Nadav Perez

Low life drug dealer with a fake business

Nadav Perez is simply a wannabe drug dealer who sells shitty ketamine out of his house (which only an idiot would do as professionals have second homes to sell out of…)

He will act all hipster-jew, but in reality, he is a low-life delinquent who is a wanna-be gangster, threatens murder, etc.

My advice is to stay away and don’t buy drugs off of this joker.

He also runs online harassing people as an anonymous member, so keep your computers and phone away from him.

[Admin: We have received a fake DMCA notice and the same has been published on our blog as a transparency report]

Is Nadav Perez a legit?

Nadav Perez is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Nadav Perez located?

Nadav Perez is headquarted at Plateau Montreal. You can contact Nadav Perez by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Nadav Perez’s customers?

According to Nadav Perez’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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7 Reviews on Nadav Perez

  1. It's not coke it's Ketamine with the Military and their drug projects

    Like am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that he invites over this Ozzy Osbourne looking guy named Paul to like put on the making of the Movie Dune to watch on the big projector?
    Also it’s not coke you idiot like it’s Ketamine that they are doing because the Canadian Military is testing this drug in hopes to make their soldiers smarter and/or heal them both of which seem like bad ideas.
    Like you can hear them talking from outside were I usually chill and charge my phone up while using the Gas station wifi is how I know all of these things. Once even their is like a man I saw jump out of his building which is around 3 stories up. I am surprised to see this as you don’t normally see people jump out the window from that height without any injury.

  2. Smashed BMW Car Windows like wrong persons car

    Only Ubisoft Employees knew that he owned a BMW Car? Because they had a key that someone left behind. After that someone went into an 81 space to smash all the windows of a Tenants BMW Car which was not the person that they were trying to intimidate. They later came back when he was out to smash the rest of the windows on all of the other cars as they did not realize it was an 81 residency and not a 18 a Jewish residency. The only other place that knew about the BMW and Krypto Labs drone requirements was at Concordia in the aerospace department making Andre and his Watchdog 3 Hacker friends suspects. The Mafia was complaining that after these Watchdog 2 games came out that the kids were causing nothing but problems which appears to be true. It can’t be any of the Canadian Space Agency type of people but sometimes their peers are bad criminals trying to be vigilantes like Anonymous or similar.

  3. He lives across from A & W were the gas station is on Mont Royal

    Hey I know that pedophile he like stole my beige bag that had my restricted arm in it along with other aerospace works. He seemed like an old guy at first so I trusted him to watch my stuff but when I got back it was gone. This beige Oakley bag if you see it with him it does not belong to him. Nadav lives across from the A & W and gas station on Mont Royal street were the 80 bus runs. I am most worried about the missing gun as I have a permit for this but he does not have a permit to steal my belongings period.

    1. Longheed hacker friends of Nadav

      Nadav has friends similar to him that live in Longheed in Vancouver that hacks into old grandma’s phones to like steal photos that are private. I have seen them talk out loud at the Moody Air Train stop out loud about this stuff. They even discuss how to Photoshop documents in order to defame their enemies.

  4. Him and his web peers talk about revenge now via gamer chat but can be seen in coffee shops on video captured too

    Yes this person only put in that request after discovering he was on a sight from his peers in Long heed stalking someone else and spreading fake anonymous data. Most of his peers that he talks to on the Internet hung out during this time-frame at the Moody stop were their is a Japanese Coffee shop and its from their that web conversations were intercepted. Because the truth posted on this site in transparency is live him and his peers are out like revenge of the furies.

  5. His chats on another forum

    In a gamer/hacker chat forum apparently Nadav came across this article about him and immediately he was trying to round up people to DDOS this website because his fake DMCA notice was not accepted and his pictures taken down.
    Furthermore he admits in these chat logs that he is only guilty of selling drugs from his home which is the reason for the original post?

  6. Similar results with him going though people's stuff and false claims

    I know this person from the Conservative shull and have been exposed to his scams of trying to steal other people’s graphic novel parts and took a story that we wrote and he stole then the only thing he did was change the one character to him when it was originally a woman not a man.
    He tried to tell me that the Cicada 3301 is his work when their are a lot of missing details in his story. He did seems to get close to the Source of this game creation. For example the Dark Knight Satellite is right but the way he presents it wrong. It’s likely he pulled data or source files from a key that he stole or found.
    The graphic novel game level was never finished from what I was made aware by a peer of mine.. Yet he had some of these source files but fragmented. Anyways the Cicadas are like people who are French like the founder of mobile and the Louie Vuitton person based on proofs not errors. It’s much more than the series of puzzles that were solved. The designer Phillipe Stark too is a highly likely candidate. of this secret society..
    In the book part of project Wildfire is like a Source file too not just the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Twin Towers. The source files are in French under lockdown in a facility were their are only three locations like this in the whole world. The defcon from potatoes sec badge completion are also really close to the Cicada game creators… In all the digging I do I have not seen any proofs of this person creating this game like he claims and/or solving it but only that he got really close to the Sources to the game creators which are like Louie, Gucci, Parada (so don’t forget Guess clothing Giant Eric and his Love hotel that has puzzle mysteries there too still not played…) Ta-da and ah. See its a type 9f magician like Cirque Du Solei that would bring you closer to the game creators not some Australian five eyes sources ect.
    Most importantly he can’t seem to explain any of the Music sources which have tons of Cicada references if you know were and what to look for. But who knows its possible he is one but it’s highly unlikely that he is one due to his language barriers and sum.
    He also claims that he money laundered over 5million dollars using bitcoins for the mafia but I don’t see any evidence of this with him.

  7. Similar experiences

    I was in his home as during covid19 I was using the internet from the gas station because I had lost my home to bed bugs so I was staying with friends and whatnot. He invited me into his home which I though was ok at first and kind of him. He thought I was homeless (which I am not…) so he thought he could say and do whatever and at first it was strange until it pissed me off when I found him going in my bag and looking though my USB keys and tablets. I never gave permission for this at all so its a reasonable grounds to get angry.
    The strange thing was that he invited this Paul guy and a blond woman over that had an accent they would put shows on the projector. The stuff he was projecting and watching was the making of dune where when this naked kid popped up he paused it then they started talking about how they re/watch the same show at least 3 times but would always paus at the nudity of these naked children in the movies (I never watch movies and never knew that they had naked kids in the Dune movie but when Nadav and his friend Paul saw the naked kids they got all weird and drooled over it which was weird but did not bother me as I have hippy friends so if I wanted to see nudity I would just stay home and be with people that do not drool over naked children. When I was at his house and people came over I thought that it was Cocaine that they were snorting as it was a white powder in lines on the counter near his art of only crooks eat good. I was not aware that it was ketamine he was selling and thought it was coke which does not bother me either as a lot of people do drugs. My issue was when I see my USB key that was in my bag and you had to really go digging for it to find it and then plugs it into his iMac computer to brows though my data. I am working on a Graphic Novel so I do not want people touching my data but either way I would have shown him anyways for feedback as I do not have anything illegals to hide but the big question is why is he going though my stuff? It seems I am not the only one who had these issues based on this post with similar problems. If you are friends with him or run into him I suggest you keep your bag close to you always.

Reviews: 7
Reported Loss : 5000 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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