Mari Smith

Mari is a bluff star

I saw a presentation by Mari Smith few months back. It was regarding the social media marketing perks and utilization in making one’s business popular on the internet. When I saw that video, I was really intrigued to know more about how was it possible. I visited her website which talks about all the great things that she has achieved by now and what she does to help others. Her picture driving an expensive car, her lifestyle and many other things enticed me to know better.

Being a businessman, I am always looking for opportunities to scale my work and improve my profits. These all depend mainly on conversion rates. Although I have hired many experts in the past, I am still to find the right tonic for my business to excel. For the same reasons, and as she made it all sound so easy that I could not stop asking for help. I checked her social media accounts and found it to be very impressive. I messaged her through her website and got a reply sooner. There were courses listed on her website that seemed too close to what I was looking for.

She explained me the courses and details of it. I also shared my business goals and what I have achieved so far. I told her that I needed more from my business model and marketing was the one part that I wanted to work out a bit more. To which, Mari told me that the courses are designed in a way that it is fast and easy to learn from it. I took her word and decided to sign up for few courses. She has all kind of big words for her courses. Such as make fast Facebook results and much more. You will be so excited to see all what she sells that it would be difficult to determine if the course would actually help you or not.

She is cunning and very smart at making her seem nice and intelligent. I would not say that she isn’t intelligent because making people believe in whatever you say is also an art and is not possible for everyone. When I think of the first communication between us, I feel so foolish. I have been running my business from so long and have met people with different attitudes and intentions. I have learned how to filter those who can harm and choose the ones who speak the truth. It is not easy to take advantage of me.

But this experience changed everything that I thought about myself. I was connected with her on Facebook, Instagram and all other social media accounts that she shares on her website. When I started making claims about the ineffectiveness of the courses she sells, I was banned. She blocked me and tried to remove everything that I posted on her account. What else would be the biggest proof of her cheating others.

If she was genuine, she would have tried to clarify things. On the other hand, she tried to hide what could have targeted her reputation. Searching online for her gives so many null results when you are looking for a negative review. I am sure she has worked hard to create that kind of persona on the web. I am also convinced that she knows how to manage her profile. Or must be paying huge to those who have been managing her online profile for her.

Because those who have used her course would think of it as worthless and nothing more. Moreover, the charges are not so high which could be one reason why people did not bother to fight back. I am not that kind of guy. She may be charging close to 100 dollars for most of her courses, but that does not make her any less evil than those charging thousands of dollars for similar scam.

There is not much information you can receive from her tips and most of them seems copy and pasted. Things that you can yourself check on the internet and learn without paying any penny forms 99% of her course details. You do not trust me, you can try it for yourself. However, you will repent doing so. Mari looks genuine but she isn’t. She is a con artist and more of a liar. She makes promised that she cannot keep. You would be thrown out of her support group once you start asking for answers. She likes those who keep mum and ignore her flaws. She is a great speaker though. She has mastered the art of convincing people and influencing them through her success and sweet talks. In short, she can change minds and take control of other’s decision.

You would soon know that she is not sufficient enough to be sharing the knowledge for money. Even if she shares it for free, it would be of no use. It would only eat your time. The course structure and ideas don’t connect. You can feel lost in middle of every chapter. Her videos are strong and lure one to take action right away.

But how to do that is missing which is the most important thing a student looks in a course. She won’t even think about refunds. That word does not fit her dictionary. You would be left with no choice but to live with that. And, as I told you that the course isn’t on a higher side, many wouldn’t mind ignoring the fact that they were scammed.

Stay away from Mary Smith and ignore her if she asks you to join her course. She can end up taking your money and you will have nothing in return. I learned nothing from her course and she did not even bother asking about my problems. I am very upset and would make sure this complaint reaches everyone. She is a scammer and a huge fraud. Her website and whatever you see online are only to misguide you. Do not trust her.

Is Mari Smith a legit?

Mari Smith is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Mari Smith located?

Mari Smith is headquarted at USA. You can contact Mari Smith by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Mari Smith’s customers?

According to Mari Smith’s customers, a monetary loss of US $100 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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