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The Worst Weight Loss Traning Center

I joined for Live in Fitness program after having a detailed discussion. I was very particular about few things and needed the program to have all of them. The Live in Fitness center assured me about the quality of program.

I consulted the team to ask them if they can customize the plan with the back-pain issues and they affirmed that they did. It was not easy to choose them because of their expensive fee and the non-refundable option. It was like trusting blind folded. But, I gave them that chance to impress me. I was looking the extend the sessions with them depending on their program’s benefit.

However, when I paid in advance and started with the program, I realized that their promises were just to be broken. They followed nothing as they said. They are only good at pretense. Nothing happens for actual. There was no modification made to the plan as promised earlier.

I was put with the other people in the same batch that they called the beginners one. But, they were real tough. It was not easy for a beginner to start with a full day work out program that started at 7 am and ended at 5 pm with meal breaks in between.

The atmosphere was unfriendly and overly crowded. They have lots of people in single group which was surely because of cost cutting they focused mainly upon.

The group meeting was held by the instructor who berated people for not losing that week and criticized people for going out on dinner. The next meeting was scheduled few hours later and the staff searched for everyone’s room to look out for outside food.

It was violating and based on few people’s fault, not everyone’s privacy being compromised could have been accepted.

The blast came to me when later in the evening I was called at the office for being blamed for keeping the slider door unlocked intentionally. They said that I wanted to blame them for losing my valuable items.

I was not sure about what she was up to. I never touched any door. She not even let me explain my part and went on cursing me for something that I did not even knew about. It was not at all acceptable. But who cared. I had already done the payment.

They promised that they would provide consulting on diet which never happened. Also, the cleaning was done once a week which made the place gross.

I left early with no positive effects. I met my gym trainer who said that I never had lifted 70 lb kettle bell with my back. Even my doctor was furious after checking my condition which had gone worse because of their irresponsible act.

I would never suggest anyone to pay them for making you a frustrated brat. They do not care about client’s health and instead of paying them hefty of fee, you can count on nothing more than disappointment.

Is Live In Fitness legit?
Live In Fitness is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 7 consumer(s) was/were given a Live In Fitness as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Live In Fitness located?
Live In Fitness is headquarted at 1 Trent Jones Ln, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, USA. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Live In Fitness by dialing 877-602-4863 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Live In Fitness’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Live In Fitness’s customers, US $856 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely low.

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7 Reviews on Live In Fitness

  1. I forgot to mention, they are now in Arizona.

  2. I'm experiencing the same thing

    I wish there was a way to contact the other reviewers, I’m going through the same thing. They have charged my credit card, but I didn’t get the “written clearance from Client’s physician must be obtained, prior to Client’s enrollment in the program”. Instead I had canceled 7 days after I signed and my weeks weren’t even starting for over another month. Help.

  3. you will get nothing but ripped off from this place

    please do not waste your hard earned money and time on this rat hole.
    sarah and eric are nothing but scam artist. nothing and i mean nothing is what sarah had said it would be. the only they are serving is nasty food and
    posible staff infections. they promise you the moon and deliver nothing.
    the van smelled of smoke, the fish was gross and raw, they didn’t pay their rent or emplyees. believe the bad reviews go somewhere else

  4. Seriously Folks?atio

    I am reading these complaints while I am in my final days in the program at Live in Fitness. The people complaining above could not have gone to the same program that I am in. I find the program to be spectacular. I have lost fat and gained muscle mass in just two weeks. For the most part, the complaints sound like sour grapes to me. Everyone that I have interacted with here says that the program is rigorous, but they absolutely respect and like the staff. This program is not for everyone, especially slackers, whiners, or goldbrickers. The program is for people who are committed to developing a healthier lifestyle. No, I don’t work for the organization. I’m just a country girl from Florida trying to live her best life.

  5. Can you give me more info?

    I’m scheduled to fly out Sunday – can you give me more info on your experience??

  6. Scam



    I don’t want to relive the nightmare. Just know that every horrible review you read on Eric and Sarah at LIF is true. They are scammers. I could go on and on about the particulars. Their biggest scam is they talk you into paying for multiple weeks for a discount and when you arrive and realize it was all lies on their website and you leave, they do not refund money, not one week, not one month, not six months. Once they have your credit card, your money is gone. Then they block you ignore your calls & emails. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY.

  8. Official Response

    Live-In Fitness is a legitimate business and not a scam. This report is completely false.

    Dear Thomas,

    I invite you to reach out to me regarding your complaint. Live-In Fitness is a legitimate business aimed at helping people reach their weight loss goals. If you have any issues you feel you need resolved, please feel free to reach out to me directly and I will assist you in fully resolving your matter.


    Olivia J. Palmieri, Esq.
    [email protected]

  9. The review here is all TRUE and FACTUAL

    The review here is all TRUE and FACTUAL. I was an employee of Live in Fitness. The con-artist owner didn’t pay our health insurance policy & I wasn’t aware until I went the the Doctor and was told I didn’t have insurance coverage.

    This is now insurance fraud, because the funds were deducted from our paychecks, but not put toward our policies. Many of our paychecks bounced and we had to ‘wait’ until money was in the account. With all the expensive fees and overpriced add-ons, where is the money going? The owner drives a Maserati. All the tips the trainers received from personal training sessions were never paid to the trainers, either. The clients are over-trained & under-fed – leading to metabolic damage & injuries.

    I loved working with the clients, but left my position because I did not want to participate in the fraud any longer. It was difficult to have to comfort the clients constantly when they felt taken advantage of and ripped off. Live in Fitness needs to be exposed. The owner continues this scam over and over in different locations. Do NOT book here. There are many other places (ANY OTHER PLACE) better than this. BEWARE!!!!!

Reported Loss :856 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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