Melissa Gladstone

Abusive Harassing Person Beware!!!

Melissa Gladstone “aka Missi Gladstone” located in Costa Mesa, is a drug addict and harassing person!

She repeatedly terrorizes my entire family because she had her children (which the court has taken away her parental rights due to child abuse) taken away due to drug use.

Now our family has to fix the broken issues she’s made and raise her children for her!!

She’s the victim and calls everyone an abuser?! She never visits her children. No financial support. Harasses the family on all social media platforms! She’s a meth addict, shoplifter, and deadbeat.

She needs help and a restraining order against her.

Watch out for her and beware of her lies! Also, she’s created a fake Facebook account called ‘Kay Marie Stone’ where she claims to advocate for children, yet she exploits her children! She needs to be put in jail!!!!

This woman exploits her children online by creating a fake Facebook account called Kay Marie Stone.

Her children were removed from her custody due to drug abuse and physical endangerment of her children.

She harasses the family which had custody of her children! She does not offer any financial support or visit her kids!

Beware of this person. She abuses meth and pills and has mental issues. She creates fake accounts online to harass anyone she can! She will call the police to make false reports on people. Beware!!!


Is Melissa Gladstone a legit?

Melissa Gladstone is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 8 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Melissa Gladstone located?

Melissa Gladstone is headquarted at Costa Mesa, California . You can contact Melissa Gladstone by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Melissa Gladstone’s customers?

According to Melissa Gladstone’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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8 Reviews on Melissa Gladstone

  1. As of today Social Worker Alma S.

    Has suggested resources to be connected with a legal advocate who will be helping me file a restraining order on the poster/commenter of this post. This man is a sociopathic narcissist whose 2 year old granddaughter told a mandated reporter he was beating her with a belt. I was patently alienated and never chose not to see my kids, in fact, John R English is the one who refuses to bring my daughters to their scheduled visits and there is documentation of this. He has yelled at the top of his lungs at the professional monitor for visitations, size job is to document all interactions and provide reports to the court. She’s an impartial third party. Now they are especially angry that they have realized I have video footage of the claims of abuse. Everything that they have said I am is actually what their son is, I did 10 months of drug testing through the courts and never had any illegal substances in my system once. However Susan English is telling the family that she found meth in her home and that they are in the process of trying to get the father treatment. This is an attempt at defamation and an attack on character in an attempt to save their own reputation, however it only makes them look more guilty in the long run. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. She has an Instagram Account to harass people!

    This person created an Instagram account which allegedly advocates for children – but it’s FALSE!!!! Melissa uses the account @child_abuse_awareness_119 to harass and bully people she falsely accuses of child abuse! You can see video footage of her with crazy hair and teeth while the COPS are arriving to her residence!! Clearly she is a disturbed person who needs help!!!

  3. Screenshots of her Crazy FB posts

    She tagged everyone in her crazy Facebook posts – including people who are not even involved in any way!! I have screenshots of these posts where she tagged me!!!. Harassment is an understatement for this individual. She is a menace! Stop dragging people who have NOTHING to do with your personal problems!!!! Period.

    1. Why is John English's granddaughter saying she's being beat by a belt at 2 years old?

      There are videos of John English’s granddaughter speaking out about the abuse against her by her Father William Charles English and her grandfather, John English. You can find these on the dirty scam report page for John R .English. this is textbook parental alienation by a child molester and child abuser in order to withhold power over the children and the mother. Social Services is currently investigating them. Again. Because of the fact that a two-year-old little girl told a mandated reporter that she was being beat by her grandfather with a belt, and my four-year-old said that the grandfather abuses her while she takes her naps and it wakes her up. This is a terrifying situation for little girls to be in. But every single one of you that wants to harass the mother in this situation for advocating for her children who are now coming forward with bruises and welts? I HAVE HALF A MIND TO BELIEVE THAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU ON HERE ARE CHILD ABUSERS AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT’S HIDING ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR COMPUTERS. Because that’s just child molestation sympathizers and sympathizers are just as bad as the perpetrators because they are the ones who allow the abuse to happen. Don’t ever turn a blind eye to child abuse.

  4. The harasser keeps on harrassing

    Lol she even continues to harass on this platform in the reviews! And justifies her harassment on Facebook. When you’re wrong you’re just wrong 😑 Idiot!

    We don’t careeee about you and your drama!! None of us wanted to be harassed by you! We don’t want you and Will’s drama in our lives! This isn’t PRO any side… we just don’t like you & Will!!! ((Toxic, SHIT people who are trash!!))

    1. John R. English is a Pedophile Narcissist

      How hilariously petty pedophiles are when they can’t condition a mother into giving up on their kids so they can perpetuate the abuse. You’re so obvious. It’s freaking Facebook. You can just block or delete your page 🤣🤣🤣 grow up. John R. English is a profile, a child abuser who gets off on whipping a 2 year old little girl with a belt, likes to come up with every reason under the sun to have my kids in diapers still, and give them baths multiple times a day. You’re just outing yourself, but please, continue.

  5. You claim she is the harasser

    Everyone wants to say she is harassing then with Facebook posts, I don’t think she goes around verbally assaulting people on there. I’m pretty sure a mom is allowed to try to bring knowledge and awareness to her situation on a social media platform. If people here tagged in posts they don’t like, why not just untag/unfollow/unfriend and block the page? Nobody wants to imagine what it would be like for them in a situation where their own abuser is now allowed to abuse they’re kids and manipulate a relationship with them. You’d be terrified and trying to notify others, as well and you would be looking for supper also. People are cruel. The father is psychologically, physically and verbally abusive to the mother and now the kids, and your be freaking out, too if all because you had a mental illness, someone discriminated against you and destroyed any and all of your credibility or ability to make decisions in your children’s lives. Attention should be brought to these situations and people should know what goes on in our judicial system and the bias that exists. This mother has gone to lengths to file petitions to bring justice to her kids. Shame on every single person in this post, all, no doubt, relating to the abusive father and his family. Be Kind to others because we all know karma is a b…

  6. Online Verbal Abuser

    I’ve been harassed by her online she tagged me multiple time in absurd posts! I reported the posts to Facebook and the posts were never removed. I only know her through a mutual friend (her ex baby daddy). I know nothing about expect she plays victim and accuses everyone of kidnapping!!! I’ve never met her kids nor do I care for children (just not my thing to have kids)!! She’s an abusive person who belongs in jail. Yes, Melissa Gladstone aka Missi Gladstone of Costa Mesa, CA – you’re f___ing annoying and awful!!!!!

  7. Absolutely Harassed by her online

    Yes! She has a fake account under ‘Kay Marie Stone’! She tags everyone and their mom in her harassing posts!!! It’s annoying and crazy!! Like whyyy don’t you just deal with your own problems Missi Gladstone real name Melissa Gladstone of Costa Mesa, CA !! No one wants to deal with you and your problems. Like who cares?!! So much drama created by one person.

  8. Troll

    Harassing is an understatement- she wrote me over 50x messages on Facebook complaining about her children! No one wants her problems or to even deal with her. She’s such a friggin nightmare! She made all these awful choices with her ex Will English and they literally loop in everyone into their problems!!! Both of them need to go to jail!

    1. The social worker said I need to get a restraining order against you

      I think it’s funny that you are so angry about messages from a mother advocating for her children who are now being beaten by a belt by John R English and they told it to a mandated reporter. The same man that has excessively bathed my daughters without permission from the time they were born, the same man who took my kids from my care when I told him to leave me alone because my children were sleeping and that I was on a domestic violence shelter waiting list to get me and my kids the help that I needed to get away from this abusive situation, which yes, huge mistake on my part, I’ve learned through domestic violence classes that you never tell your abusers you’re trying to leave. Please view the links of a 4-year-old discussing the abuse that she has suffered at the hands of her grandfather and father.

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