing including the food. What I was told to do; Go to a branch, they can activate it.

    Well I work 12 hours shift, and drive 1.5 hours to work, while this is all happening, they want me to go to branch. I just want to understand, WHY EVERYTHING HAS TO BE TOO COMPLECTED AND DIFFICULT.

    I’ve been a member for 4 years and have a car loan for 3 years. I will be ending my membership in following weeks.

  3. They have NEVER supported us, and it's time to find a company who cares about their members.

    My wife and I joined onPoint, after deciding to step away from BofA. We wanted a family minded company that wanted to help us grow financially, and one day support larger goals. We’ve had our mis-steps, but on the whole have good credit, good standing accounts, and active use of checking, savings, and investing.

    They denied us everytime we asked for anything.

    5 years ago -Mortgage planning, we were told our goals werent realistic and it wasn’t worth reviewing. This was after setting a pre-discussed meeting and bringing in a binder of financials and prospective properties. We only were looking in the 150k-200k range.

    2 years ago-Credit card established for over 3 years wanted an increase from a pathetic $200 card to a $5k line. We were denied. We requested this to help with medical bills for our newborn. He was with us during the meeting even.

    2 years ago – needed to purchase a used car, had 2K in the bank, and were denied due to the Target scandal. We brought our credit reports showing the fraudulant charges were disputed and being removed. They dinged our credit and denied us. Again, this was a personal meeting.

    Today – We asked to get a $10k personal line of credit. We have substantial incomes at this point in our life, and carry over that balance in savings from time to time. We were again denied.

    We chose this bank so they would grow with us, as we built a family. They have NEVER supported us, and it’s time to find a company who cares about their members.

  4. Scammer

    All Onpoint bank sucks like any other big bank CROOKS!!!!!!!

  5. I'm pulling my money and going to Umpqua.

    I’m very disappointed in OnPoint. I’m an 18 year member, my credit score is over 800, I have done all my banking with them including financing my car, and was just turned down for a $30K home equity line of credit (after a 6 week process!) because there is a little moss on my roof.

    Seriously?!! Who doesn’t have a little moss on their roof at this time of year? When asked if I was going to replace my roof, I said no, I was looking for a less toxic approach to removal since my property drains to a wetlands.

    Because I didn’t say I was going to use their money to replace my roof, my application was denied. Ridiculous. I’m pulling my money and going to Umpqua.

  6. i am a member of this credit union and i gotta say

    i am a member of this credit union and i gotta say, “trying” to get an auto loan through them was some of the worst experience of my life. the loan closer Eduardo Gomez favorite phrase had to be “we can’t do that”.

    they were so obstructionist, unhelpful, uncompromising and not willing to negotiate or work with you. i was first pre-approved. so i thought hey, i got the pre-approval, let’s do this. little did i know that ever step of the way, that it was just gonna be one hassle after another.

    after reading other reviews, i see i wasn’t the first one to be made a fool of by onpoint lenders. i ended up having to go through a different loan lender because these people simple would not work with me.

  7. If they don't have loyalty for me, I don't have loyalty for them!

    Like many others, I lost my job and fell on hard times from 2010-2015. I was unemployed for 5 years and am still trying to get back on my feet. I have been a member of Onpoint since it was PTCU in 1978.

    Matters not! I ask for help to reduce my monthly payments and get caught up sooner, and they refuse. (“Continue having trouble,” is what they are saying to me.) So much for loyalty. If they don’t have loyalty for me, I don’t have loyalty for them!

  8. Your digital banking has me looking for other credit unions!

    Same here…locked out of my account even though I entered the correct password, as I have been doing every other week for the last 5 years. Your digital banking has me looking for other credit unions!

  9. You're just another way for them to make money off your money absolutely wouldn't recommend!

    First off I’ve been sent out of state twice for work once to Colorado once to Utah, I had called OnPoint before going to Utah thinking they would cancel my cards again and leave me stranded. Both times about 2-3 days into the trip they will cancel my debit/credit card without contacting me saying it’s fraudulent activity.

    I’ve had onpoint for 3 years now, their checking saving and credit card accounts. First off you have limited transactions per month as a checking user. so I’m constantly at atms to get my money, which is extremely frustrating seeing your savings amount but having no access to the money but this is only as a user.

    OnPoint is constantly transferring money from my savings to pay off credit card balance which will already be paid in full. I’ve called probably 6 times to stop automatic bill payment but they still haven’t stopped it. So 2 days after paying card off I will look at my statements and I paid 250 1 day and 250 the next (which uses one of your monthly transactions) and all of a sudden have a overpaid credit card which takes 5 days to transfer back to savings/checking account.

    (which uses the second of your two monthly transactions) on top of the bs they’ve put me through I went in to get a apply for a school loan to find out they didn’t have the school I was applying for which was ok, the part that really ticked me off was the clerk helping me said quickly they don’t do school loans but could get me a home loan for cheap and I could take a second mortgage on the home, saying my credit score was perfect for it (I hadn’t brought up wanting a home at all) he had already printed my estimated loan cap and interest rates.

    After saying no several times he was admit it was the right time to buy. In conclusion onpoint doesn’t care about you as a user. You’re just another way for them to make money off your money absolutely wouldn’t recommend!

Reported Loss :2177 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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