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I was scammed and it was not just me. I read the reviews later and found out that they have not even one good review online. These guys are abusive and do not let you complete your sentences and cancel the chats on their website. I was turned down more than five times. And, now, I cannot even connect with these guys. They have blocked me or something. Whatever it is, they are not getting away with this. I talked to some guy named Tommy Chong and he was very deceptive. He promised that the orders would reach me on time. I ordered few vape pens. I had few amounts with my Google giftcard and they said that they redeem the card for processing the payment.

Hence, I paid through the same giftcard and they took all the money that was available with my account. Later, after a week, when I did not receive the order as promised, I contacted the chat support. I asked them to check my order. The guy on the other end asked me to wait and then told me that the order is not processed yet. That is why it has not arrived and the tracking Id is also not shared with me.

I was completely shocked. When I told him about the promise that Tommy made, he told me that the shipping could not get through because of my ignorance of the details. He said that the order is done, however, the shipping cost remains. I was the one at the fault for not paying the shipping cost. When I wanted to ask more about the same, the guy shared a link and asked me to pay the shipping cost. The shipping charges seem to be too pricey and completely unjustified.

This made me even more angry. However, keeping calm, I asked the guy to just connect me to Tommy. And, he cancelled the chat window. At first, I thought, it was a bad internet connection. So, I tried to contact the chat support again. And, the same thing happened. As I asked about Tommy, I was disconnected.

Not just that, these guys keep abusing you when you ask for a refund. After a week, when nothing seemed working, I asked to refund the giftcard amount to my Google account. To this, they started talking insane and asked me to Fu** Of*. I was taken aback. This is completely not what I expected. Companies do lie, but I have never experienced a customer care representative talking so harshly in the past.

I tried to connect with them a few more times asking for a refund. But all I got were abuses. Later, I could not even connect through chat support. Wasn’t that a scam you just heard? Yes, these guys do scam me. They took my money. I did not receive anything and when I tried to talk them into refunding my amount, I was neglected as I never existed.

Tommy did promise me a lot of things. He seemed polite at first and genuine. I guess, he knows the tricks to convince others. He is supposed to do that for scamming people. And, he does it with complete accuracy. There was not a single instance when I was not able to find out what’s going in his mind. He must be laughing inside thinking he made another one fool. But this does not end here. You got one and I got zero. The war continues. I am going to spread the word as much as possible. And, you will be paying one day.

I will write my feedback on as many online review websites as possible. I am going to tell everyone what these guys are up to. The matter of fact is that there are already so many disgruntled customers. And, this company is still thriving. This disappoints me a lot. However, I will do my bit and tell the world about these guys. The company is fake and rips people out of their balance.

If you ever come across this website, do not forget to cancel the cross sign on the right up corner of your browser. Or else, you know what is going to happen next, you will be defrauded.

Is Mega Marijuana Store a legit business?

Mega Marijuana Store is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 11 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Mega Marijuana Store located?

Mega Marijuana Store is headquarted at 126 College Street, Burlington, Vermont, USA. You can contact Mega Marijuana Store by dialing (+1) 802 448 0046 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Mega Marijuana Store’s customers?

According to Mega Marijuana Store’s customers, a monetary loss of US $540 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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11 Reviews on Mega Marijuana Store

  1. SCAM

    This was my first time ever buying online. Next time ima do more research. I bought $150 dollars worth of stuff. Not even 24hrs after I placed my order they called my phone saying the cops have my order & I was in big trouble. Then they proceeded to tell me My refund won’t be given to me for 24 days. When I called the place the man got angry with me. Wouldn’t let me finish anything I was trying to say then hung up. I’ve emailed they don’t reply. I even messaged them on their chat in the website & all they kept saying was we have to do our findings complete scam. Total waste of time & money going through them.

  2. My husband and I were scammed the same way and I want these people punished for what the did.

    Do not order from Mega Marijuana Store. The did me the same way. I want all of my money back and want them punished for what they have done.

  3. I paid $550.00 ($50 of that for shipping) and a week and a half went by and no package. I checked tracking the day after ordering and it said I’d get it in 2 days. Then tracking said ‘on hold for urgent discretion seal’. I did live chat and an hour later they wanted to call me. Some foreign guy called (hard to understand and phone connection was lousy) and explained that I had to pay $400 more for the seal. I said no I want my $550 back. He said no and begged me to pay $$ for seal. He said if package sits too long it will be opened and destroyed. I said get the package back, he said he couldn’t get it back. He said I couldn’t get my money back either. He said it would be cheaper to pay $400 than get authorities involved. He also kept thanking me for being so patient and nice, yet when I wouldn’t give more money he changed his tune! Total scam!!!!!!

  4. They accept payment and then immediately break off communications

    Secure Connection Failed

    An error occurred during a connection to PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR
    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

    That is the error message I get now when I try to connect to so it looks like they are out of business for now. At least with that website name. Watch out for them if they switch names and try to come back running the same scams as before.

    On their chat line I asked if they ship to my state.
    They answered yes.
    I asked if they ship with USPS or FedEx using either one’s overnight (24 hour) express delivery services.
    They answered yes
    I filled in an order and asked how they wanted payment sent.
    I was told to get a Walmart gift card, scrape off the covering over the pin number on the back of the card and send a picture of it side by side with the receipt to their email address.
    I did that.
    No response from them for 8 days.
    Then I participated in their chat line. Here is a copy of it:

    Chat transcript

    Name: Me

    E-mail: My email address

    Montel Williams Sun, 12/13/20 10:10:44 am America/Los_Angeles

    Hello, would you like to talk about our products?

    Me 10:11:50 am

    Hello. Any Support Agent on line right now? I have a question about my recent order. Are you able to help me at this time?

    Montel Williams 10:12:07 am

    How can we assist you

    Me 10:12:39 am

    I ordered #00987654 by Express Shipping and paid for it with a picture of a Walmart Gift Card attached to an email sent on Dec 5 at 10:24 PM Pacific time.
    I was told by a Support Agent that the package had shipped on Mon Dec 7 but so far the package has not arrived and I have not received a tracking number to see where it is. Can you help me with this problem?

    Montel Williams 10:13:14 am

    Yes checking

    Me 10:34:23 am

    FYI the last 3 chats I started with this same question I waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes, then 40 minutes and then another 1 hour for an answer and didn’t receive so much as an acknowledgement that I was still even connected with a Support Agent. Then I was cut off from the chats.
    Can you please try to not let that same scenario happen again?
    Hello? Are we still connected? Any progress with the status of my order?
    Hello? Are we still connected?
    It’s now been almost 1 hour since you sent the message “yes checking”.
    I’m surprised that it should take this long, otherwise why issue an order registration number at all?
    I’m also surprised that Express Delivery should take this long or that a quick check of the tracking number associated with an Express Delivery would not delivery a much quicker answer to my question.
    Support Agent, please be aware that I have been standing by for about 1 hour and 15 minutes since you said you were checking on my question.
    Please don’t leave me hanging without an answer for the 4th “live” chat in a row.
    Please tell me something about my order!
    At least tell me that you are still checking!
    With respect to the COVID-19 National Emergency I will continue to stand by.

    Duration: 2h 20m 17s

    Chat started on:

    That is the last I heard from them and now I can’t even open the website.
    I contacted Walmart and found that with that type of gift card you cannot redeem it for cash. You can only buy stuff at Walmart. When I asked about the funds on the card Walmart told me that the account was now closed. I have no idea what happened to my $260.

  5. Total SCAM

    Total scam – ordered $160.00 for product December 2020 – nothing to date – chat on that site is worthless – should have read the alarming reviews first – keep away

  6. It's a straight up scam

    Sent them 310.00. They sent me a bogus looking tracking number to a fake transportation site. I Google the “shipping “company phone number and got terrible reviews for a shut down company called kush4health. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Total scam. Karma will work out with these jokers.

  7. Spot on review

    Dont waste a second thinking about making a transaction with Mega Marijuana Store. Total ripoff. Previous post info is very similar to my experience. Fool me once….

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    I placed an order before checking out the reviews or the legitimacy of this company. They take Walmart Gift cards which I purchased in the amount of 160.00. They asked for a copy of the back with the black stripe peeled showing all the numbers. As soon as they got my email with a copy of the card they stopped responding to my emails and on the chat. I am reporting this their website to the FBI as a Cyber Crime Website.

  10. my experience l had with this site

    All you need is just to be real and to satisfy your customers like they do (, they are real and legitimate and they always satisfy their customers and respond to the demands of their customers.

  11. my experience l had with this site

    l have tried to order delivery from this location 3 times and every time there is a problem. In short, I have entered my order 3 times and never once has the order arrived. I always know that the store will call me after 5 minutes with some lame excuse as to why they can’t deliver. you guys leaves me hanging, every time. Their delivery is not to be trusted so l will recommend ( because the mean good business thanks.

Reported Loss :540 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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