Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac

Scam about Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac

I became a victim of a crime, I am ripped off for 50.000,00 cad by a Asian woman living in Toronto and it is very frustration I can’t do nothing. I will tell the story in big lines because much has happened.

I met this woman on social media in June/July 2014 and we started chatting, video chatting, calling each other. She told me she was from Taiwan, born in Philippine and adopted by Taiwanese people. She went to Canada to divorce her husband and to get better life for her 3 kids, located in Philippine.

After some time we fell in love and she told me she wanted to join me here in Holland.We agreed that she will wait till she got Canadian citizenship because than was easy to get to Holland without all papers stuff needed. In September 2014 problems started, she told me she got accident and broke her arm and asking me to lent her some money.

In the meantime I googled her name and pics but could not find anything negative about her and I also started chatting her oldest daughter, almost finished her nurse study in Philippines and telling me she was so happy for her mom she had found me.

Recently I found and I talk boyfriend of the daughter on Facebook and asked him if he had every heard from me and he told me no, so that means I never talked the daughter and all was set up.

Some of the many problems that popped up : have to go to Hong Kong for citizenship interview, sickness, so no income, renewing health papers for citizenship, fees for school of kids, her real dad died, ticket,etc. and I lent her money all the time, thinking we will be together soon and she told me always that she had so bad luck in life but will pay me back in future.

She visited me here in Holland in July 2015 for about 3 weeks and all was nice and great ,she got phone call that her oldest daughter got cancer (this is the only thing what is really happened) and I was helping her to pay hospitality , but was to late and she died and again helping with burial costs, etc. After her visit she told me she was pregnant so send her money for abortion.

In 2016, June, she visited me again, only for a week and again it was great, she worked the garden, cleaning the house, even she was only short time here.

She was pushing me to have unsafe sex, just only for one time. and when she was back in Canada, again she told me she was pregnant again and send me pics of pregnancy tests and scan of fetus, when I put those pics in google search I found out she copied from a website, I was chocked and could not believe it. From that moment I stopped lending her money.

I decided not to confront her by what I found out to see what happened.

I forgot to tell that she also moved a few times because she couldn’t pay the rent and again I helped her financially, but when I asked her for the last ticket her address, she gave me her old and first address.

So all the moving was also lies, I send her birthday card to old address and asked her if she received and she said yes, but few seconds later denied and told me her daughter was answering and made mistake.

In the meantime I have googled a lot and found by googling her diseased daughter a page of her on Facebook by a other name : Rosela Batac and in all the messages there nothing about me.

Shortly after her last visit she told me her real mom in Philippines is going bad and tried to get money from me for ticket, I told her sorry can’t afford at the moment.

She went anyway and week later she told me her mom died, I asked her a pig of her mom and she send, than I found out she just took a pic of her friends list on Facebook.

I also found out by IP address she was still in Toronto and never went to Philippines, but she kept saying she was there and had hard life, pushing me to send money again ,for ticket and authenticate papers of her daughters and moms dead for immigration.

I told her i will come to Philippines and than suddenly she was busy getting job in China, all to avoid I would found out the lies.

I confronted her with all her lies last January, all denying off cause, her page on Facebook disappeared or she blocked me, she disappeared in my whats app, Viber, Skype and last what she send
me was a pic of a lot of pills as if she was going to commit suicide.

Is Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac a legit?

Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac located?

Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac is headquarted at Dufferin Street 2554 ON CA. You can contact Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac’s customers?

According to Mei Hua Tu aka Rosela Batac’s customers, a monetary loss of US $50000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Reported Loss : 50000 $
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