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Lamont Leite - Extremely Unprofessional - Wasted my Time

This review is submitted for Lamont Leite of “Golden Hand Cleaning Services” in Marietta, Georgia. I wish I could put zero stars just for the customer service/ owner of this cleaning service alone (named Lamont Leite).

Let me preface this by saying I used Lamont Leite and his cleaning service called “Golden Hand Cleaning Services” back when they were new and were looking for customers to grow his business. I was one of their first clients, and Lamont came with two other ladies to clean.

I thought Lamont and his crew did a pretty good job. Still, looking back now, they broke an antique porcelain soap dish attached to the matching antique tub, instead of just telling me about it & offering something for the damage, which I wouldn’t have accepted.

Still, they could have asked they just placed the broken piece of porcelain on top of the holder on the wall (I did not notice until they left).

They could have just even let me know…Maybe, that was the sign I should have paid attention to back then. But they were a new business, so I just brushed it off.

I ended up using Lamont Leite’s “Golden Hands Cleaning Services” (in October 2016) company to clean my father’s house as well, and they did a decent job on that, too. However, again something was broken, and no one told us…my father only noticed a week later.

I have had another company clean my home since 2016 who was truly AWESOME for bi-weekly cleanings.

Unfortunately, the prominent lady who cleaned my house had to start babysitting her granddaughter, so she required a new cleaning company.

Fast forward to this past week and have been looking for a new cleaning service. I remembered Lamont & “Golden Hands Cleaning Services,” so I texted him (Tuesday, January 25th) & asked if he could clean my home, etc. Lamont texted back that they were only using ‘one cleaner’ due to Covid.

(Okay, my home is a little big for just one person, but I understood their concerns.) Lamont then told me he could have a lady come out and estimate (but never gave a date/ time). It felt like I had to push to answer for a specific date.

Finally, he said a lady named Cris would be available to come out and do a quote ‘early morning’ next Tuesday & then she could clean afterward.

I am not sure what time ‘early morning’ means as that is not the best time due to our work schedules, so I asked Lamont if she had any time to come closer to noon and if she did not know that day any day next week.

I also texted, verbatim, “if she is not available during 12:00-1:00 p.m., then I can get my husband to be there early, on Tuesday morning (February 1st) for her to clean that morning.” Lamont Leite then texted, “we will have to go over her schedule and see. I will let you know as soon as I have the details”. That was January 25th.

I did not hear from Lamont, so two days later, on Jan.27th, I texted if he had any news on their schedule because he never got back to me.

I said, “Hi Lamont, if she is still only available Tuesday morning, then I can do that and am looking to get a cleaning soon.” Lamont texted, ”we are working on that & need to hear back from customers about next week’s schedule. I think we will have that done by tomorrow & will get back to you then. Thanks.”

Well, for the 2nd time, Lamont Leite never texted me back.

It is now Monday, January 31st, and I texted him once more and asked, “Hi Lamont, apologies for bothering you again, but I never heard back on the schedule for your cleaner in my area.

Can she still come over in the morning?” Lamont responded, “We already have someone else booked for tomorrow morning on her team.

It looks like we won’t have anything available on her team until February.” Then, I just said, “that is fine, do you have any specific dates in February?” And, wrote Lamont, “if you guys are no longer taking new clients, I understand — just let me know.”

After this, is when Lamont Leite got pretty rude and unprofessional – He responded, “we don’t have specific dates because we’d need to confirm and make adjustments according to our customers’ needs & our availability.

As far as taking new customers, we are. I had offered you tomorrow morning, but instead, we will do another new customer. Now, we are working with a very tight schedule & we are doing our best to accommodate everyone (I guess Lamont meant ‘everyone’ but for me.)-:

So, in summary, Lamont Leite wasted my time.

I dislike time wasters because if he had just let me know, he was going to be passive-aggressive later & never intended on having anyone clean my home due to my simply asking “if his cleaner could do an estimate later in the day.”

Even though I reminded him several times that if she could NOT come later for an estimate, I would take the ‘early’ Tuesday morning, February 1st, cleaning slot (as I could have my husband be home during that time if needed

But instead, Lamont got unprofessional in his response. I told him, “I wished he had let me know sooner, as I was waiting on him to get back with me, since last Tuesday, January 25th, for a specific date/ time, or a confirmation for Tuesday (February 1st) morning because I could have been contacting other cleaning companies for the past week.” He responded, “I’m sorry you feel that way.

Good Luck.”

I would not recommend Lamont Leite and his cleaning company “Golden Hand Cleaning Services” due to being an unprofessional, passive-aggressive, and uncommunicative owner.

As well as them breaking things during cleaning and not telling you about it…

TDLR: Beware they break items while cleaning and do not tell you. Owner Lamont Leite is rude and unprofessional… they will not be communicative and wastes your time.

Beware of unprofessional, uncommunicative owner Lamont Leite and his cleaners who break items without disclosing them to you.

Is Lamont Leite a legit?

Lamont Leite is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Lamont Leite located?

Lamont Leite is headquarted at 1049 Powers Ferry rd, apt#2703, Marietta, GA, 30067, USA. You can contact Lamont Leite by dialing (404) 566-0530 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Lamont Leite’s customers?

According to Lamont Leite’s customers, a monetary loss of US $300 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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Reported Loss : 300 $
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