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Illegal practices

First thing this company does is use questionable marketing tactics like robo-calls that say they are from some person that I doubt even exists and that the call is about one of the school closings or student loan company lawsuits or something else that catches the attention of anyone with student loans but not what they are actually doing (I got 5 calls in one day from these people and it didn’t stop even after playing along with their bogus pitch, and they switched it up a couple of times because I got the same people when I called different numbers linked to different messages). Then if you call them they will answer as “student services” but will not tell you who they really are unless you go along with their bogus process of collecting personal data and then they say you meet some sort of “guideline” (surprisingly, I always met it or “qualified”) for the federal student loan forgiveness programs the Dept of Education offers (everyone with federal student loans qualifies?) it is really so they can determine if you will be worth the call in other words they are qualifying you as a sales prospect or they’re collecting info. Then they say they’re going to retrieve your loan information and they ask for your email address so they can “send a temporary password” but what they’re doing is illegally accessing by fraudulent means your Federal Student Aid Account (FSA ID) where your SSN, Driver’s License, address and other personal information is located by using the forgot password function on the FSA login page (if your parents took out loans for you that info about your parents is there too, then they go through your loan details (if you were foolish enough to give them the security code that is emailed or texted and designed to avoid someone else accessing your info just like they are doing) and they will act like they are having an “underwriter” review your file for “approval” but there is no approval involved and doubt there is an underwriter (I think they literally fake this process) because if you go to you will get the exact same result so will you if you use the fsa repayment estimator and you can complete the whole process on (getting a lower payment, consolidation, and loan forgiveness) that they claim you were “approved” for by their “underwriter.” Yes, for free you can get into loan forgiveness programs, change your payments, consolidate, all of the things they try to charge about $1000 for. Then they may also tack on a monthly fee of $39 added in your new payment and that they don’t disclose until the end of the call (for the life of the loan! that’s often over $10k) apparently its to recertify your loans for you annually (this process takes about 10 minutes to do yourself annually) but they want almost $500 per year often for upwards of 20 years to do this. If you sign up, they act like they are doing “loan processing” for upwards of 3 months (while your loans are on forbearance, this means the loans aren’t being paid during this time and interest is accumulating) but in reality, this process takes maybe an hour or so on to do yourself but instead they need to buy time to have one of their employees go online and do what you can do yourself in minutes and to make sure your income info matches what you told them (something that is done via a link to the IRS electronic lookup when you do this on or if you did not file your taxes, they use your pay stubs/tax return and file it using the paper application that you can also get and do yourself. I may not have perfectly repeated what they say because I have called them several times before I decided to go along to see what they actually are doing. I have their E-Sign contact here that does not mirror the things said to get me to sign it (fraud) and it gives them power of attorney! That means that they can do whatever they want with your loans and personal information given in the process. Bad bad bad. The fact that they explained some things was good because it is tough to get info on this stuff (probably why people fall for this) and the girl was nice but a bit pushy. Clearly on a commission. I’ve never challenged or upset them so I don’t know how they handle that. But the agreement you sign is essentially over $10,000 paid to them for a service that is fraudently portrayed and if you knew the truth you would never do it. In other words, if they were honest it would be OK to pay someone something just like the example they use of it being like tax preparation but tax preparation is regulated and people can be held accountable plus they can’t lie like this, but nobody would pay what they’re charging, and to do “documents preparation” which is what the contract states they’re doing. But would you pay someone to file a FAFSA? What if you didn’t know you are able to get money for school for free and someone said they would get you student loans etc for a fee? That actually used to happen before it was outlawed. This is just as ridiculous. But now we are in an information age where companies like this can use the info they gather for whatever they want and sell it. The law enforcement people I spoke with said that this is just like when people charged to file the free applications for student aid (FAFSA) many years ago and that they’ve gone after these companies in the past and are doing so again just Google operation “game of loans” and you will see some examples of these companies being shut down, served cease and desist orders etc. I don’t know if these people are on there because these companies change names, shut down, and open up as a new company once too many complaints accumulate or when the law catches up with them or use corporations and/or dba’s like these guys. Often they operate in multiple locations under multiple names. It’s sad because there are legitimate companies that help people but they don’t use illegal tactics like this. Also, what about the employees of these companies, do they know how illegal this is? I could have lost about $1000 up front and $10,000 on the back end if I fell for this. Be careful. I will say that it would be worth some sort of fee if they were honest and I knew they were safeguarding my data because some of us are busy and if these companies were held accountable then it might be ok. But there’s no knowing what they’re doing or their employees are doing with my info especially when they use deceptive and unfair business practices and marketing tactics. If they lie throughout their “sales” process then why be honest about what they are doing with the info they collect? Oh, and on their contract has personal info I never gave them? They could have gotten it off the account? The log in (FSA ID) allows access to all past loan applications where you put all of that info, so is your parents info if you got parent loans. Beware. Very dishonest.

Is Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs) a legit business?
Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs) is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs) located?
Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs) is headquarted at United State. You can contact Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs) by dialing 1 (888) 780-6225 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs)’s customers?
According to Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs)’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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1 Review on Monetary Inquisition Group LLC dba FREEDOM LOAN RESOLUTION SERVICES (flrs)

  1. Bogus Review

    So the bogus review this guy wrote saying he go a call 5 times in one day and when he call back. He even spoke with the same rep again. So after all this knowing he was getting bombarded by “so called robo calls” he decides to give it a go and enrolls in there program? Hmmmmmm he sounds like he’s soliciting them and just ripping this firm. He’s most likely upset because he lost a client that he couldn’t close. And this firm has better sales reps. Most likely Mr I want to blog and shame a company is butt hurt because he’s not a closer.
    Also you need some math class, because your basic skills of adding are poor at best. You are just spitting out numbers and then saying it comes out to $10,000 dollars? Please share how you came about this false number you are just saying out loud without any math or sources to support your statement.
    The fact you are describing exactly what this firm is doing behind closed doors. Seems like you are leading people on, because you already know the process yourself. Then you down play your own verbiage and say if they disclosed and if they told me about the cost. I would have…..? Might of……..Then you go on saying that you actually called them a few times even before?
    I call bullshit secret shopper!
    Let’s say you are a real consumer ( i call bullshit). You e-signed an agreement you didn’t even read. Is that what you are saying. Then you go look at the agreement later to find all these so called cost, fees, things that were not disclosed to you……. That’s what you are saying happened (i call bullshit)
    Is that what you are saying after numerous calls you made several different times before. Speaking with same the rep and others ones as well. You were feeling skeptical but decided to enroll with them anyways?
    Then you blog and bitch about how the whole process went down…. as if you have first hand knowledge? Interesting………..
    What else would you like to fabricate in this story?
    Then you want to end your horse shit story with saying ” i don’t know what they are going to do with my info?”
    What do you think? Nothing! you’re in debt….Do you think people are trying to use your credit when you are drowning in student loan debt? Sounds like something that would happen in real life. Hey officer I would like to report this firm for stealing my shitty credit. I can even get my own mom to lend me a dollar. I’m sure that’s going to happen any moment now. Right?
    Then you talk about all these websites that have your personal info listed? So how did this firm get it? Because you gave it to them, right?
    Let me explain something. That’s not what you call stealing or taking. You call it. I gave them my personal info.

    You story is crap, you’re clearing shopping this firm, and you should proof read your fabricated story before telling it.

    There’s too may holes, things out of context, and just completely made up.
    I have some for you.
    Just ask for “Deez”

Reported Loss :0 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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