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Loose a lot of money for nothing

Really these guys make a lot of money and are, in my opinion, border line to criminal. I was with them for more than 10 months regarding two collection agencies that hit my credit score very bad. I hired them in the hopes to resolve it as i have no clue why and what these were. Nothing absolutely nothing happened.

They have some automated setting for sending some standard mails out to these people and will email you what they have done on your behalf that is sending out “one size fits all” mails to who knows who. They were not able to prove me once that they received once a reply from anyone. They might also tell you that they have disputed it with the credit agencies. Do not believe that as they can not mail you a prove of it.

In my case after being frustrated I called and mailed all the creditors. It turned out that it was regarding a speeding ticket (5miles/h over the limit) related 5 years back where they had the wrong name and address of that person. The best part is that both collection agencies were after the same unresolved issue.

I have no clue why it shoed up related to my SS. Anyhow, I called the experian credit bureau, explained the situation and they immediately tool one down right there and disputed the other one and a week later both were gone and my credit score jumped 130 points up. It took me two days, 4 phone calls and two mail interaction to resolve this.

WOW! Based on my personal opinion, and experience I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT(!) TO GO TO LEXINGTON LAW! I believe you will loose a lot of money for nothing.

Is Lexington Law a legit?

Lexington Law is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 41 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Lexington Law located?

Lexington Law is headquarted at East 33rd Street 30 NY US. You can contact Lexington Law by dialing (844) 372-8370 or visit their website lexingtonlaw.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Lexington Law’s customers?

According to Lexington Law’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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41 Reviews on Lexington Law

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    My tip if you feel like your credit repair service was satisfactory is to consult with an attorney about getting your money back.

  2. They are a SCAM.

    They are a SCAM. They use deceptive tactics and violate the do-not-call list. Decent companies do not have to do that. Beware.

  3. STAY AWAY!!

    STAY AWAY!! Service is a joke and they’re hustlers. They lie to try to get more money from you.

  4. The customer services is horrible.

    I am unable to afford them at the moment and when I called to cancel and to get a refund they denied me that right because they said that had done work on removing some of my accounts from my credit report. They take your money and could care less.

    The customer services is horrible. I would not recommend them to anybody. I saw maybe two things come off and have been attempting to cancel for a month and can never get anyone or anywhere! Do not use them ever!

  5. They don't do anything to help you.

    They don’t do anything to help you. All they do is take your money and contact the credit bureaus with disputes asking to prove if it is correct. They have done this 3 times now. Nothing to help my credit.

    I spend $500 to $700 dollars that could of gone to my credit. It is a scam. I never received updates or anything, no contact about anything. It has been almost 6 months since I signed up and nothing. My credit score has actually gone down because of them sending things off to credit bureaus.

  6. SERVICE?! you have to be kidding me!!!

    WOW!! Super disappointed on how Lexington Law Firm attempted to handle me as well as doing such horrible work if you could even call it that.

    With their feeble attempts of trying to help me for one single item on my credit report that I not only multiple times had to repeat to them via calls and chats but also had to get it escalated to management that I wanted priority on the eviction.

    Is this TRULY how they treat a VETERAN. After several online chat sessions and numerous phone calls with 3 paralegals and 3 “Managers” over the course of 10 months I ended up being a VICTIM of an un professional “Credit Repair” company. By having my paper worked LOST twice (also never being notified of receipt of info or not) as well as getting my info blocked and they stating only after I called today 10/19 for an update on my issue that they reserved the right to discontinue services to anyone.

    SERVICE?! you have to be kidding me!!! I received not one ounce of professional or courteous service from this joke of a Law firm. What I did however is inherite a HUGE HEAD ACHE and nearly $800 wasted after 10 months of nothing to show other than 1 late college loan payment and 1 late car payment removed; this was more than 6 years old LMAO… these little things DONT affect my life Lexington, the EVICTION DOES.

    The team at this firm is no team at all and has in my eyes committed a disservice to me. I however have learned a lesson to not trust a company who when you call you can’t speak to the same person upon request every time.

    P.S. the reason why they blocked me from receiving any further service is that they considered me stating I would write a negative review about the company a “threat” lol that’s what WE as consumers have the right to do IF we didn’t receive a professional experience.

  7. Terrible experience.

    Scam. They dispute accounts with no issues before the work on the accounts with problems so they can keep you subscribed. Also they lie. Had an emergency called, they said they would suspend my account, no fee and no work for the month. Not so, they charged for the suspended month.

    Terrible experience. Like others, wish had paid more attention to the other reviews. Will make it a point, wherever I see their adds to write the company showing their adds and let them know how they cheat their clients.

  8. This firm is such a scam!

    This firm is such a scam! You can create your own letters and send them out for free. SCAM!!!!!!!

  9. Never Again

    I been paying Lexington Law for the last 5 Month, today I call to close the account do to no changes has been made to my account, yes. one change my credit scord whent down , they are telling me they having be aneble to do anything because they have missing paperwork ,

    I have spoken with them for the lat 5 month and they have mention anithyng a bout missing paperwork. Now they are telling me that I have to pay one more payment. I’m cancelling the service a week in advance but they still want to charge my payment for service that they haven’t done.

  10. The worst company!

    The worst company! They do not provide service. My credit actually went down. I tried to file a complaint and get my money back and they shut me down. This company is a scam and a fraud.

  11. Horrible company

    Horrible company, yes they submitted info to dispute items on my credit however when i was trying to cancel they did not respond to me until after they took more of my money. A whole month later.

Reviews: 41
Reported Loss : 500 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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