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Michelle Volk San Diego attorney recently left The_McMillan_Law_Firm_La_Mesa, operated by Scott McMillan San Diego attorney, and is now with John W. Howard Law Firm in San Diego. In her bio with John W. Howard and Associates, San Diego attorney Michelle Volk mentions her involvement with La Mesa attorney Scott McMillan and even the fact she was a law professor at the acclaimed McMillan Academy of Law. Michelle Volk forgets to mention she prior to working for John S. Howard and Associates, fails forgot to mention she was hauled into federal court on fraud allegations, and the law school she is so proud to have served with is nothing more than a scam where in 2017 the State Bar of California found its law books were out of date, had only three students in 12 years, and had, literally not a single graduate! See the below images for your-self.

Michelle Volk proclaiming in her bio she taught a semester of law school gives the image of a professor behind a podium with a typical classroom of 30-50 students. The fact is the McMillan Academy of Law has only had three students as the State Bar report states. At best, self-proclaimed law professor Michelle Volk taught one person unless 2012 was a ground breaking year where all three students attended then fled. But the State Bar report states the first student did not attend until 2009, so at best, only two students attended. And let us not forget where the McMillan_Academy_of_Law is located: in the same run down office as The_McMillan_Law_Firm_La_Mesa (see below photo), in fact it doesn’t even have a sign saying it is a law school! (No more laughing allowed lol)

Consumers have a right to know that Michelle Volks involvement with fraudulent conduct cannot be forgotten. I took notice of San Diego attorney Michelle Volk in 2012 in a case that she should have passed up. Now, just as Lauren Hanley-Brady who also worked for Scott McMillan fled his law firm along with a second associate.

San Diego attorney Michelle Volk should disclose her involvement with a lawsuit against federal agents, a lawsuit that a federal judge declared as being meritless, or as he put it “JUST SILLY” – see the video clip of the judge making this statement as San Diego attorney Scott McMillan cowers seated behind the table.  Fraudulent conduct should be exposed not covered up. The decision of Michelle Volk to omit significant information to potential clients is merely carrying on her sham law career – as her career as a law school administrator and professor

Is John Howard Attorneys Michelle Volk San Diego a legit?

John Howard Attorneys Michelle Volk San Diego is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is John Howard Attorneys Michelle Volk San Diego located?

John Howard Attorneys Michelle Volk San Diego is headquarted at Fifth Avenue 3033 CA US. You can contact John Howard Attorneys Michelle Volk San Diego by dialing (619) 234-2842 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by John Howard Attorneys Michelle Volk San Diego’s customers?

According to John Howard Attorneys Michelle Volk San Diego’s customers, a monetary loss of US $250000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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