One Nevada Credit Union

Phone Banking Is Complicated

One Nevada Credit Union has made balancing your check book into a nightmare.

If you need their assistance over the phone to see if a check has cleared a charge is incurred.

Phone banking is complicated and not user friendly at all.

If I didn’t have a good relationship with D Duffey the financial advisor I would change institutions

Is One Nevada Credit Union a scam?
One Nevada Credit Union is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is One Nevada Credit Union legit?
First One Nevada Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by One Nevada Credit Union’s consumers?
There is/are 22 review(s) posted about One Nevada Credit Union and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is One Nevada Credit Union located?
One Nevada Credit Union is located at 853 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145, USA. You can contact One Nevada Credit Union by dialing (702) 457-1000 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by One Nevada Credit Union’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2485 was the total loss incurred by One Nevada Credit Union’s customers.

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22 Reviews on One Nevada Credit Union


    They have the worst service ever! If you have any problems with credit card or debt card, they will charge you to look at your account. If you try to get loan? You will be in for very long wait. They will ask for one piece of information each and everytime you call. Using this as excuse ,blaming you for there lack of prograss getting loan approved or denied. Tomas O’mally is a supervisor there. Normally not available! The people below him are job scared. So with that said most don’t get the training needed to preform there duties. And when you ask for supervisor. They normally say Supervisor will get call back. But that is just other way to get you off phone. Call backs, are extremely rare. Use extreme caution when dealing with them! You will always end up paying some sort of drummed up charge for very little service! Always blaming you for there lack of training or mistakes. And it always cost you. DEALING WITH THIS BANK IS A MAGOR MISTAKE!

  2. Shelby was a very informative and friendly banker.

    Shelby was a very informative and friendly banker. She made things simple and was courteous. I recommend this place if you’re looking for a Monday through Friday financial institution.

  3. No major issues and I hope it stays that way.

    No major issues and I hope it stays that way. My only complaint is in order to get your account number you’ll have to either go to one of the branches or have them mail it to you if you don’t have or can’t find the business card they write it on for you. I was told they stopped putting them online in June of last year which is a huge inconvenience if you need it in a hurry.

  4. One of the major problems with this credit union

    One of the major problems with this credit union, is that nothing in person. You want to make a deposit? They direct you to the ATM. You need to withdraw money? Go to the ATM. Want to make a payment on your car loan? Deposit money in the ATM and then go home and switch the money from your savings acount to your loan, because they no longer have that option on their ATMs.

    Oh, but what if there is something wrong with your ATM card? Well, then you are screwed. You have to wait till a new one is sent to you. In the meantime, you have no access to your money and your bills are overdue.

  5. I guess things are changing.

    I had always loved this bank and stayed loyal even after they closed the branch in Pahrump where I live. They kept an ATM there to still do some banking. During the week before Christmas I was robbed of every single penny in my checking account, plus overdrawn.

    They said it was probably due to using a card at gas pumps. I received a call on Christmas day with an automated voice telling me my card was used without my permission and they had to shut down the card and my account was frozen until I filed a dispute. When they finally reopened I was sent to 3 different numbers and finally was given the correct phone number.

    I get my transactions online and wasn’t able to get into it for some reason at the time. The person helping me said it is difficult for us to help you if you don’t have all of your transactions in front of you. What the f? I told him anything past this particular date is ALL fraudulent . I don’t celebrate Christmas I didn’t go any where during the week except to work and the last transaction I made was a deposit and a small convenience store purchase and I had a certain amt. in checking.

    THEY were the ones that called me so obviously they knew there was something wrong. I was told it could take up to 14 days to resolve the dispute. I need my money now. I guess I have to open up a new account at a bank here in town. That would have been the wisest course after they shut the office down, but I loved this bank so much I didn’t want anyone else. I guess things are changing.

  6. WAY to many fees for me to keep it!!

    I went to close out my account today and they CHARGED ME $20.00 to close it!!!! WAY to many fees for me to keep it!!

  7. I dont think much of this credit unon.

    I dont think much of this credit unon. ive had bank of america for 10 years now, and i always had a credit union account in pa. before closing it to move to nv. Being a retired vet, i opened my account on nellis air base. I opened it with the advised $20.

    the teller asked if i wanted checks with my account too? I said yes. I set up direct deposit starting the following month. Two weeks later i received a very angry call from the bank. she demanded i return to the bank right away and deposit more money. Ive never heard a customer service banker so nasty. she said i was overdrawn every day for the last two weeks since i opened my account. the checks had cleaned out my account.

    I never even had time for the direct deposit to start up. I drove to the bank that day and closed my account. YES, I FIRED THEM!!!!!!! Very nasty people. I ripped up the box of checks they sent me, never having used any and threw them in the trash at the west lake meade office.

    They had the nerve to charge me $20.00 to close my account as a fee. I will stick with bank of america, at least they are honest and have good cust service. I lost $40.00 in 2 weeks to this ripoff bank. Be warned!!!

  8. Take my advice and do not bank here!

    One Nevada is not an institution worth keeping your money at! First off, they do not have tellers to walk up to deposit your money; instead you have to deposit it in the ATM which is fine but if you need that face to face interaction that you sometimes need to deposit money – One Nevada lack this service.

    Far as I know they are only a few braches in town that offer this service of 24 locations. You next get penalized for having too much money in your account – My wife and I got this fee for having over 50k in our account, right now, we are in the process of moving to another financial institution.

    If you are going to do your banking – do it elsewhere if you plan on keeping over 50k in your account. This place really lacks the service that banks need to provide these days – good Customer Service! Take my advice and do not bank here!

  9. I guess someone has to pay for the name change.

    Wow. 5 dollars for speaking to a live rep. Wow 5 dollars for a limit increase to take out your own money when speaking to a telephone agent. This credit union won’t only take the shirt off your back but would also sell it back to you for 5 dollars. I guess someone has to pay for the name change.

  10. This bank put a hold on a personal check from another account that I to had deposited to this bank on several occasions.

    This bank put a hold on a personal check from another account that I to had deposited to this bank on several occasions. When I called in to ask what was going on they told me that I had to send proof that other bank has cleared this check.

    This sounds ridiculous to me and extremely offensive. I am certain with all the technology out there in this day and age they knew the moment it cleared. What was trully torubling about this is that a woman named Rachael who apparently is the call center supervisor told me the first time I called that the other bank stated to them that the check was no good.

    After hearing this I was extremely concerned and immediatly checked other account and confirmed all was indeed “good”. (I even called my banker at this other establishment and they imformed me there was no such transaction between these two banks) The second time I called Rachael at nevada Federal, she changed her story to say that it was not the other bank but was the federal reserve that told them to place a hold on this check. Huh???

  11. I called and was told to go back to the branch and they MAY OR MAY NOT CHARGE ME.

    12 YEARS AND OUT! I have put up with the aandbagging charges, the lackluster service, the long lines, and more but today I finally closed our accounts. That’s great but whrn I got home to print out my last few statements and info I could not access my information.

    I called and was told to go back to the branch and they MAY OR MAY NOT CHARGE ME. Finally after speaking with a supervisor named Donna she agreed to mail me three months info..but I tell you, it was like pulling teeth. I can’t give One NV any stars,

    I stayed way past the time when I was fed up with the just because it’s a hassle to change banks and autopays and all that stuff..But that’s all done, I’m free and won’t miss One Nevada even a little bit. Hmm, apparently to post I have to give them at least 1 star..A moon would be more appriopriate.

  12. Stay away from One Nevada Credit union, unless you want to be stressed out the entire time and close late.

    I made the mistake of using them as the lender for my home mortgage. This has been the worst experience ever which led to the delay of my closing date. I used them because of their low rates and fees but looking back it was not worth it. I rather pay more fees to get a better lender. From day one they were impossible to get a hold of.

    They kept requesting for forms that we have already provided them. The agent has an assistant who requests all the forms and it seems like they are working on the opposite side of the continent. The assistant was asking for forms that the agent already had, the agent would not respond to the assistant.

    They couldn’t even locate forms that they had originally. In the end they missed a crucial form and didn’t ask for it a few days prior, which delayed the closing date. Stay away from One Nevada Credit union, unless you want to be stressed out the entire time and close late.

  13. I would look elsewhere because this is not the bank for you.

    This is without a doubt the worst bank I have ever had the displeasure of working with. The staff is rude and incompetent, in fact the only time the staff had any kind of good customer service was when I opened the account.

    The first among many issues I’ve had here was they locked my account for no reason on a Friday and closed so I was locked out of my own account for the whole weekend and when I went in on that following Monday I told the woman that I had just opened my account and was now rethinking it because the close early and if something like this were to happen again then I would have to wait till they were open again,

    to which the woman replied “well, maybe you should have not opened an account with us then”. This most recent issue……I went into the branch this morning to withdraw but I forgot my debit card so I asked the lady to make me a new one (this is a bank that carries no cash) and I never told the woman that my card was lost, I just needed to withdraw. The woman proceeded to make me a new card and half way through she told me the card machine was down and she could not help me.

    With an attitude she told me “we are a cashless bank and you will have to go to the one across town!”. I just found out that she actually reported my card lost (found this out in the middle of a transaction). I called card services who is outsourced to the Philippines and the woman was very unhelpful and hard to understand.

    She kept repeating “I need to call my banking institution” but I can’t because they are already closed. I will be going in first thing in the morning and closing my account and taking my business elsewhere. If you want a dependable competent bank with a friendly staff, I would look elsewhere because this is not the bank for you.

  14. I definitely would recommend anyone other than One Nevada for a mortgage.

    This was one painful experience for my refi. Communication was non-existent. They responded to maybe 20% of my calls and emails. I could never get a status and then towards the end all of a sudden they were asking for documents that I didn’t have to provide to buy the house just 2 years ago.

    It took almost 60 days to close. I have an account with them and thought it would be an easy thing, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I definitely would recommend anyone other than One Nevada for a mortgage.

  15. Went to open a checking account today but was turned down

    Went to open a checking account today but was turned down, It seems that 2 years ago when in las vegas the checkng account i had closed out,”monthly fees had eat up the account” and One Nevada even though I called and paid this when they contacted me put me in collections!

    So today when the bank ran my information I have a abuse of account and a right off from One Nevada that after all day trying to talk with there collections department will be on my record for 5 years.So remember that you were told before they do this to you as well, and blame no one but yourself when they do.

  16. The lack of locations is the least of their inconveniences.

    I had been a customer here for many yrs. (15+) until the current ways they now conduct business had me seeking a new financial institution to take care of my banking needs. I can only speak from experience regarding the group up here in N. Nevada (Reno).

    The lack of locations is the least of their inconveniences. The customer service has gone to a “nothing personal, just business” mentality…..
    They seem to accept poor customer service standards believing people will stay around because it’s to hard to close multiple accounts, and move over to a different bank.

    That’s exactly what I did…., closed multiple (all) accounts and moved them to my new Credit Union. Have not had any poor experience’s with the new bank, and find them to be truly helpful with any needs I may need help with.

  17. Great customer service and auto rates.

    Great customer service and auto rates. Very friendly and helpful. Was able to refinance my auto loan at half the interest rate of Chase Bank. Carlos got me all set up, very happy with the service and products received.

  18. One Nevada absolutely sucks

    One Nevada absolutely sucks, they hold your money for 3 days for nothing, the agents don’t even know why they do it, there customer service is beyond horrible, I’ll never tell anyone to bank with that organization nor will I ever again, they only get a star because I have to select it, fuck one Nevada

  19. Scammer

    Overdrew my account by 20 dollars, got charged 4 $35 overdraft fees ($140) in two days with a handful of small purchases. Customer service guy was snarky and was unable to give me any kind of explanation as to why I HAD to pay the fees other than it wasn’t one Nevada’s fault.

    I received nothing from them to indicate that my account had become overdrawn. No call, no email, nothing. This was my first time over drafting my account and my first time calling to ask for a clearly unfair fee to be reversed.

    I understand that I was being careless, or disorganized. I understand that One Nevada feels the need to punish me for that. But $140?

    I’m left with the overwhelming feeling that they wanted me to rack up as many fees as I could. This kind of predatory behavior is exactly what I would expect from Bank of America, Chase, US Bank, and Wells Fargo.

    And I switched to One Nevada because everyone told me Credit Unions were better. But clearly, they are just as willing to pray upon those of us who cut it a little close a few days before payday. And with far fewer ATM’s and no tellers, I see no reason to stay.

  20. Bad Service Provide

    One Nevada Credit union NSF fees are crazy. I had changed my auto payment on few my accounts from One Nevada to another bank. It took few months for the new automatic payments to kick in to the new accounts .

    So the auto payments from my bills tried to take out their money and they never got paid but yet I still got hit 35.00 fee for every time they tried to process their payment. I can see if I did not have the money in the and they ok’ed the payment and then get charged a fee.

    But to not pay it and still get charged that’s crazy. and when the bill company auto payment computer attempts 3 times , well now that’s over 100.00 in fees and not even get your bill paid . is this even lawfull .
    I mean how about if I charged One Nevada a fee every time I had issue with thier atm that didn’t work or didn’t read the right amount on a check or bills I deposited .

    Another issue is your card getting locked cause you used it out of state on and emergency and being a weekend and have to wait 2 days till the next business day to even get your card unlocked so you can use it that’s nuts.

  21. I will close this account and never go back and I will not endorse One Nevada ever again

    I’m not using my card to purchase anything, not even the medication I need. This agent was just so rude about it. I offered to bring in paperwork to prove I’ve been out of work, due to no fault of my own.

    She said while she understands the severity of my health, there’s nothing they can do about the fees, it’s what I agreed to when I signed up with One Nevada. I’m even more stressed out now and I’m just horrified that they won’t even work with me and stop the fees.

    As soon as I can get back to work and start making a living again, I will close this account and never go back and I will not endorse One Nevada ever again

  22. If I could give ZERO I would.

    If I could give ZERO I would. I had a heart attack last week, so I haven’t been to work for obvious reasons, so I only have half a paycheck going in. My account is already overdrawn, and I can’t do anything until my short term disability kicks in,

    which is after 20 days. So things are hitting the bank that aren’t being paid anymore because I’ve reached my limit..but that’s not stopping One Nevada from charging me overdraft fee after overdraft fee after overdraft fee. I called and was transferred to collections, so once that happens, they treat you like a second class citizen.

    I told the agent what was going on and that my check that will be auto deposited tomorrow is only a half check and that I can’t do anything more until the disability kicks in. She said until my account is made current, those fee’s will still apply for everything that hits my account, even if the bill itself isn’t being paid.

Reported Loss :2485 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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