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I hate Linjer and won’t recommend anyone to buy their products.

It was my wedding preparation I was busy with, and I could not get a chance to buy myself some jewelry. So, I thought of trying online. I came across this website Linjer that mentioned handmade jewelry with sustainable design and excellent quality metals.

And I was conned. These people are very shady. They say something and do something. I was furious after receiving my delivery. But that was not it. I understand that sometimes we do not like the quality of certain products. But how they treated me afterward is even more unethical. These people are unprofessional and liars.

I remember getting my ring from a store, and they let me return it after a week without any questions asked. I purchased the other one from the same store, although the first one wasn’t as expected. That was only because they have this excellent policy. It was my fate that I stumbled on this website and liked the design of some of their listings.

So, I ordered earrings and a bracelet. This cost me over $900. At first, they did not deliver these products on time. I got these three days later on my wedding day. Yes, that was the first disappointment. They promised the delivery a week earlier than my wedding day. But I never received those on time.

But they did not stop there. I had to call them multiple times to understand the problem. It was my luck that we were about to leave for my honeymoon when I got that delivery. When I opened those, I got furious. The bracelet was not even shining and looked dull. The metal was also a little scratched. Although not very obvious right away. But there were more minor scratches.

More than that, they said that the jewelry was handmade. But I could see that those were machine cut. Above all, they were unfinished and felt very lame and ugly. Side bumps were irritating my wrist when I tried it on. Even the earrings were heavier than you would imagine.

I decided to return those. But because I was hurrying to leave for my honeymoon, I called them and confirmed if I could return the items in a week. They agreed. I left those at home. When I returned, I called these people again and asked about the delivery process.

They said I would have to pay the return charges if I wanted to do that. This was insane. First, they charged me the shipping fee. And now they were asking me to pay for the return. For a product that I won’t even be using or won’t even be keeping with me.

It is unacceptable. Who charges a return fee nowadays? I was shocked. When I asked the guy on the phone, he just said – you could have looked for that on the website. We mention it there. I was raging by now.

But did I have a choice? I could not have kept those items for no reason. I was never going to wear them. So, I paid the return charges and waited for the refund. You won’t believe it. But Linjer has got some raw nerves.

Linjer’s sustainable fine jewelry is a gimmick. They lure customers to pay for their items when they are worthless. Above all, they do not have a free return policy. And they even took about 45 days to issue a refund.

In the meantime, I had to call them multiple times. They told me that there were scratches on the bracelet. I explained to them on the call when I received the jewelry. But that was one of the reasons why I wanted to return those in the first place.

They had a note of it. I even sent them pictures, and they agreed to refund and return them. But they made me say it trillion times before they finally reversed the money back to my account.

I was so disappointed at my choice of trusting Linjer. I should have never ordered from this website. There are so many fantastic online stores that have cheaper yet high-quality items. I made a fool of myself.

Most of all, I could not wear this jewelry on my vacation after marriage. And it was hurting. If you do not want to put yourself in the same shoes as mine, do not order from these people. They only know how to rip customers off.

There is no way I will ever believe them. I paid so much on top of the shipping and return fee. And I got nothing but a headache. Please avoid Linjer, or they could also ruin your special day.

Linjer is all fake and rosy words. Within, you will find cheap items that aren’t even properly finished. The coating is not even consistent. Even the metals and materials they use look unsophisticated and bare.

Overall, Linjer sells dirt in the name of sustainable items. Do not buy from this website. They do not have a physical store anywhere. Who knows, they can vanish one day. It happens a lot these days. I don’t believe in these people anymore. My only experience was beyond the worst.

Is Linjer Jewelry a legit?

Linjer Jewelry is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Linjer Jewelry located?

Linjer Jewelry is headquarted at 5/F Dawning House, 145 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. You can contact Linjer Jewelry by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Linjer Jewelry’s customers?

According to Linjer Jewelry’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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Reported Loss : 1000 $
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