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HUGE disappointment with Malibu Wine Safaris

Malibu Wine Safaris is a complete joke, don’t waste your time. My boyfriend and I were so looking forward to a peaceful relaxing day together but when we get there they have issues finding our reservation and end up scrambling to put us into a tour even though we made our booking in advance.

Because they were so unorganized we ended up not being able to sit together, which really pissed my boyfriend off but we didn’t want to make that big a deal about it. The whole thing was so rushed, they just shuffle you from one thing to the next, making it feel like some conveyor belt in a factory. The wines are mediocre at best. My biggest grievance is with their customer service.

My credit card was charged incorrectly and when I spoke to the woman at the desk she said the refund would be issued within 7-10 days. After the ten days passed and my card was still not refunded I call and the woman I spoke to states that the person who handles the refunds only issued them once a month, which in itself it an absurd policy, but she promises this person will call me back.

Two weeks later still no refund and no phone call back from this mysterious refund woman. Only after multiple phone calls and messages not returned, only after I state that I will dispute the charges with my bank does someone call me back.

The woman I spoke to gave a laundry list of excuses as to why no one called me back and then proceeded to tell me that it will take an additional 10 days to actually have the refund processed, and not in a very polite or courteous way at all. I can not in good faith recommend this place to anyone. Everything about it was disappointing.

Is Malibu Wine Safaris a legit business?
Malibu Wine Safaris is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Malibu Wine Safaris located?
Malibu Wine Safaris is headquarted at N/A. You can contact Malibu Wine Safaris by dialing (818) 497-2206 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Malibu Wine Safaris’s customers?
According to Malibu Wine Safaris’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3456 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on Malibu Wine Safaris

  1. We had an absolute blast at the Malibu Wine Safaris on our one year wedding anniversary.

    We had an absolute blast at the Malibu Wine Safaris on our one year wedding anniversary. Nicole was our tour guide, and Rob was our safari driver/wine connoisseur. Both of them were so kind, friendly, hilariously entertaining, and great conversationalists.

    My favorite wines were the Saddlerock rose, the Kendrick Llama Cab sav. We did the Giraffe tour because I was dying to meet and feed Stanley – who is the cutest and sweetest thing. Would DEF recommend.

  2. Really great place

    Really great place. Had an absolute blast with my friends!

  3. Wonderful experience!

    Wonderful experience! Would do it again but felt the cost was too high for what was included which is why I only gave it 4 stars.

  4. Great Price

    Great Price, interacting and feeding the animals was worth it. Breath taking views and the tour guide was knowedgeable. Wine bottle were a bit pricy to buy. The tasting samples were very nice.

  5. Would Not Recommend.

    Very Racist. If you’re not white you’re not welcome. The moment we walked in they told us there full and its a private property. Didn’t even try to help us. Would Not Recommend.

  6. Well, unfortunately,

    Well, unfortunately, It was so disappointing the space they offer the animals! They offer more space to the Vans that are bringing in all the tourism and money. It’s so important to acknowledge the space that the Zebra’s are in so small coral for all the animals.

    They look SAD and unhappy!! Also, the Giraffe is alone without any company of a mate or another animals company! I didn’t care for it nor the wine tasting either.

    I and four others noted immediately the small corals they had for all the animals!! Such a huge property but not enough space for the Zebras to run nor any other animals all in small area’s!! Not a FAN!!!

  7. Was Unsatisfied with my service

    Was Unsatisfied with my service. Terrible. Wine was not good. Waited forever. I highly recommend to steer clear from here!

  8. They left the animals to burn in the fire.

    They left the animals to burn in the fire. They said they were safe because there was a clearing so they wouldn’t burn. The fire got right up to where Stanley, the giraffe was.

    They got their expensive cars out, but left the animals to deal with fire and smoke inhalation. I will NEVER come back. They need to care about the animals that make them money. How could you just leave?

  9. Malibu Wine Safaris is really a pathetic

    HUGE disappointment. I had two friends come into town from San Francisco for this experience and we booked the “Safari + Saddlerock Gardens Dinner” for $165/ ticket.

    From the main website, you can see tour descriptions and it shows that with each price increase you get additional elements added to your experience so we went for the most comprehensive looking package described as a tour of “the beautiful Saddlerock Ranch, meet exotic animals, and taste delicious wine.
    After the Safari, guests will be transported to Saddlerock Gardens for a delicious meal. This is a shortened Safari tour plus a full dinner. The entire experience will last approximately 5 hours. The Safari tour includes 4 wine tastings, as well as feeding our exotic animals.”

    Expectation: We get to do a safari for a couple hours and see a lot of different types of animals and take photos with them. We have four different wine tasting stops throughout the safari and then end with a multiple course meal for dinner with a lot of wine.

    Quote from the woman at the front desk when we asked when we would be getting wine: “Oh don’t worry you will be drinking a lot of wine on this tour. It’ll come.”

    Quote from tour guide: “We still haven’t figured out what the wine drinking limit is for our guests, maybe one of you will find out!”

    Reality: We rode in an open air safari vehicle for approx. 5 minutes while the tour guide gave some background on the property. The venue is stunning. We were so excited to get started. About 0.5 miles into the ranch, they pull over at our first stop where we see two zebras behind a fence. Then we walk 150 yards to another fenced in area with four alpacas and two donkeys.

    The alpacas are friendly and you can take photos with them from the other side of the fence and you are given carrots to feed them and the donkeys. We stay for maybe 15 minutes here and then are told to get back in the truck and that we will be heading to a wine tasting stop.

    We ride a short distance to a sort of tree house with a patio that has a beautiful view of the property. We are in direct sunlight in 85 degree heat so everyone is a bit over heated but excited for the first tasting. After we try all four wines, we go back and choose which one we want more of.

    We are here for about 25 minutes in total and maybe have 2 full glasses of wine between the tastings and the refill. The tour guides tell us to go back to the truck because they are taking us to dinner and the guests looked at each other in shock. That was it!? We saw two zebras, two donkeys, and four alpacas and had a “safari” for 0.8 miles and fed carrots to animals behind a fence. It was like a sad version of a petting zoo.

    I pulled the tour guide aside and asked for clarification since we were told there would be four wine tastings and that the experience would be 5 hours long. At this point, we hadn’t even been there an hour. She was surprised that the website said it would be 5 hours and then said that this was a shortened version of the safari and that the dinner must be 4 hours long. We were shocked and frustrated that the event had been so misleading online. A 10 minute drive in an open air truck and petting 6 animals is NOT a safari. It should have been made very clear in the description that the dinner would be the primary focus.

    At the dinner, you check in with the hostess and find out what table you are assigned to and they give you a glass of rose. This will be your first glass of three that you will be given throughout the evening… For a FOUR hour dinner, you are given three glasses of wine after the staff and the website have given the impression that the wine distribution would be abundant. WHAT!? We take our glass and go to the table where we were seated with another group that we didn’t know and then were served food on shared plates with portions too small to feed everyone.

    The food was absolute garbage. The only thing that any of us liked was a toast appetizer. Everything else was cold by the time it came to the table including pork that tasted like it was marinated in lime juice for far too long and was very cold.

    Ultimately the experience was so far from meeting our expectations and was absolutely not worth $165. We were expecting a safari for a couple of hours followed by a dinner for a couple of hours. I felt terrible that my friends traveled in from out of town for this and then didn’t get to see much of the property or many animals.

    The event description online is incredibly misleading. Instead of “four wine tastings” it should say you will have one wine tasting and get to try four of our local wines. Instead of safari tour, it should say you’ll meet both our zebras and alpacas on a half mile detour in a safari truck before your four hour cold dinner with strangers.

Reported Loss :3456 $
Severity of Scam :High
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