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Nusenda Credit Union is FAR WORSE

I was swindled by a local furniture business that does a “bait and switch” promising financing but slipping customers into “leases” with 100% interest and the dispute department at Nusenda Credit Union threw ME under the bus, siding with the thief, even though I did not receive ANY goods or services.

They are letting the FURNITURE SUPERSTORE keep the delivery fee for furniture that was not delivered. ($129.00)

Not only THAT, but there is no purchase agreement.

There is NOTHING is writing because, had I known what their terms would be, I never would have contemplated it.

The only “investigation” Nusenda conducted was calling the con artist.

Their comment to me was that he said it was a legitimate charge, so they’re going to let him keep it.

OF COURSE he said it was “legitimate!” He’s a CON ARTIST!

The people in Nusenda’s in-house dispute department refused to talk to me.

It is their policy that they do not talk to their customers, keeping them at arm’s length, while getting chummy with the merchants.

I have worked in contract law and I know that you can’t enforce a contract if it is disputed within the first 24 hours. (In some cases, you have 3 days.)

The Nusenda “dispute team” is either ignorant of the laws about contracts or they just don’t give a crap.

When I initially came into the bank to dispute the delivery fee, their employee, Mark, suggested I should change my bank account number.

It took forever, as you can imagine and, although I was promised that the merchants whose names I gave him would be paid when their charges hit my bank, NONE OF THEM WERE! Can you imagine? They refused my customary creditors but paid the con artist.

The con artist was the ONLY one they paid!

When I called the bank another day to check on the status of this matter, another employee got really snotty with me and started arguing in favor of the merchant, even though he was completely ignorant of the circumstances and he was not on the dispute team. (As I mentioned, the dispute department will not talk to their customers!)

Anyway, this guy tells me that the dispute department called the merchant, the merchant says it is a legitimate charge, so they’re going to let him keep it!.

When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he laughed at me and snorted into the phone. It went from bad to worse.

All of this happened in the first two months with this bank.

Previous to being bamboozled by the con artist furniture store guy, my dealings with this bank have been similar to wading through concrete.

They are glacially slow. NOTHING happens over the weekend, unlike the big national banks.

You can’t call someone over the weekend if something happens to your debit card.

They handle all their debit cards in-house, so you are limited to talking to them during the week, during limited hours.

I can’t imagine what working people do! Who has time to spend hours on the phone during the shank of the day??

Every weekend, their website is down for maintenance.

I’m going back to the big national bank.

DON’T OPEN AN ACCOUNT HERE! Run! don’t walk.

The big national banks have their issues, but Nusenda is FAR WORSE.

Is Nusenda Credit Union legit?
Nusenda Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 27 consumer(s) was/were given a Nusenda Credit Union as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Nusenda Credit Union located?
Nusenda Credit Union is headquarted at 1801 Lomas NE Albuquerque, NM 87106. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Nusenda Credit Union by dialing (505) 889-7755 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Nusenda Credit Union’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Nusenda Credit Union’s customers, US $3582 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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27 Reviews on Nusenda Credit Union

  1. Dispute

    I have been treated unfairly.. I cannt believe im not getting the proper help.. if there is someone that can help me. Please call me @ 505 485 7193 or email me @ [email protected].

  2. This bank cashe d a check from abusiness scam I trusted this bank to know or hold the check if it was suspect. I checked my account to find out first check was returned and my second accout was tapped to cover the bogus check.I went back with another check sure enough they were going to cash that taking money out of the second account I lost alot of money I raised hell and they told me it was my fault sooo in essence I am taking both accounts somewhere else Is this a scam?? or just people who dont know what the hell their doing???

  3. Scammer

    I first became a member after marrying my husband and creating a joint account. I didn’t use it much for many years and our account just sat with a bit of savings and no worries. Then -just like a previous poster
    hits and BofA which we did have an active account with just seemed icky…

    not to mention the rigging of when they posted items on your account and then charging you with insufficient fund fees. I had several issues and just got fed up with their crap! So we shut that account down and turned to our local NMEFCU.

    How nice…..bleh! As it turns out….they too, not only charge $35 bucks for insufficient funds, but then they transfer your money from any other account you may have with them to make up the difference, WITHOUT NOTICE!!! They use to do it in $100. dollar increments, now they do it in smaller amounts…but still- that sucks! Don’t get me wrong, I understand things ought to be paid, but life happens & sometimes you can not pay on time.

  4. After banking with New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union for over a decade, I closed my account today.

    After banking with New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union for over a decade, I closed my account today. New Mexico Educators used to be a great credit union.

    In recent years however, they have copied the practices of the big banks in an effort to nickel and dime their customers. If you are looking for a credit union because you want to avoid the greedy tactics of the big banks, look elsewhere.

  5. The Credit Union seems to be run poorly.

    The Credit Union seems to be run poorly. I have banked here for many years and have been disappointed many times. Recently the normal screw ups are accompanied by the rude and complacent attitudes of the tellers. I’ve experienced tellers closing their drive up windows early,

    multiple checks being deposited into OTHER members accounts (Causing me to bounce checks) and the system crashing. Every time I leave I wonder, are the employees being treated poorly?

    Is that the reason for such sub-par service and protocol oversights? Is management failing their teams, or are the tellers failing their management ? Ether way, they are all failing their members.

  6. I simply wanted an account with them and to ruin a pending deal because I thought NMECU was the best.

    I discovered this after leaving and looking through their package at Smith’s grocery. Upon coming back, the manager said their check machine was down and played dumb about providing access to funds for a money order,

    a simple verification of the original deposit from a Chase Bank business account (I’d also handed over $1500 cash). I took him through the steps to do this so I could free up monies for a down payment on the car.

    Of course I got the bad news when I went over to the dealership – but if they’d honored the deal, I would have had to wait 3 days for NMECU to print counter checks. If I did a money order, I needed an exact amount and name of the dealer.

    Instead of a good car loan, my credit is compromised and ‘am renting a car. NMECU checks arrived today, not 3-5 bus. days- the car debacle began the last days of Dec.

    If you don’t enjoy 2-3 hits and a decline on your credit, opening an account you don’t need or your time misused- take your money elsewhere.

    I just spoke with Diana a call center manager who believes everyone on NMECU end did the right thing and I must be the one who misunderstood what I was advised and when. I simply wanted an account with them and to ruin a pending deal because I thought NMECU was the best.

  7. He also said what I'd done online wouldn't process and to just close it.

    They told me my credit score qualified for a loan and I didn’t need to open an account first so I proceeded online. I couldn’t get beyond some basic questions and called back, that’s when a rep.

    took my information. When he did, a security question came up that we couldn’t surpass, so he said I’d have to come in in person- the application wouldn’t go through and my credit would NOT show a ‘hit’ for this. He also said what I’d done online wouldn’t process and to just close it.

    I did all requested and headed to the bank the following day, opened an account. When it came time for the car loan, the bank rep. said she’d do a ‘soft inquiry’ to see if I would be approved- then she discovered the other rep. had done a ‘hard inquiry’ and I had been declined. Declined? Now I had a decline on my record! She also said opening an account was automatically an inquiry, you could qualify for a loan without a NMECU account, but must open one to use it.

    2 ‘hits’ from NMECU flagged the car dealership’s finance co. who I already had an approval from, raised the rates 3.9% and caused them to request 2 years of tax information. I’d been in and out of hospitals in 2012, taken most of the year off- towed my car to the dealer and planned on driving a new (used) car home.

Reported Loss :3582 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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