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I don’t recommend Logix Federal Credit Union at all. I had a 4:00pm appointment with Peter Tang because I wanted to open up a savings account and two Money Market accounts.

I had tried another branch earlier and was not treated well at all.  I thought “they can’t all be like that”

When I arrived there, the Receptionist didn’t know what I was there for even though I said what it was when I made the appointment.

She proceeded to talk to me from the front desk about the Money Market Accounts and how I would need to open up two separate savings account for each Money Market accounts.

I had not been told that information by the earlier branch I tried.

She never did let me see Peter Tang and I walked out vowing to never do business with this bank.

Is Logix Federal Credit Union a legit?

Logix Federal Credit Union is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 26 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Logix Federal Credit Union located?

Logix Federal Credit Union is headquarted at 2340 Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505. You can contact Logix Federal Credit Union by dialing (855) 564-4914 or visit their website logixbanking.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Logix Federal Credit Union’s customers?

According to Logix Federal Credit Union’s customers, a monetary loss of US $259 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is low.

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26 Reviews on Logix Federal Credit Union

  1. I had a wonderful experience working with Josh Sylvas today.

    I had a wonderful experience working with Josh Sylvas today. I could not believe I was dealing with a financial institution! He explained everything clearly,

    asked all the right questions and got me the best possible account configuration available – much better than my previous bank. All of this with the most cheerful and positive attitude. Amazing!

  2. but he said there was not.

    I recently opened a checking account online with this credit union. I was referred to the organization through a website listing free checking account. I do not live in California,

    but I was looking for a totally free checking account for online sales that I would not need to put a lot of work into maintaining. Unfortunately, the experience I was provided was terrible.

    I was called no less than 5 times about why I was applying for a checking account when I lived out of state. I explained my online sales goal, but it was strange that a credit union would be so averse to new customers. I was approved for an account, but it was arbitrarily closed without notice to me at all.

    I received a check in the mail and called to inquire as to why, and I was told my account was still open. When I tried to transfer money into the account, it failed. I had to call again, and this time I was told the account had been closed and I should have received a letter. Of course, I had not. Again, I was asked why I wanted to open an account with them since I didn’t live in California.

    They scoffed at the idea that I had found out about it online and impliedly accused me of using the account for fraud. The guy on the phone then told me that the account was closed because they could not verify some “contact information.” However, he could not tell me anything specific. I asked him if there was a way I could verify the information, but he said there was not.

  3. This company is a joke!

    This company is a joke! Avoid them at all costs! You call them and cannot speak to anyone who can help you. Avoid at all costs!

  4. Ive been with logix since May of I have my truck threw the company and also a credit card.

    Ive been with logix since May of I have my truck threw the company and also a credit card. Before I was paying my credit card over the phone electronic check they were putting holds on my payments. And every time I asked them about it they stated it was policy procedure nobody ever told me about any of the payment methods.

    Now just here in I paid off my credit card and now they have just reversed a payment a cancelled in June here in July. I called the company told them that I has to cancel the payment and bofa called logix and told them the payment was cancelled way before any holds were to fall off.

    So they hit me with a reverse payment plus interest after I was told I was paid off nothing but problems with this credit union. And the vice president john raymmond even admites to it being there fault our on his words sorry we dropped the ball on this one.

  5. you want my words on your bank.

    you want my words on your bank. I will give them to you. I had 5 dollars in a savings account when you desided to make it 150 dollars for every account you kept my whole 5 dollars.

    it may not be much to you but it was all I could afford. even now 5 dollars is a lot of money to someone like me. someone who lives day too day on what they can find

  6. I called in recently, spoke to a gal in customer service.

    I called in recently, spoke to a gal in customer service. Advised her I wanted to apply for a car loan because I had seen their rates being advertised. She was nice and put me in touch with a guy named Eddie.

    Right from start he was rude, impatient, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t feel I did anything to provoke his rotten attitude. I was in shock!!! I didn’t waste anymore time. I thanked him and I called another Credit Union.

  7. I am getting a loan from another credit union and will close all my accounts with Logix ASAP!

    I was told everything looks good it is a “waiting game” to close. Almost 8 weeks went by and they asked for more docs and letter of explanation regarding the forclosure which I sent and again no replies. Finally I got a reply simply stating the application has been declined! Very disgusted by the lack of professionalism and communication from Logix.

    It a total waste of time trying to get a loan from them. How can they send me an approval letter and then decline the loan later?! They used to be a good credit union, but it is no longer the case. I am getting a loan from another credit union and will close all my accounts with Logix ASAP!

  8. Never Again

    I currently have a mortgage loan with Logix and had many other loans and been a member for over 20 years, but I just I had a horrible experience with a HELOC loan application. I applied online and a loan officer was supposed to get back to me within 2 days, but it took almost 2 weeks for call center loan officer, Paul Chon to contact me.

    I sent all the docs and my LTV was also great. I had a foreclosure in the past, but it has been long enough to be approved for another loan and my credit is also decent. I received a call from a Logix phone rep that loan processor, Keoni Huegli who works at the Burbank location will call me next with the loan terms which he never did.

    In fact he never contacted my by phone or email during the loan process at all. The online application was approved and loan officer also sent me an approval letter.

  9. I can only wonder how many others are not as fortunate.

    Do not go see Charles Hahn! He is a thief and will take advantage of your family members that are not educated and speak primarily Spanish. He tells jokes, but isn’t funny.

    I am not sure where he worked at prior to Logix, but his smug attitude is just like a used car salesman. He tried to convince my parents whom are ready to retire within the next year or two, into locking up their money they have worked so hard for. Lock it for 10 years!!!! My mother has been ill, and I am sure they didn’t tell Charles that.

    But he seemed extremely eager to have them sign papers. Lucky for them, I took time to review these options, and I will tell you they will never go back to the Burbank location! I have been a member for a long time and love the tellers and loan officers.

    This was my first encounter with a “financial advisor”. I cannot believe Logix, a trust worthy, respectful financial institution, have someone like him work there. My parents are fortunate to have me, I can only wonder how many others are not as fortunate.

  10. Worst bank ever!!

    Worst bank ever!! After being a member for over 15 years, they decide to take money out of my account every month if I go below a certain amount. Way to go and keep people happy!!

  11. Stay a way from this bank.

    Stay a way from this bank. They took my $5000 deposit after they approved me and order the appraisal and environmental report. Even after the appraisal report was over the value of loan they said they never check my credit and denied me .

    Now they wont return my deposit and i am taking them to small claim court.
    The staff and manager in Burbank office are worst people to deal with .

  12. Well, the customer service was decent enough, although I agree, those on top aren't.

    Well, the customer service was decent enough, although I agree, those on top aren’t. Went inside the branch to open a credit card even though I had previously opened one and had it closed – so that I could pay the whole balance on time without any issues – student then.

    Yep, I walked over to apply with Logix. People inside the branch (employees) took me in, told me a few things of advice/credit cards, conversed on a few topics, and then advised me to apply over the phone. I was asked while on their phone line, to answer a few questions – personal and business. So, had to wait for 15 minutes – sitting on a sofa.

    I was notified that due to the issue of having 3 accounts open, (credit cards/other open with balance), I could not be approved. But hold on I say. I have a history with 22 accounts on file/credit report. And, I have a history of paying my bills on time, on due date, and more,

    I am only using 3 of them. Plus, even thought I might have 3 accounts with balances, reason that I actually have/had 22 accounts in total, all on positive history – near to 5 years – and all (except student loans) with a ZERO balance – all paid. So, Logix feels that because I have 3 accounts with a balance, that isn’t a good sign? are you kidding me!

    I paid my previous credit card with Logix every month, on time, and to a zero balance, and they feel that isn’t good enough? Well fellas, good luck applying with Logix.

    They are looking for perfect people, of whom, I’m unaware. Hope they keep on looking. I’ll take the offer much easier and cleaner from such as Capital One or Wells fargo, as it might just be a better option.

  13. Please look into fixing this issue!!!

    First off, I actually really loved this place. The staff has always been kind and friendly and helpful anytime I’ve called. Even when I moved across the country I’m still able to access tons of atms without fees and I’ve really trusted them with my accounts.

    But I just recently had my debit card compromised and a fraudulent charge was taken from my account. Called to dispute it, and was originally told I had to wait until the charge “expired” to either be credited back or have the charge post to my account. Fine.

    I wait the few days until it “expired”. Saw I had the money back in my account and thought okay everything is fine. Few days later the same fraudulent charge is back on my account! And put my account in the negative. Called to figure out what was going on and was told I have to wait 11 business days to have them “actually” credit me back?!!!!

    This is unacceptable! I’ve been late on multiple bills because of this charge and because I have to wait literally two and a half weeks to be credited back. I have accounts with other banks that credit me back instantly if a fraudulent charge occurs or at the very worst make me wait 1 or 2 days. I completely understand you need to investigate the charge,

    but this charge happened IN ANOTHER COUNTRY! I don’t even have a passport! I shouldn’t have to wait half a month to be credited back my money when it’s something I did not purchase. I’m extremely upset over this.

    Disputing a fraudulent charge shouldn’t be this difficult. It’s also upsetting that I wasn’t called to verify a charge from another country.

  14. After 30 years of membership, I am out

    After 30 years of membership, I am out….I paid off my auto loan the first of March 2018 and to date (4-20-18) have not received the title. I have talked to multiple ‘associates’ who have provided false statements.

    The credit union accepted my pay off in a real timely manner, yet I can not resell my truck as I have no lien release nor title. Failure on Logix, ps not every customer you have lives in California, so titles are handled differently in each State, review that with your ‘associates’.

  15. The iOS app is awful and the website is outdated.

    The iOS app is awful and the website is outdated. The Apple app constantly times out the session and you have to retype in your password despite the TouchID integration. I suggest that management takes a look at Alliant credit union for some pointers on providing a more customer centric banking experience.

Reviews: 26
Reported Loss : 259 $
Severity : Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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