Meet Curve is scam company

Ladies, do not purchase anything through Meet Curve company. I feel that this company could be to be a SCAM and fraudulent business. In the interest of full disclosure, I cannot provide any proof.

However, I purchased the wrong way due to my negative experience and loss of money due to this company and their practices in returning an item that was not needed.

This blog post will be lengthy. Take the time to read it as much as you can because I wrote it in the hope that it will assist others not to be harmed by being forced to return something to the seller in hopes of receiving your money back, but it doesn’t happen.

I want to share my terrible experience as a former CUSTOMER of this business. Never again will I purchase from this apparent, and in my view, fraud.

This is my experience. Before I share what I’m about to tell you, I would like to let you know that I hope this will help you ladies who might be thinking about buying something from Meet. Curve to avoid falling victim to their scams like I was. >:(:(

This is my story…So I bought some swimming suits from on the 29th of March, 2021, and received my order shortly afterward. I want to add that it took me about two weeks to receive the purchased items.

Before purchasing this company, I found a swimming suit that I loved. Because I was a bit nervous about shopping online and not knowing whether the swimsuits this company offers would suit my body type, I decided on four swimsuits in two sizes, which included a 3XL and a 4XL.

If the size I chose did not suit my body in the right way, or I wasn’t satisfied with the products I purchased, I was of the sincere intention of ultimately sending back the size(s) back which did not suit me well and keeping the one that fit me perfectly which I had already purchased. That’s fair enough. Right! My true intentions were the following.

I wear. In addition, given that many of the items you can purchase online aren’t manufactured in AMERICAN sizes, which are, in fact, true to size; however, they are manufactured in non-American sizes. Therefore, I usually purchase two measures similar to mine to give me greater peace of mind.

Also, if something doesn’t fit me correctly, which I purchase online, I usually send the items back to receive a full refund. I hope this makes sense to all of you. I hope it is for me. It is very stressful for me when I order on the internet. You never have the experience.

Sorry for any rambling sentences or repetition of everything I write. I am furious at what has happened to me and my writing. Writing is never easy for me to make right, no matter the reason. I’m hoping that everyone will be able to understand what I am saying if you read it. 🙁

So, I’m back to my rant here. In the end, when I bought the swimwear, the swimwear I purchased from this disgusting firm did not conform to my physique. Therefore, due to this reason, I decided to call Meet. Curve to inform them that I had to return the items I purchased from them in the hope that I could receive a refund.

Everyone is right on the internet about this scam company! I’ve never received an exchange or refund! The $143.96 I paid for money I’ll never get back. Although I am sure I sent the items back, I bought them originally from another website. I am devastated and depressed inside.

I even have an address for tracking to provide that my husband and I returned their items. What is equally infuriating and horrifying is that Meet Curve has accused me of getting the swimwear delivered to an address that was not even the address they provided me with to mail the returned items.

This is hilarious to me because I can tell you that when the things I planned to return were sent out via UPS (the service I chose), my husband and I gave UPS the exact address that Meet. Curve provided me with the to send their products.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, my husband was with me when I dropped the items at UPS. We both watched UPS put the things in the box and then place the packaging slip onto it.

The proper packaging. Before I shipped the packages to UPS, I copied, printed, and printed out an address Meet.Curve provided me with so that I would have the address published using my computer for UPS.

Ladies, I’m not creating this story up. I am an honest person. I would never do any act of business fraud, or even I’d never purchase an item and then not be able to return it should it not be suitable for me once I had received the product.

I rechecked the tracking number a couple of days after the package was returned. I discovered that UPS had somehow shipped the package to an unidentified location that neither my husband nor I was unaware of. This is a place that we’ve never known about or had any idea of in any way.

We do not personally know anyone or any business from this area where the packages were delivered. It only states in the tracker number the location UPS determined to send it.

There is no address or number in the tracking information to which the item came. It’s just that the tracking number states the city where it was delivered. This is not an accurate state or address we put onto the box.

My husband and I do not have an IDEA of what transpired. The reason UPS sent it to a city we didn’t ask for the returns to be sent to is beyond our comprehension.

Ladies, the point is that UPS did not have the return address and had no reason to send the returns to a city we didn’t request them to send the returns to. Then, we’re out $143.96 in our accounts.

This makes/us think about whether Meet.Curve deliberately provided me, as a customer, with an address to return the items that may not exist or is a fake address.

The address Meet.Curve provided me to send the items back as follows… The recipient’s address is JS EXPRESS RETURN/SF001: 13901 Yorba Ave Chino, CA 91710.

The address above is the address to where I returned my items. It is my word to God that this is the address that we (Myself and my spouse) provided to UPS to ship the items back to. I will not lie about it.

This means I have no REASON to keep things that I am not happy with or that don’t fit my style. I would never have any wrong motives for returning items to the CITY or State because they don’t belong to be sent in the first instance.

My husband and I don’t even know what city the items were delivered to in the first place. That is, what address to which was it provided? In essence, I’m being honest here. There isn’t any actual full address showing in the tracking information.

There is a high chance that a dishonest employee employed by UPS chose to put another shipping label over the original return label attached to the returned items since we know that delivery firms accidentally use low-life, untruthful individuals or fail to conduct better background screening of their workers.

This doesn’t make sense. Why would I be targeted for unknown motives? My situation is so bizarre that nothing regarding the personal story of my return makes sense. The only thing I can say is that my husband has run out of money, which we may never receive back due to reasons that aren’t the fault of our side.

It is true that when the package has been taken removed from our control and into the hands of the delivery company, they should be trusted to fulfill their obligations to us and return something intended to be returned to a specific place.

This package was removed from our possession, and it is not ours no longer our responsibility. It’s up to the delivery company to be truthful and complete their duty in returning the item.

In closing, ladies, consider my lengthy critique of this business warning everyone to take my suggestion and avoid this vendor. Do not spend your money.

They’re eager to take your money, but if you’re unhappy with the products they offer or unable to keep it for any reason, Meet. The curve can make it virtually impossible to return the money. My husband and I also suspect that genuine Americans don’t offer these products in America.

When you email customer support, this is the message you receive in response “Your ticket has been created. Powered by HelpDesk”. When you receive an answer or a reply to your email, you’ll get an answer with a disturbing profile image of someone who was most likely to be a fake profile picture, along with a general response.

On the other hand, the person will make it very difficult to return an item or things you plan to return. The seller stated on their website that the items must be returned within 15 days to receive the total amount.

Also, their website mentions that they have much other untrustworthy information, making them appear questionable and odd in how their words are written. I ought to have taken that as an alert at the beginning. 🙁

It is even necessary to be able to email their customer support an email in case you need to return something to receive an address for returning it. This is a bit of a snark.

A legitimate company should have its return address listed on its website. Seriously, it is strange that it’s not the case as they appear to be very secretive about not divulging their return address on the internet.

Is Meet Curve a legit?

Meet Curve is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 27 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Meet Curve located?

Meet Curve is headquarted at New York 24823 Brookville Blvd ROSEDALE NY 11422 USA. You can contact Meet Curve by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Meet Curve ’s customers?

According to Meet Curve ’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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27 Reviews on Meet Curve



    Sooo I actually feel really dumb but I ordered a swimsuit from this company and got completely scammed… never got my suit, never got my $45 back, and it’s not looking like there is shit I can do about it. I checked online and there are actually tons of reviews saying that this company is fraudulent and the same thing has happened to lots of other people (which looking back explains a lot, these emails don’t even sound right) but now they done pissed me off 🙃 do not play with me. ANYWAYS moral of the story is never ever order from Meet.Curve ‼️ it looks like a very official site but in the end they will take your money and give you nothing in return

  2. I ordered a suit over 4 weeks ago

    I ordered a suit and never received. Took my money though.

  3. Absolutely the worst customer service

    I ordered online $122 worth of bathing suits, went by their sizing as they suggest and when they finally showed up after a few weeks after I couldn’t track my items because it used some scent cut Chinese web page. They didn’t fit when they showed. I emailed asking to be refunded all my $$ and that I would send them back the suits. They wanted to give me full refund on a “gift card” and I could keep the suits. I don’t want a gift card because I’d none of the 6 suits I tried who’s to say I’d be lucky and find $122 more of clothes that actually fit. No, keep your suits and give me my refund on my card they. They said, if I wanted to be refunded all my money to a gift card and send the suits back, I had to “take a picture of each one, front and back, include a picture of the tag still attached to the suit and take a picture of the plastic crotch liner still on the suit.” And I needed to return the items with a tracking number and send them the tracking number. You need a picture of the plastic crotch liner?!!! Are you kidding me? They make it impossible to make a return bc of their stipulations and then say if you won’t do that, we’ll let you keep the suits and give you a refund of $33. Ummm no way, spend $122, get back $33 and keep suits I can’t even wear?! No way! I said not a chance! They then offered up $62 refunded and I keep the suits. What an absolute nightmare dealing with these people. They make the return policy so putrid that I will NEVER buy from them, I will tell everyone I know to NEVER buy from them. They are literally scamming people for they’re money. Absolutely Putrid

  4. Unfair returns/non

    I purchased several swimsuits thinking its ok if they arent right fit as the website says returns available within 15 days and in original packaging unworn etc.
    When i emailed them right away to return for refund i was given 2 options. 1. Gift card for the value of items purchased, which must be used in one transaction. I paid AUD$183.50, they did not specofy they wud give this amount only “the value” of items. So not sure how much they were offering?
    2. Keep the swimwear (that doesnt fit) and they wud refund me AUD $45.
    I have no idea why they would do that, and i dont want swimwear that doesnt fit me.
    I emailed and asked them to explain properly and why cant they just refund me but no reply so far.
    They also said the returns address was in a place called Secaucus NJ USA., which is strange to me as when the parcel waa in tracking to me the company name n info was in chinese???
    I will add an update when i get one from them!!

  5. Refund Scam and Theft!

    I exchanged a bathing suit for a different size, and they gave me a gift card to purchase the new one. My experience had been great up until this point so I didn’t think anything of it. When I received my new suit and it still didn’t fit correctly, they refused to refund my order because they do not refund gift card orders. This is ridiculous because this was originally my money, not a gift card. I bought another suit on top of the original exchange and they will not refund that money either, which was NOT a gift card. We went back and forth via email where they basically just said the same thing over and over again without even trying to fix it, until they informed me that my return period is over and they can no longer do anything about it. They are basically just scamming people and stealing their money.

  6. Scam

    I ordered several suits from this company and none worked for me. I wanted to return them and after MANY attempts to contact them for return info, they have not contacted me back. I can’t seem to return these items and get a refund. I’m out $122.

  7. They keep your money

    No one will respond to your email. You can’t send anything back until you contact support.
    They are stealing money

  8. Unhappy customer

    Bought a dress which is not suitable and cannot contact anyone to return to get a refund.
    When I email it either bounces back or is ignored

  9. This is a scam!!!!

    I’m trying to return items bought. They are giving me a complete run around. You have to return in 2 weeks and they answer their email every couple days to waste time. They refuse to give me a return address only a city and state, which is worthless. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM MEETCURVE. Their sizing is about 3 sizes off, too small, so nothing you order will actually fit. Extremely frustrated and angry. I am going to lose $140.

  10. cant get my money back

    order some swim tops and they didnt fit now they wont send me the address
    to ship them back. They only give you 15 days to return. going to try to fight
    charges on my card.


    Reading these reviews, I’m SMH because i am in the same situation. The suits are nice, however I ordered my original size, but they are too small. I contacted them the SAME day I received these. It took them 4 days to actually return an email, however a RETURN address was not provided. I’m stuck with 3 suits now that do not fit.

  12. Won't reveal return address

    I ordered a bathing suit and cover up for my vacation. Weeks and weeks went by with no bathing suit order. I went on vacation and didn’t get to swim with my family.

    The order arrived 6 days after I got home from our trip. I immediately contacted their customer service requesting a full refund upon the return.

    Multiple emails to them and all they will tell me is:

    Return to Secaucus, NJ

    I was very nice then I started getting angry. That is when they offered me $23 and a $5 coupon. I spent $79. Now I am furious.


Reviews: 27
Reported Loss : 500 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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