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Luxor Linens plays with customer’s money and experience

I heard a lot about the comfort that Egyptian cotton sheets and hence decided to buy one from Luxor Linens. I am very much precise about purchasing items and especially if it carries cost. Luxury items are mostly vulnerable but I knew that Egyptian cotton sheets are pilling proof. So, without wasting a second, I decided to buy them through Luxor Linens.

I know my decision for investing $250 for these Egyptian cotton sheets was not incorrect but I went wrong in choosing the vendor. Luxor Linens talks about the customer experience and says that they can do anything to provide the best deal and perfect customer experience.

However, they are just opposite of what they claim to be. I had never touched the fabric of Egyptian cotton sheets but have researched that they do not pill for good number of years. While making my purchase, I was not able to identify if the Luxor Linens were giving me the real Egyptian cotton sheets or some cheap stuff.

I soon understood the fraud that they committed with me. The sheets started pilling after only a couple of wash and it became entirely rough and uncomfortable to tolerate the inconvenience. 250 dollars have a huge worth and I couldn’t have let that money go waste for nothing.

I contact Luxor Linens and complained about the condition of the sheets. I also told them how unsatisfied I was. But, instead of offering me a replacement or 100% refund, they offered me 15% refund of the purchase amount or extra 90 dollars for a replacement.

It was not fair on my part. I paid so much for something I never wanted and now they wanted me to pay $90 extra to get what I needed. Is this their new way of making extra money for the undesirable products or did they want to clear their old stock.

Either ways, I denied their offer and wanted a complete refund or replacement. They did not reply. I emailed them numerous times. Finally, after a lot of effort, they offered me another deal. They said they will be upgrading the sheets for a much better quality for extra 80 dollars.

I liked that option and it was much better than the previous one. So, I emailed them back with acceptance. However, they did not reply with any further details. They went dumb as well as deaf.

First of all, they gave me something that was not worthy of a penny and took $250. Afterwards, to rectify their mistake, instead of refunding me the entire amount they wanted $90 for taking back their own filth. Later, they came up with a better deal for upgrading the sheets, but never accomplished it even after my approval.

This is how they torture their clients and if that is so, I would never ever use them for my future purchases and would also alert my friends and relative to stay a mile distance away from their shop. Luxor Linens have no understanding and commitment. They are liars and should be banned for fooling customers.


Is Luxor Linens Reviews a legit?

Luxor Linens Reviews is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Luxor Linens Reviews located?

Luxor Linens Reviews is headquarted at 1418 E Linden Ave, Linden, NJ 07036, USA. You can contact Luxor Linens Reviews by dialing 1.800.806.3592 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Luxor Linens Reviews’s customers?

According to Luxor Linens Reviews’s customers, a monetary loss of US $250 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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6 Reviews on Luxor Linens Reviews

  1. I wish I had found this page before I made my purchase. Like the other reviewers, I now realize Luxor Linens is a scam. The towels I ordered came reaking of someone else’s laundry detergent. Then when I reached out to start a return, they said these were a final sale and not eligible. This is when their website clearly listed a full satisfaction return policy. I will be calling my credit card company to contest the charge.

  2. Company sent me a fake product in its own packaging!

    Bought sheets on the sitewide sale. Came to me in packaging not from the brand- and the damn tags on the sheets were cut off! Either to hide the brand or that they had been previously owned. Took another look at the packaging and its some generic cheap sheets that don’t even have a brand of their own thats all over the web for a few dollars. And the have the nerve to just sell it out like this.

  3. Horrible company

    Bought two monogrammed waffle robes washed per label, washed before I wore them because of possible mfg chemicals and bacteria from products made from other countries sent to U.S.. The robes shrunk so much when you try to close and overlap the ends to tie it doesn’t overlap at all, pitiful. 12-15% shrinkage for cotton, these robes will now fit a child. I measured the robes using the sellers own website not even close. Talked to one of the owners he was more concerned with me giving him a great review on Amazon than he was about the conversation we were having about his product being cheaply made and the size compared to HIS own website. He tried to correct the problem by sending me another robe from his words “old inventory “ free of charge. Well that robe is also made wrong. I’ve read other reviews about this companies products, stay away.

  4. Luxor Linens not Luxor Linen

    Please be advise this complain is regarding Luxor Linens (, an American company not Luxor Linen, an Australian company.

  5. not on time

    I also purchased the living social deal for Luxor linens as mentioned by another reviewer.I have still yet to receive anything.

    After waiting 1-2 months for my order and not receiving any update or a package, I contacted Luxor Linen with no support or help from their end. It has been over a year and I still did not receive anything at all. I never received a shipping update either.

    All they did was take my money through living social AND charge me an additional $9.99 to ship an order I never received.I will NEVER purchase from them again.

  6. Pissed off

    So pissed about this ! I decided to splurge and get my GF luxury monogrammed sheets for Christmas. At first I thought everything was super smooth as I placed the order over the phone with a very friendly and knowledgable customer service guy…. he confirmed everything with me so I was 1000% precent confident that the order was correct. I specifically wanted the Luxor Linens Valentino (Stripe) 1200tc Egyptian Cotton sheets with monogramming and gift packaging

    Issue 1:

    Delivery was guaranteed for Dec 23rd I only got them on 26th 🙁 understandable companies get slammed with orders for the holidays but I shouldn’t have been “GUARANTEED” the delivery in this case


    The sheets in gift box on their website clearly shows their logo in gold which is whatI thought I was getting plus our initials on the pillow cases …. well I was wrong they did not look like they did on the website !

    Their gift box

    issue 3: When the sheets finally arrived they were packaged very nicely so I didn’t think much of it when the my GF opened the box she was super excited to see the sheets with our initials on them.

    she immediately went to laundry room to wash them so we can get them on the bed…… long story short I noticed after the sheets were washed that they were not STRIPE as I requested but SOLID.

    Product I ordered

    Product They sent me

    Issue 4: I am no so so impressed with the quality as I thought I would be, they are nice sheets but not like what I expected from the description on their website

    I immediately contacted customer service. This is time a different buy answered the phone he was def not as nice as the original guy who I placed the order with. When I told him I want to return the sheets I was told they cannot accept returns on monogrammed or washed items and the rep directed me to their customer service page.

    Well this is crock off *** because it doesn’t say anything about monogramed items in addition this is really the companies fault because they sent me the wrong item in the first place.

    This is not how you treat customers who spent $300 on luxury sheets !

    Bottom Line : Late Holiday Delivery and Sub-par customer service after the sale equals pissed customer !

    also check here my review:

Reviews: 6
Reported Loss : 250 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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