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Money gram

Well, we started talking, and then he asked me if I could help his friend out with money bc he was in the hospital, and it was only support to be a one-time thing, and then he kept asking me for money and money and money now I want the money back I have all the receipts from money gram.

Is Kid Rock a legit?

Kid Rock is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Kid Rock located?

Kid Rock is headquarted at North White Horse Pike 253 NJ US. You can contact Kid Rock by dialing 313-255-4880 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Kid Rock’s customers?

According to Kid Rock’s customers, a monetary loss of US $4 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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6 Reviews on Kid Rock

  1. The kid rock imposter has béen messaging me trying to scam me just the same way the lady said in her report and I screenshot our conversations . The fake kid rock wanted me to pay for a suitcase to be dile eted to me at my home for him at $700, but didn't take the bait. He is still messaging me as of today.

    Kid Rock imposter asked me to keep his briefcase and shipping willl costs ,$700; . He just messaged me today again, but I’m not biting . I have screenshots of the conversation between him and I.

  2. I’m being harassed by KID Rock scammers

    I’m sure glad someone is taking this seriously. I’ve had threats, physically harming me if I don’t give money more money

  3. In regards to Kid Rock Imposters

    In regards to and on Kid Rock’s behalf, that I as an Kid Rock imposter victim, that Bobby I am truly sorry that you are being put through this… You are the #1 victim out of us all and the most innocent out of us all… This is in no way, whatsoever any fault of yours, and I hope that all who has found themselves victimized by these imposters are able to see that this is no fault of yours, and I am seeing that the best thing that we can do to help you, and help your management team, as well as the FBI is to stay away from any pages and or groups that are Kid Rock/ Robert James Ritchie Sr/Bobby Shazam affiliated other than your official account… Unless there’s a actual video chat, there’s no other way to tell an imposter… Not even with showing an ID because 100’s of fake ID’s are printed daily by thieves and scammers… I really just wanted to give a review on your behalf, because those of all you celebrities who are being impersonated are the #1 victim’s…
    I now see that me continuing to pursue you, kept them in their game, and for that I truly from the bottom of my heart am so sorry, and I apologize…
    You are a beautiful soul, and keep your head up, your true fans will always stick by your side, and being a victim myself of your imposters, it’s hard, so hard to not take it personal… The one thing for me that they hacked into, and scammed from me that’s going to be the hardest to recover, is my heart… They played on my grief and my vulnerability, so I do myself take it very personal, but that’s for me to deal with, mine to fix, not yours… It’s not your responsibility to fix what they costed us… With that being said, Just do what you need to do to take care of you through all of this, and keep Rocking, and keep it badass…
    Lotsa Love for ya,


    Online celebrity scammers and impersonators are like dirty nutsack to die-hard fans: “You see the package but going nowhere due to foul play.”

    The fan never benefits from “being made a fool of,” but the celebrity may benefit from “all publicity is good publicity” plus no guilt due to no direct involvement.

    Therefore, the celebrity should publicly denounce these degenerates in hopes of bringing awareness to their fans. My following opinion is based on such an experience…

    My favorite artist, Kid Rock, is exceptionally talented, vocal, and outspoken yet powerless, unable or unwilling to deter his many online “Imposters” from deceiving, scamming, or stalking many of his female or vulnerable fans…

    Much respect from a fan and not a groupie.

  5. Sad & Shameful

    Be aware and cautious when engaging online with so-called “celebrities” cause naive fans often become silent victims of this rampant and secretive online trend/scam. My following comment or opinion is based on my recent online experience…

    My musical idol, Kid Rock, is such a talented artist and a highly vocal and outspoken celebrity yet so powerless and unable or unwilling to deter his many online “Imposters” from deceiving, scamming, and stalking many of his female or vulnerable fans.

    Publicly denouncing these “Imposters” to raise awareness is needed and owed to his fans.

    I…Grateful to have a voice, and God Bless!!!


  6. Asking me to take out a loan

    All imposters

Reviews: 6
Reported Loss : 4 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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