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Out source all work to India without clients consent

Ralph Kalsi owner of is running a scam. He outsource all his clients work, login and personal details to Indian company. Risking privacy of his clients and beaching contract terms.

Work quality very low. Way below the standards of Australian Market. He will take your money and will provide low quality Indian standard work

Don’t do any business with One Stop Media Melbourne or with Ralph Kalsi.

Is One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi a legit?

One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 10 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi located?

One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi is headquarted at Hoddle Street 19-23 VIC AU. You can contact One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi’s customers?

According to One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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10 Reviews on One Stop Media Melbourne | Ralph Kalsi

  1. An anonymous report by a potentially disgrunted employee

    If some one has a real experience, he/she should be bold enough to reveal relevant identity than going anonymous. May be, someone is trying to blackmail this business. Never encourage anonymous reports and allow impacted businesses to reach out to the individual making the report.

  2. Unjust Defamatory Conduct

    We represent Ralph Kalsi, One Stop Media Melbourne and Blockchain Australia Solutions. We can confirm that many of these statements made by various individuals on this website are incorrect and defamatory.

    1. One Stop Blockchain & Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd is not owned by Ralph Kalsi nor is it a subsidiary of One Stop Media Melbourne.

    2. Ralph Kalsi has no affiliation nor ownership in One Stop Blockchain & Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We suggest that individuals do their due diligence on the subject.

    3. These alleged comments are of defamatory nature and are made without supporting facts or evidence.

    4. It has been mentioned that Blockchain Australia has strong ties and affiliations with India. Work conducted by Blockchain Australia is conducted by their Australian employees.

    5. Lastly, these defamatory comments incorrectly reflect Ralph Kalsi, One Stop Media Melbourne and Blockchain Australia’s business operations and brand. If any further comments are made in this regard we will do everything in our power to initiate legal proceedings against the individuals defaming our client whether located in Australia or India.

  3. Unfounded Defamatory Comments


    We represent Ralph Kalsi and One Stop Media Melbourne.

    The comments made on this website, regarding One Stop Media and our client are unfounded and of a Defamatory nature.

    Comments are made by non-verified users without any relevant evidence. If proper due diligence is done on the Company, evidence will support that the negative comments made on this website are factually untrue and unfounded.

    In the event the unfounded comments persist, we will seek to pursue the relevant legal action whether in Australia or India.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Agile Legal Consulting

  4. Cheater & Criminal

    Ralph kalsi is a cheater don’t do any business with his company.

    1. Re- Dafamation Response

      Hi Michael

      In all due respect, we have no employees in India or associations.
      Since you are damaging our company and personal brand is not professional.
      We know this website is fake and this link, hence google has deindexed this link several times.

      If you are real, please contact us directly, and we are happy to assist and be aware,Under the areas of law in Australia, I want to exercise my rights to stop the unauthorised use of my image. The areas of law in Australia which allow me to exercise my right are as below:

      1) Defamation;
      2) The Australian Consumer Law (Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)) (ACL) and State Fair Trading Acts where applicable; and
      3) The law of passing off.

      Also, the content defames me and my business, the content is an entirely false allegation and hence a libel against which I have right to exercise action against the criminal activities.


  5. employee/Client exploitation

    They not only cheat client but also do exploitation of employees they pay low to developers which are located remotely mostly in India. They have 2 sister company ruled by same set of persons. 1. (india by Nadeem Shaikh) 2. recently started both Nadeem and Ralph works together they only know theory knowledge and has zero coding level knowledge all they do is make remote developer do there work.

    1. Ralph & Nadeem

      Ofcourse ans they make fool employees as well as clients and didnt complete the work at all

  6. Well Organised Company | One Stop Media | Ralph Kalsi

    Hi All,

    I am sharing the insight of One Stop Media for which I am working from last 4 years. The company operates with Victorian Fair Works guidelines. The company has excellent work environment espc. for freshers in Melbourne. The company help interns and hire them on Junior roles.

    I am leave the job because I am moving to Ballarat with my family but I will miss all the team members.

  7. Uummmm... Of course this guys is fake, look at all of his content!

    Come on guy! If any of you are stupid enough to sign up for what this guy is trying to sell then you deserve to lose your $$$.

  8. Ralph Kalsi - One Stop Media Melbourne

    I have same experience as Rahul with One Stop Blockchain & Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The Indian branch of One Stop Media Melbourne.

    I also urge other employees and clients to expose this company and save others.


  9. Worst company

    I worked at One Stop Blockchain & Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd full-time (approximate 1 year)


    – No Extra Settings
    – Nothing else.


    There are many cons available

    Worst company : This is very bad company and I don’t recommend to anyone to join there. They treat their employees like slave. The Owner (Ralph Kalsi) and Genral Manager (Manpreet Singh) are less educated and No knowledge about IT. They have no professionalism how to talk with employes and clients.

    Bad policies : They have very bad policies and they change the policies according to there mood. If you want to take leave then it can never happen. They will not accept your leave even you applied more earlier. They disapprove with any stupid reason Like “Management ne decide kiya hai is month kisi ko b leave nhi mile gi”. If you resigned from company then start full torturing and giving you threats and extend you notice period own there mood. Also they never give you salary at leaving.

    Hire and Fire : They are hire employees on high paid .After 2-3 month they fired employees with any stupid reason. At last year 25 employees fired without any notice due to cost cutting.

    legal case against Company : They is facing cases in court as well for not paying monthly salaries to his employees and abuse with client

    Company spoons : There are many spoons(Manpreet Singh,HR,Amandeep Kumar) and they make your life like hell

    Advice to Management : Close the company

  10. A Scam Company - One Stop Media Melbourne

    These people are not worth anyone’s trust. Please stay away from Ralph Kalsi and One Stop Media or else you would find it difficult later. These guys are irresponsible, uncaring, untrustworthy, scammers and above all big liars.

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