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I’ve been banking with LGE Community Credit Union for 18 years, but it’s really more out of laziness, not because it’s a credit union I would recommend.

Lately, LGE Community Credit Union just doesn’t have the same highly quality service they used to offer when I first joined the credit union.

Right now, I am dealing with a new issue this month. I requested bill pay for my rent, it never showed up, and they didn’t offer to help me resolve the issue.

I am afraid this latest issue reflects a broader trend to provide poor customer service.

Each year, they’ve consistently rolled back their customer benefits.

For example, they stopped reimbursing fees for out-of-network ATM withdrawals, even though they have a handful of bank branches/ATMs across the metropolitan Atlanta area.

They even decreased the APY on their savings account.Benefits aside, it’s even hard to do basic banking with them.

The website and mobile app are not usable. The app consistently crashes when I am trying to complete transactions or check account balances.

The new dual security authentication via text message is a total mess; I was stuck overseas for work and couldn’t authenticate access to my account via text because the text messages never came through.

They said they had the wrong phone number on file when I spoke with them, but oddly I could authenticate via phone call just fine.

Not sure how they had the wrong phone number since I’ve had the same number since I started banking with them.

I think it speaks to their faulty systems, which really makes me distrust them and doubt whether they can safeguard my financial data…let alone my money.

Is LGE Community Credit Union a scam?
LGE Community Credit Union is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is LGE Community Credit Union legit?
First LGE Community Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by LGE Community Credit Union’s consumers?
There is/are 23 review(s) posted about LGE Community Credit Union and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is LGE Community Credit Union located?
LGE Community Credit Union is located at 430 Commerce Park Dr SE, Marietta, GA 30060, USA. You can contact LGE Community Credit Union by dialing (770) 424-0060 or visit their website LGEccu.org before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by LGE Community Credit Union’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $658 was the total loss incurred by LGE Community Credit Union’s customers.

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23 Reviews on LGE Community Credit Union

  1. Sincerely Aurora Lakatos

    Ruchelle McCalla went above and beyond to help me with my banking needs and she help me with my mortgage application even if it’s not her department she also help me with my other mortgage company s mistakes she talk to them make sure they are doing it right. She’s very professional and very friendly. Every time she see me and my husband she have a big smile and ready to help us thank you LGE. Sincerely Aurora Lakatos

  2. Bad Service Provide

    Never mind that their statements had still been getting mailed to us. When asked why they hadn’t called, she said we weren’t the only ones that had that insurance added to their loans and that they couldn’t call all of them.

  3. Scammer

    The loan officer later said it was his boss, the VP and the person with whom I had complained about to the person I thought was the Branch Manager, The VP had said this is the best he would support. So clearly I upset the VP and this was his response.

  4. not a potential client.

    I called LGE and asked for the name of the Branch Manager. I left a VM, she got in touch with the loan officers superior, a VP, who called me in a timely manner. When I shared concern regarding the lack of communication, he took a protective and defensive posture with an aggressive tone.

    I was taken Aback. I actually worked to bring the conversation back to point. I Emailed the person I thought to be the Branch Manager a summary of my conversation with the VP. The VP spoke to me as if I was a subordinate, not a potential client.

  5. Never bank with this bank!

    Never bank with this bank!!! They will take your money and you have no access to it!!!

  6. If you are not a customer already DON'T become one.

    Since they have taken almost all of the humans out of their main lobby, going inside doesn’t help or save time. The ATM would not deposit a money order at Christmas, so on Christmas Eve,

    I sat in a line at their drive-thru for over a half an hour, then went inside and waited another half an hour before I finally ended up leaving without my money order being deposited or cashed. I would probably still be sitting in their lobby if I would have continued waiting.

    If you are not a customer already DON’T become one. The only thing stopping me from leaving is the hassle of moving everything somewhere new. And they literally have everything…my mortgage, car loan, savings account, checking account…..

    but eventually the aggravation of dealing with them is going to outweigh the aggravation of moving. I’m not sure what my breaking point will be, but I do know there will be one.

  7. I have started being rude too.

    I am giving it one star because I can’t give negative stars. I echo every terrible thing everyone else is saying. The customer service is awful…they are rude and interrupt you constantly while you are trying to tell them what is wrong. It is soooo frustrating, and as far as I can tell, upper management doesn’t care.

    Their online banking is also awful…be prepared to hear “terrible” and “awful” over and over again during this review. Each online banking system update over the last two years has made their system less intuitive, slower, and harder to use.

    Currently I can’t edit any of my payee information. They have to do it for me. Which requires wasting a really long time with customer service people who are rude. I have started being rude too.

  8. They are my bank forever!

    I believe we started banking with LGE in 1966 when we first moved to Marietta. I am so thankful for the friendly, excellent service that they have provided to our family.

    They have helped me navigate through many of the bill pay changes and patiently helped me learn what I needed to do. I have always been treated with courtesy and respect any time I have had a question and called LGE. They are my bank forever!

  9. Bad Service Provide

    In my case, I caught the fees in time and contacted the call center. The rep I spoke was not helpful (similar to Mike P). She made no effort to resolve or reinstate my savings account and declined to escalate my case to a manager.

    I was about to walk away from all this, but as Laurel pointed out my experience with LGE had always been positive. I contacted LGE a second time by phone and had the opportunity to speak to another person, more experienced in these matters to resolve my case to my satisfaction.

    I initially signed up through a car loan, but had limited information about the other services. The definition of inactivity is a loan that is paid off (zero balance) with no transactions (deposits/withdrawals). Make note: that savings account is automatically opened by LGE when a person applies for a car loan. If your loan is paid off, you still need to maintain activity on the savings portion (subtle point!!!)

  10. Horrible.

    Mike P is accurate in his assessment. LGE does deduct $5.00 per month due to account inactivity. My account was also inactive for several months and I was slapped with 2 charges. I also signed up with LGE through a car loan.

    I also agree with Laurel that LGE provides outstanding service. The staff is great, helpful and I paid off 2 car loans with LGE without any hassle. I recommend them highly for their efficiency and customer service.

    The issue LGE needs to address is the inactivity fee for customer’s who take out a car loan. After the loan is paid off, you need to maintain some activity on the saving account or else you are charged inactivity fees.

    This is not obvious to most people. What is worse is that you are not notified of the pending fees. I found out my account was closed when I called to inquire about the $5.00 deductions on my statement.

Reported Loss :658 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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