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These guys really don't want to sell a car

This Lexus of Birmingham dealership is absolutely worthless. I’ve inquired about a month ago for a 2004 Lexus IS300 and offered to them what I believed was a reasonable price and they countered me with “We don’t negotiate prices”.

No problem, policy is policy.

Fast forward to yesterday and the price is now reduced below what I offered initially (lol) so I called them three times throughout the day.

Dialed 2 each time for sales with no response, left a voicemail and no one returned my call.

I called back today and spoke to a receptionist instead only to be forwarded to that same voicemail box.

I finally tried again and was able to reach someone in sales (thank god I thought!) in order to get a total out-the-door price so that I could prepare the amount of cash needed for purchase since i’m inquiring from Atlanta.

“I will have a sales manager call you”. No call and I can’t reach anyone. These guys really don’t want to sell a car. I give up.

Is Lexus of Birmingham a legit?

Lexus of Birmingham is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 19 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Lexus of Birmingham located?

Lexus of Birmingham is headquarted at 1001 Tom Williams Way Birmingham, AL 35210. You can contact Lexus of Birmingham by dialing (205) 397-6020 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Lexus of Birmingham’s customers?

According to Lexus of Birmingham’s customers, a monetary loss of US $896 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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19 Reviews on Lexus of Birmingham


    Most unbelievable childlike behavior from an old man car salesman that I have ever witnessed! You will not believe what happened. Let me tell you about a salesman named Joe Straub, and what an unprofessional, rude, and arrogant person he is. My first visit to the dealership we looked at a brand new es 350 ultra luxury with Cliff, who is an amazing salesperson by the way.
    We thought about it, and went back to purchase the car the following week. Unfortunately, Cliff was on vacation, and when I walked in the door a salesman looked at me- which at first glance you may think is someone who has something medically wrong with him, or is not all there mentally due to no smile on his face at all, and all the personality of a block of wood. He is just unwelcoming and unfriendly.
    We already knew the car we wanted, so no work was involved on Joe Straub’s part other than paperwork. We still re-test drove the car, and Joe managed to be rude and smug the whole time. He proceeded to write up a quote on his computer. I asked if there were any incentives, or deals out there for the car. He said no, but informed me that I can ask for $2500 off, and be lucky to get 1,000 or 1,500 tops. No reason to ask for more he said, they just won’t do it. So I took the quote and went back home. I had been talking with other dealers beforehand about the exact car, and received much better offers the very first time that I asked for their best price, 3 dealerships offered $3300 off MSRP. So I ended up negotiating a much better price with Birmingham Lexus due to OTHER dealers’ offers’ being better, which Joe Straub still did not match. He tried a little bait and switch on me with things like perma plate, nitrous filled tires and “anti theft”. After I called him out on that, he finally got the price of the quote down. I could tell this dealer competition was not well taken. Other dealerships still had a better deal by $1,200 but my wife liked the interior in the Birmingham car the best- so I went with that one.
    Joe Straub dropped the ball multiple times with communication, was rude several more instances, but I worked out the financing details with the finance manager and proceeded. Joe had no clue what was going on, nor did he care. He also is not knowledgeable about the cars at all and admitted it. Joe Straub continued to be smug and arrogant when we arrived at the dealership, but I was just ready to sign and move on. Joe Straub asked my wife if she wanted a Lexus hat, to which she kindly replied, “yes”. It came time for us to sign the quote to show that we accepted and approved the deal. I told Joe Straub previously that I was not paying $90 for the tires to be filled with nitrous, (none of the other dealerships bothered adding this to their quote by the way) but he still had it on the quote. I struck through it with a pen and said that I was not paying it. Joe Straub went to his sales manager to get it removed. When he came back to his desk, he told my wife “there went your hat money” with a smirk on his face. This angered me a lot, I don’t do well when people treat my sweet wife bad for no reason. I did my best to keep my composure, and I immediately went to talk to his sales manager about my terrible experience with Joe Straub. The sales manager told me to just bear with him.
    So we signed the papers and drove the car home. A few hours later the dealership tried to call me, but hung up when I answered. This happened 3 times that night, and I thought it was strange. The next day around 10:30 am, I got another call from the dealership and I answered it. There was a man on the phone, and he said he had some questions about financing. I was confused, and then he said “I have some questions about financing and they transferred me to you”. I said “sir I dont work for Lexus” he said “they just transferred me to you” again. I hung up, and was confused. When the exact same man called a little later saying he was transferred to me again, that is when It became obvious that Joe Straub had put someone up to prank calling me from the dealership. I received a third and a fourth call, and the last call I was quite angry- I told him not to call back- and that I was coming up there, let’s see how funny that will be. I called and left messages for managers to call me back. I got a call back about an hour later. I told the sales manager about what had happened, and he did not seem to believe me. He wanted proof on my phone, so I texted him a screenshot of my recent calls, which of course showed and proved where the dealership has called me multiple times. He got back with me and said he is looking into it.
    I wonder if they will try and make it right? Considering that I told the prank caller not to call me anymore- and he called me again, which at that point it became a CRIME, they should make a strong attempt. I have not made a Police Report….yet. Maybe they should give me the money that I would have saved at the other dealership, which is $1,200.
    It is hard to believe that a salesman gets his feelings hurt because a customer reports how bad he sucks, and resorts to prank calling/harassment. What is he in elementary school? This is not the way I expect to be treated after I just dropped 57k at a “luxury” dealership. Let me say that again, I bought the car, effectively contributing to paying everyone’s salary- including the prank caller and Joe! This is far from professional or even respectful treatment from Lexus of Birmingham. This should be a total embarrassment to the GM, as well as to Joe. I can not believe they allow a person like Joe Straub represent their dealership in sales. He seems like more of a car washer to me.
    I guess Lexus of Birmingham is ok with rude salespeople who HARASS PAYING CUSTOMERS! Needless to say, I will NEVER do business with them again, and I hope you won’t as well. I am going to be sure and let as many people know about this as I can also.

  2. Crooks! Beware!

    CROOKS! Avoid this “business” at all cost. This is by far the most shady car dealership I have ever encountered. When they are caught being unethical they become very dismissive and rude. Ted Layfield does not care about the integrity of the business and really needs some lessons is customer service. The shady business probably all starts with him.
    Rich needs to figure out a new career all together.
    If you want to be screwed and cheated this is definitely the place to go.
    If not there are PLENTY of places that actually conduct business in an ethical manner.
    I will never step foot back on this lot and will make sure everyone I know is aware of how this business runs its operation.

  3. The service reps keep you informed on the service of your vehicle.

    Bringing my auto in for service is a pleasure. The waiting area is nice; good snacks, coffee, soft drinks. One can easily get on the internet or watch TV. The service reps keep you informed on the service of your vehicle.

  4. What do they do with the mats, anyway

    it was worth the 150 mile drive to get this vehicle. I don’t expect much follow up from them. I basically had to make the sale myself. Not a lot of motivation there. But when you’re selling $75000 – $90000 vehicles,

    what’s a $20000 purchase to them. Maybe next time I can get a New Lexus and get the royal treatment. What do they do with the mats, anyway?

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Reported Loss : 896 $
Severity : High
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