Matt Skinner

Matt did not pay for my services.

It is frustrating when someone does not pay for the job you do and keep you in the loop until you decide to give up. Matt Skinner who own Empire West Investments (now Thrive Capital) is such a guy who would promise you for the payments for the services he requires from you and once you complete the job, he would stop replying.

This started in November 2016 when I was asked to edit 40 videos for Matt Skinner online course. They offered me $3000 for those 40 videos. I accepted the offer. I started working on those videos and in February, I completed all those videos and submitted it to the company owned by Matt.

However, the assistant did not tell me the date for making the payment. I waited for few days and then realized that they were not willing to pay as the months started passing by. The more I got confident about my guts when I saw one of the videos uploaded on the internet. The quality was good and there was no problem which they could have possibly outlined for not paying for my services.

If there would have been any problem, they would have never uploaded it in the first place. After four months passed, I took the complaint to the court and sued him for not paying for my services. Knowing this, his assistant called me and said that she would be reviewing those videos and would be paying after that.

This was insane. They used me for their work and now are being ignorant about their responsibilities for paying me. The company was operated in the name of TwelveStone and after there were numerous complaints on the internet about his scams, he changed the name of his company to Empire West. He never answers my call and neither does his assistant. This is not only unprofessional but completely unethical.

These guys are scammers. If you think that they will pay you even a penny for your services, you are mistaken. They will keep buzzing you off. However, not everyone gives up so easily. Apart from making all the attempts to get justice from the court of law, I would keep writing about his scams. I want everyone to know what a crook he is.

I even doubt that he would ever show up for the hearing. He is a fraud and should be banned from offering any service to anyone. I am sure he must have cheated many people and if you are reading this, please come forward to spread the word and stop him from cheating anyone else, going forward.

The court date is approaching and the key witnesses I have would be able to testify for me. All I am worried about is him reaching the court for the hearing. He is a bad person and more than that, a bad businessman.

He uses people and does not show gratitude for their commitment to his work. A person like him should be tied behind bars. If you want to save your time and money, stay away from this burglar.

Is Matt Skinner a scam?
Matt Skinner is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Matt Skinner legit?
First Matt Skinner is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Matt Skinner’s consumers?
There is/are 7 review(s) posted about Matt Skinner and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Matt Skinner located?
Matt Skinner is located at 23560 Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91321, USA. You can contact Matt Skinner by dialing +1 818 419 0202 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Matt Skinner’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $3000 was the total loss incurred by Matt Skinner’s customers.

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7 Reviews on Matt Skinner

  1. Fraud and conman!!!!

    Absolute conman and fraud running a Ponzi scheme! The SEC has now filed against him and his company!

  2. Please contact me - help

    I was looking into investment opportunity with this company and I have some questions. If you could please call me 818.256.7456

  3. Matt Skinner is a complete piece of crap he treats people very poorly

    I would never recommend doing anything with this man I wouldn’t trust him with my friend, my kid, anything. I hope he finds Jesus and changes his ways.

  4. I can see this there is no one more upset at this guy than me in the last couple months but after hearing what he went through some of the stress that he had it was an insurmountable. Needless to say, he is made and met his financial obligations to myself and I do respect that. There are a lot of people that would have just walked away

    Matt Skinner has made his financial obligations right with myself. Matt was going through unprecedented family issues and realistic deadlines and he made some mistakes. He’s only human like the rest of us no hard feelings and like I said he paid me and everything is right

  5. Matt skinner did the same thing to me only for SEO services

    Get paid up front , matt Skinner is a horrible person and worse boss. Yells at you in front of peers for his own shortcomings and worse , doesn’t pay you for work Done. Total fraud , all his imaginary companies empire west investments , thrive capital , and the list goes on…..

  6. It's a Ponzi Scheme - Running on fumes

    Matt Skinner Investments, Empire West Investments, Empire West Equities, Thrive Capital, Twelvstone Capital, and every other entity Matt Skinner hides behind is a ponzi scheme. Their organization wilfully refuses to provided quarterly updates to their investors as well as any communication at all. He purposefully refuses calls, emails, sms from his investors. And Matt Skinner lives a lavish lifestyle with a brand new Aston Martin. Empire West Investments failed to pay their entire staff in January 2020 ahead of having to pay investor dividends because Matt Skinner has failed to bring in new money for the past 8 months. He has burned through his investors money where he promises 22% returns, and in an attempt to try and have enough funds to pay his quarterly dividends, he was financially tapped and failed to pay more than 8 of his staff. There are numerous lawsuits against Matt Skinner personally and against his entities. BEWARE of doing any business with this fraud.

  7. This guy is a third rate cheat and a cockroach.

    Could not give a star below 1. This guy is a menace to the society and no redeeming quality. Has gone through companies one after the other scamming people. Just stay away from this cockroach.

  8. Guy is a total scammer

    This guy is a total scam artist so beware. I worked at Empire West literally two days before they got served with a lawsuit from all the people he scammed and was never paid for my hours.

  9. Beats women

    Matt Skinner beats women. Do not invest if it’s too good to be true it is! Fraud

  10. He beats up women period!!! Truth total duche

Reported Loss :3000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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