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I would go anywhere else.

After setting up an appointment with Michael & Sons for replacement of my hot water heater. The appointment started off with the SALESMAN (whoops technician) telling me, I needed all these “items or work” to pass inspection but upon further questioning, it turned to “oh, that’s Michael & Sons policy, not a Fairfax County inspection issue.”

My price started at $2500 (go look online a good 50 gallon hot water heater costs between $500 and $750 bucks) for a basic hot water heater and install, plus $500 for the exhaust pipe and $500 for a new gas line. Which didn’t include my county permit or taxes. For a grand total of, wait for it, $3200.00.

My second try at procuring a hot water heater and install went much smoother and priced out at $1290 bucks including taxes and county permit.

Now, I know I don’t have to say this and that no matter how how good the technician is, they aren’t worth almost $2000 more than the competition.

PS – The picture below is the Manager’s first response to my review. Which I took a screen shot because I had this sneaking feeling he might change it. Guess what, he did. Said how sorry he was and that the first comment was a mistake while dictating the answer. Strange never saw quotes on a dictated message? You decide, doesn’t seem a tough choice.

Is Michael & Son Services a legit business?
Michael & Son Services is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 13 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Michael & Son Services located?
Michael & Son Services is headquarted at 5740 General Washington Dr, Alexandria, VA 22312, USA. You can contact Michael & Son Services by dialing (571) 732-3090 or visit their website michaelandson.com.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Michael & Son Services’s customers?
According to Michael & Son Services’s customers, a monetary loss of US $300 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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13 Reviews on Michael & Son Services

  1. Corporate America’s attack on the middle class

    Two years ago, M&S installed a kitchen faucet (labor only) and charged me $908. A month ago the faucet came loose from the countertop. I called M&S and they said they’d be happy to come out for $89 and deduct that amount from repair cost. I said no thanks and left a one-star review. Someone named Maurice responded, calling me by my nickname and inviting me to call to resolve the matter. Maurice started reeling off an itemized breakdown of installation costs. I interrupted him to ask about a warranty on labor; theirs is 30 days. This company representative is brusque and impatient.

    But there’s a happy ending for my kitchen faucet. I found a local plumber who came over, fixed the faucet in 10 minutes, drove to a hardware to get parts to fix a leaky bathroom faucet. Total charge for parts and labor – $265. I immediately recommended him to friends and neighbors. The next day his van was across the street; he fixed my neighbor’s kitchen sink. He had just cone from another friend’s apartment where he fixed a two-year banging pipe problem. I recommended him on a local internet bulletin board. He takes pride in his work and takes great care for his clients.


    I have never dealt with this company
    However ones similar. A better way is to contact a plumbing supply company or electrical supply or Hvac. And asked them to recommend a plumber, electrician, etc. You will find better contractors this way.

  3. Charged for wrong diagnosis

    I am a property manager and on 9/4/21 Michael & Son sent a man to one of our properties named Khalil to diagnose our hot water heater because we had no hot water. My thought was that it needed relit and maybe we just didn’t know how to do it. The reason I thought this was because we recently had all new HVAC installed and since it had been installed no one had been staying at the home. Long story short, Khalil’s diagnosis was that we needed a new hot water heater & that it could not be relit. We knew this was not true. After telling me this he demanded payment & said he’d send it to collections otherwise. He refused to leave our property. An hour later FH Furr came to the home and lit the hot water heater and it worked just fine. There was nothing wrong with our hot water heater. However, even after disputing it with our bank, Michael & Son still charged us $350 for a diagnosis that was wrong! They even charged us for sending someone out to give that wrong diagnosis! Michael & Son is a fraud! They will tell you anything to make you spend more money. BEWARE!

  4. Get a second opinion

    My daughter was told she needed to replace the entire HVAC in her home when she only needed a thermostat. She had paid have of the amount and was scheduled to pay the balance after installation. When she discovered she only needed a thermostat, she requested a refund and now they will not give her back her money.

  5. Had to call in another plumber to unstop drain

    It took FOUR visits to the house to attempt to clear a drain in the kitchen sink. Finally called in another plumber with the equipment and know how to correct the problem. Very disappointed!

  6. Zero regard for customer. Glad to take money without any guarantee of service.

    I contacted Michael & Son to repair my HVAC unit, which was only two years old, because our lines were freezing up. The first technician determined we needed more refrigerant, and we were charged $350. He didn’t even stay long enough to determine if the issue was fixed. The lines froze again after he left so we called to have someone else come out. The next appointment was a no-show for a 10-12 window and I had to call after 12 when I didn’t hear anything to reschedule. The following technician was over 3 hours late to our appointment. He couldn’t figure out the issue and suggested that we may need to flush the system, but wanted to check if we had a warranty. After not hearing back I called the manufacturer myself and learned it had a 5-year warranty. After never hearing back from Michael & Sons we contacted another technician who quickly saw that the issue was that the coils were dirty, something that the first technician said he had checked. Not only am I out $350 dollars, my HVAC went un-repaired for almost a month. I am frustrated to have given money to a company with a blatant disregard for customer service and follow through. I tried to contact the company via phone and their website to resolve the issue but never got a reply. After filing a complaint with BBB they didn’t even apologize or try to earn back our business. Don’t waste your time with this company.

  7. Charging for a free quote

    Hi I had an appointment at 10am your the plumbing service, no one showed. I called and they sent me someone who showed up at 11:50am (after staring at ETA was 11:30). The way these service was described in my second call was not clear; and I was surprised to be asked to pay $89 for a 10min visit, the amount is framed as dispatched fee and could only be recovered if the work is performed. At any moment it was specified in the call that way. I want a refund of the $89. I don’t want to point finger at a rip-off for the time being because I will give them the benefit of the doubt and let them investigate. But I’m extremely disappointed in the service and the punctuality. Thanks

  8. Never showed up, lied

    Never showed up. I called dispatch and they said the technician went to my door. He did not not, i have my name and telephone numbers posted. He would have called my office. The technician lied to his own dispatch.

  9. Run Around

    This should be negative stars. I made an appointment for an electrician from Michael & Son Services on 15 April 2019. I explained in great detail exactly what I needed. The receptionist put me on hold to speak with the manager and came back confirming they could do the job. The appointment was made for 19 April in a window of 12-4pm, giving them a full work week to call me back if they had any concern. They even called me at 1040hrs on the morning of 19 April saying they could come earlier. I couldn’t but they confirmed again that the electrician would be at my house inside the window. As it got late, I called back at 2pm and was informed that he would be on his way in a bit but would be a little late. Then at 2:40pm I received a call from a floor manager (Greg) stating that they could not do the work.

    So on the day of the scheduled appt during the window of arrival after a full week, I was then informed that I lost a week and wasted a half-day off work only be told I wasted my time.

    For a company that supports the military which I have been for more than 20 years, this company is an absolute crock.

  10. The installer said "if you don't like it then you can hire someone else"

    Delivered and installed gas range, microwave and dishwasher. Quoted me $280 to replace a 8 inch gas pipe and valve. After I paid $350 to have the unit installed! Mike and sons are a huge scam!

    And will rip you off at every turn. They quoted me for a door once at 4times the price of the second quote I got and went with. The installer said “if you don’t like it then you can hire someone else”

  11. It is really too bad

    Their work is good, their service is the worst!! I had appointments for my annual inspection between 12-4. AFTER 4 they called to reschedule. OK, stuff happens. We rescheduled for today between 12-4.

    I called and was told I was next up at noon. It is almost 5PM and I am still waiting!! I should charge them my hourly rate for the time I have wasted. It is really too bad, because their technicians are generally good, but their service makes them undesireable

  12. Michael & Son Services They did not do the panel up to code.

    I have dealt with Michael and sons with my primary residence and had 2 AC units, my sump pump replaced and some updating to my plumbing system. I had a great experience with these projects. So when my dad’s house needed some work I naturally called them.

    I scheduled an AC unit check. Somehow a fire was started with the electrical panel and the entire panel needed to be replaced. I called Michael and Sons because they gave me a prompt turn around time. They did not do the panel up to code. It was almost a week after the electrical panel was installed before the power was working correctly.

  13. Michael & Son Services Avoid at all cost.

    These guys are crooks and liars. I had them come inspect my A/C. The tech said he thought it had a leak. Told me that I would have to agree to pay $341 for him to check for the leak, but if no leak was found, there would be no charge. Of course, he “found” a leak within the first 10 seconds of inspection.

    Then went on to tell me that fixing it would be over $1000. I had another company inspect the unit in order to get a second opinion. No leak. A few adjustments and all is well. Tried to get my money back from Michael and Sons.

    No go, even though the tech said there would be no charge and I have a signed report that there is no leak in the unit. Absolute crooks. Avoid at all cost.

Reported Loss :300 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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