Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky)

YouTube Creator/ “Life Coach” Scam Artist

Marissa Zdazinsky is, also known as Molly GoLightly, claims to be a life coach and charges members of her YouTube channels upwards of $50 a month to become members of her Patreon.

This “deal” includes one life coaching session (her coach cert has been revoked), access to her phone number, and a ten-year-old autographed photo from when she was on Wife Swap. You will also be allowed to moderate her YouTube channels.

A quick search will uncover hundreds of personal accounts of former clients and patterns who have had their personal information blasted on a Livestream in front of thousands of viewers after entrusting her with personal information to do a life coaching session.

The members who have been criticized for up to an hour doxed (have had their personal information such as name, location, phone number, spouse’s name, etc.) revealed on YouTube during a tangent.

When asked to remove the stream, Ms “GoLightly” says to “get a lawyer” or challenges them to come after her.

People’s tragedies have been exploited for clicks, views, and revenue, including missing children cases (she referred to Summer Wells as a ‘cash cow’ and terrorized the family of Cash Gernon on her channel for views in the name of “advocacy.”

After holding a fundraiser with her subscribers, she recently flew to Tennessee, saying she intended to protest outside TBI and the local police to find a missing child and picket with posters to keep the child’s name in the public eye.

Instead, she and three others flew to TN with all the money raised and harassed the parents outside their workplace.

As a result, it cost them their job, visited the former church the family had attended, and secretly filmed the daughter of the missing child’s beloved Sunday School teacher.

She posted it on the internet and yelled outside the family’s home with bullhorns. Countless donors were upset and felt lied to, who were told to essentially “get over it.”

Do not give this woman your money, contact information, or ANY personal information about you.

She WILL not use it to be an effective life coach – she will store it away and use it against you publicly when you inevitably cross her.

She is a dangerous person who openly brags about doxing. She has been known to vengefully call CPS unnecessarily on people, call the FBI with false reports, and interfere with active missing Children’s cases.

Stay away from this channel, stay away from this woman, and do NOT GET INVOLVED.

Is Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky) a legit?

Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky) is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 20 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky) located?

Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky) is headquarted at Hershey, PA. You can contact Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky) by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky)’s customers?

According to Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky)’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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20 Reviews on Molly GoLightly (Marissa Zdazinsky)

  1. She's gone

    Perma banned ! You tube used the word “Terminated”

  2. Molly is a con

    Molly is a scammer . She has ran scam after scam for years. Her latest is von and dre mccray.

  3. Liar

    She is a liar and has others take the blame for what she does. She does people. Looks up information sends it around then has innocent people take the blame for doxing. She will be facing multiple lawsuits.

  4. Faudster

    I have been watching this YouTuber Molly or Marissa for about 1 year a lot over the past 3 months (since June. 2022.). I have learned a lot from Molly in a shocking way and saddened that I’ve seen how she treats people and the language she uses. I just could not believe their are human’s so deceptive. I’ve come to learn she has been pocketing the money that’s being donated for and to be given to a sick man’s family the young man is currently in Coma and in the hospital at the same time Marissa has suddenly been buying large purchases all in the same week including a car she bought and paid $25,000 in cash for. We won’t know for sure if the sudden shopping spree was paid with the fundraised donations the timing is very suspicious and doesn’t help that Marissa refuses to give receipts to the donors that request proof or a receipt which makes it more odd. Soon this will all come out formally before year’s end. There is currently a scheduled investigation and audit to be begin soon. It’s too bad there are people like this. I’m afraid Marissa will be going to prison for this terrible scam as there is so much proof in video tapes of her in action and also giving people’s personal information out online. There is a long paper trail of records in this case. Very sad for the Family that was swindled and also for Molly’s Family they are in the dark on this I believe.


    Never any proof of people being scammed. Molly is a genuine soul and has not scammed anyone. It’s sad this world is filled with so much hate and the person who created this about Molly is the one who DOXXED MARISSA AKA MOLLY!!! Funny how they switch the blame over on her when it’s really the people pointing the fingers who are the bad guys. Don’t forget.. you CANNOT believe everything you see or hear. Just do your own research. Any one with a brain can see who the true scammer is here. We all know who is behind this made up post of Molly. Karma is a beach, and we’re just playing in the sand. 😘

    1. She is a scammer! Several ppl asked for a refund on the von case and her and latisha blocked them and sucked the money out of the account it was in!!! Ppl are trying to contact parish’s for a refund n latisha will not respond or give their refund! This isn’t mollys first time doing this! Do your homework and I would suggest you not support or donate to this criminal!!! She’s a pos!

    2. She doxed you


    3. Who?

      MGL was not doxed by the original submission at all. She says her full name on her lives all the time- she’d be the first to admit that’s no secret. These submissions are also looked into and vetted before being posted. I highly doubt the people running this site would publish details they weren’t able to easily verify were public knowledge. And as for knowing exactly who wrote in, and threatening karma, thank you for further validating the OP’s claim along with others’ that she has flying monkeys ready to intimidate anyone who challenges or crosses her. Her groupies seem to seriously underestimate how many people she has affected and harmed, which is in itself another danger of that community because eventually everyone seems to become a target.

Reviews: 20
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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