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NorthStar Home does not keen to solve failed system

Actually we contracted the Vision Alarm Service. However, the NorthStar Home Alarm Services has purchased this company during 2016. In May 2016, a request was made to replace the window sensor. After this request was made we came to know that NorthStar Home has already purchased the Vision Alarm. So, we called NorthStar Alarm Service several times but the sensor that needs to be replaced never arrived till 28th Aug, 2016. Surely this has made our home a non-secure place. It’s not only that their system failed to operate, they also failed to rectify the problem.

We know that the staff appointed to attend our requests have lied. They can only make promises but they always fail to deliver the right outcome. We have never ever received the information about what they sent to us. We have never told them to cancel the contract for their poor customer support. But they are only mentioning such thing. So, they refused to attend our request and claimed that we will remain liable till 2019. What sort of company is this and what sort of response they are delivering to customers?

In the month of June, we asked for the cancellation of the contract. But they persist with billing us.

So, we requested them to cancel the contract instantly and charges for two months should be refunded along with the other charges they made against us. NorthStar Alarm Services & Home Security has never offered us service and most importantly it has violated the contract. Well, this is horrible, and now we demand to free us from the contract with NorthStar Alarm Services & Home Security. We also need the refund for those charges that have incurred since the termination of such contract.

Is NorthStar Home a legit?

NorthStar Home is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 13 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is NorthStar Home located?

NorthStar Home is headquarted at East University Parkway 545 UT US. You can contact NorthStar Home by dialing 800-775-7827 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by NorthStar Home’s customers?

According to NorthStar Home’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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13 Reviews on NorthStar Home

  1. Such a horrible company. We haven’t heard from them in 6 months since we had a restraining order placed on them to eliminate unwanted calls. They know they failed to provide service leaving a vulnerable household a risk. Our alarms went off non stop. After many calls to them, we dismantled it ourselves and notified them we were done. We went with a different company. The owner of this contract is in the hospital. If we had NS alarm he would have died waiting for a response. Fortunately we had a different company and were able to get him help immediately. Leaving elderly at risk is what this horrible condition company does.


    Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Never liked the service or equipment the 3 1/2 years I had it. I tried cancelling at the end of my contract. They emailed me and stated I needed to write my information on paper, make a copy of it and email it or mail it to them to cancel and that they require the notice to be sent at least 60 days before the end date of the contract BUT conveniently didn’t bother to provide me with a Due by date. A few days later I got the cancellation notice emailed to them but was still receiving monthly bills. I called and they said that my account auto renewed for 18 months because they received my cancellation notice “3 DAYS” short of the 60 day requirement. 3 DAYS!!!!! Seriously. So now they are making me pay $1107.90 for another 18 months of service that I no longer have because I changed service company’s and they will not budge! I have asked them 3 times, talked to managers, etc. and they will not let me out of the bogus 18 month auto renewal contract. They are CROOKS! Do not use this company!

  3. Cancellation of Service

    2021 with a year left on my contract Northstar took it upon themselves to send a tech to my home to tell me he was updating my system to 4g at no charge to me. I told him I was in a hurry to go to a dental appointment and waited as long as I could before I told him he could wrap up with my roommate. He said no he was done and asked me to sign his work order before I left. I did that and than found a few months later when I wanted to cancel that I had signed a new contract. I contact multiple people and finally a district manager or something like that said I would have to pay to the end of my original contract and I would be free of anything else. Turns out no one has record of that promise so now I have to pay another 18 months because they say I did not cancel in time. Its a run around and shady practices when they dupe you into signing extensions and don’t offer any type of early termination. They also know I haven’t used their system for the last year because it would show as not communicating with their system because it was disconnected. I really feel scammed here and want to take it to the BBB and get a lawyer to see if there is any recourse. Hopefully folks read all the reviews before committing to this company and never trust the smooth talking sales team they send door to door. No one should have to commit to a 5 year contract. It should be year to year and they should call you to see if you would like to renew instead of hoping people don’t go back from 5 years to keep up with cancellation dates. Its a f’ng scam and I am pissed off.

  4. Do not use

    I never leave negative reviews, but I feel like it is necessary. This company has never been honest or reputable. A while ago, they told us we needed to cancel our contract before August 20th. We call today to cancel and they have already auto renewed the policy. We are stuck in another contract for 18 months with a company who has very poor customer service and even worse home security services. Please do not use this company.

  5. Called bbb and attorney general

    I have left a review about the terrible service but it does not show up on the reviews i have tried for a month to contact service every way possible because the system is not working with no response what so ever no one ever answered when we called or called back we have contacted the bbb and the attorney general they continue taking money from my account for a service that does not work i don’t expect anyone to see this they won’t post it so i guess court is the next step

  6. I just had to stop paying for...

    I just had to stop paying for a service that did not work…services were not being provided properly and then they wanted to charge me just to have a Tech to come out and take a look…for real?! This was a big mistake…and unfortunately my credit has to take a hit because of this Sh$ty NorthStar system… If I ever see them walking around my neighborhood I would let my neighbors, friends and family know what they are really about.

  7. not something I can support.

    from marketing can come to the rescue, things are going to be pretty rough for the foreseeable future. Guessing they don’t get a lot of return customers. If they would have just let me terminate my contract when I requested as an apology for an unethical sales rep and technician,

    I would have had no problem recommending them to friends and family. But having 2 employees lie to my face and tell me there is nothing I can do about it, not something I can support.

  8. Wish I could give 0 stars.

    Wish I could give 0 stars. A sales rep came to my house and told me I would get free installation, then ended up paying $100 for it. Then told me it was a STATE LAW that I had to sign a contract for monitoring service. Then the service technician told me my dog would never set off the motion detector. He sets it off every time I try to arm the system.

    I’ve been trying to end this contract for several months and they won’t let me and threaten sending collection agencies after me if I stop paying. I am traveling back and forth 2,000 miles now to help care for my father fighting brain and throat cancer and they don’t seem to think that matters that the system is basically useless at protecting my home while I’m away.

  9. Very Bad

    Run as fast as you can form this company! It took me 4 months to get out of the 5 year contract and I must say they are the best at being the worst. -Mack.

  10. STILL trying to cancel it and no luck.

    I sold my property 10 months ago and I’ve been trying to cancel the service … And they make you do all kinda paperwork, letters, memorandums, etc. .. and they still won’t cancel the damn service and still charging my credit card every month. You can access just about everything except for cancellation service. STILL trying to cancel it and no luck.

  11. Zero Integrity

    Equipment never works, no one likes to come by fix it, install looked like a 5 year old did it, 5 year contract, 2 apps needed to access system when away, I have a hole in my front door, company has no integrity! Fix it instead of calling me like the solution can be given over the phone

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  12. Equipment haven’t worked since day 1 and no one likes to come and fix it! 5 year contract, faulty equipment, zero integrity! Gabe Jason and chad out of Houston should not be trusted! I have a hole in my door from a handle that didn’t need to be uninstalled in the 1st place! I will be addressing the issue with the BBB and then my corporate attorney

  13. Customer services needed to be improved

    Comonay has a good reputation but don’t know why they are acting like a bad customer servies

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