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LA Gold and Silver is a shady company with no ethics

Where should I start from? Every second spent with these guys was a torture. I had few silver and gold coins from 1700 and 1900. The coins were intact and there was nothing wrong with them. I had to drive for 2 hours to reach to their office.

When I got to their reception, I was given no attention. These people keep on saying that I needed an appointment. I asked them to be a bit lenient knowing that I had travelled so far only because I saw few decent reviews about the company on the internet, but they did not entertain that excuse as well.

So, I had to return back. That day itself, they booked my appointment for the next day. I did reach on time and the guy who noted it down was not available in the office. He was on leave and they said that he did not inform anyone about the same.

The other guys could not find my name on the list of appointments. So, that was the second time I was turned down. I had travelled so far and was only interested in the cash that I needed in return for those coins.

So, I took the time slot of the third consecutive day. This time, they did have all the information related to the appointment, but I had to wait for half an hour to get to the salesperson. The guy was polite, and he made it sound as if no one would ever be able to provide a price that he could.

I am not foolish. When I came to sell those coins, I did my research before. They were not worth just a dime but cost a fortune. My collection was rare, and I had assessed the cost of these coins beforehand.

I had consulted few jewelers in my area and no one was able to give me a price that big at that moment. That was the reason I wanted to deal with someone like LA Gold and Silver.

This was the biggest mistake and I never knew that I would be treated this way. The guy offered me 50% less of the cost that the coins were of. When I tried to ask him how he came with that calculation. He started stammering and became rude all of a sudden.

Where was the etiquette that he showed earlier? All went to the trash. He said that he would do anything if someone would provide anything lesser than he was offering. I could have taken the challenge, but I had other important things to take care of.

These guys are irrational in their deals and can never be trusted. I can see that they usually reply to the negative comments. This means that they know how to brand themselves. But, reviews won’t get you too far.

At last, you would be losing customers like this. I am leaving and never come back again.

Is Los Angeles Gold & Silver a legit?

Los Angeles Gold & Silver is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Los Angeles Gold & Silver located?

Los Angeles Gold & Silver is headquarted at North Camden Drive 427 CA US. You can contact Los Angeles Gold & Silver by dialing +1 310-246-4653 or visit their website lagoldandsilver.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Los Angeles Gold & Silver’s customers?

According to Los Angeles Gold & Silver’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on Los Angeles Gold & Silver

  1. I found this place from an ad on craigslist when I was trying to find a place to sell some gold jewelry.

    I found this place from an ad on craigslist when I was trying to find a place to sell some gold jewelry. There are a million people trying to buy gold on craigslist!! WTF?? Am I missing something? Anyway, I found this place and the guy there Mike was cool and it was easy as you pleasey.

    It’s worth going just for the Beverly Hills-I drive around in my pink bentley with the top down blasting hip hop cause I’m 19 and my dad spoils the shit out of me- scenery.

  2. Great service and gives me the most for my silver.

    I’ve been selling my silver to Bryan at L.A. Gold and Silver for years but Bryan is longer there. I searched him online and found he has a new business called 310antiques.com. I finally caught up with him and he’s still the same old Bryan. Great service and gives me the most for my silver.


    Unethical & Shady Company! They Pulled a Classic Bait and Switch on me! On 2/29/2012 I called to inquire about selling 5, 1 ounce American Gold Eagles. I spoke with Michael and he quoted me a price. I asked him was that the cash price per coin, since I do not accept checks.

    He said no, the price would be 10 dollars lower if I wanted cash. So the final price he quoted me was 1715 [Spot was around 1725). I accepted the offer, and told him that I would be there in 30 minutes. I made the drive all the way to their store in Beverly Hills from Malibu and when I arrived “Michael” was not in. Instead, I dealt with the shady owner. I told him that I had spoke to Michael and he quoted me a price of 1715.

    He said well Michael is not in, and you have to deal with me. He then went to the back and came back with a new price of 1646 per coin. I told him no way in hell! I had just spoke to Michael 30 minutes ago when gold spot was at 1725 a coin. At the time of me arriving into the store spot price was at 1715.

    I remember Michael saying that they pay 10 dollars less per coin if you want it in cash, so I thought the owner would have offered me around 1705, which I would have accepted. Instead, not only did he not honor the price that Michael had quoted me 30 minutes prior, he had the audacity to insult my intelligence by offering me 69 dollars UNDER SPOT!

    I am a professional gold trader. I trade futues, spot, and I also trade physical bullion. You are never suppose to accept UNDER SPOT for a uncirculated, in perfect condition, 1 Ounce American Gold Eagles. Reputable dealers pay over spot, because when you buy these coins you have to pay over spot. This dealer is unethical, dishonest, and I recommend that you stay far away from these guys.

    CNI (California Numismatic Investments) in Inglewood pays OVER SPOT, and the price doesn’t change if you want cash. Only a dishonest dealer will try to hustle you out of your money by offering two different prices. Whether it’s a CHECK or CASH it should be the same price! Stay away from these clowns! VERY SHADY AND UNETHICAL COMPANY!

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 5000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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