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Read the fine print. You must have ALL recommended service work done. This is where they get you and actually make money from offering you a free oil change since all other service work is over priced. IF you don’t want to let them change your fuel filters (30 min work tops start to finish and $30 in parts) for $200-250 then they simply refuse to do any other work. Its a shame I had bought my last two cars there and didn’t have an issue with this until this last oil change. So I was shocked when he told me that and argued a bit to which instead of diffusing the situation the kid working there became agitated and snappy showing me that fine print that is really vague and never mentioned when telling you about the free oil changes for life. I will not be back. It could be that I had been flagged since I had given them a less than glowing review back to Nissan when they kept my new 45000 truck for a month working on it and still didn’t get everything fixed while I drove around an Altima that had been smoked heavily in when I needed a pickup and can’t stand the smell of smoke.

Is Jim Burke Nissan a legit business?

Jim Burke Nissan is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Jim Burke Nissan located?

Jim Burke Nissan is headquarted at 1300 3rd Ave N Birmingham, AL 35203. You can contact Jim Burke Nissan by dialing (205) 624-0133 or visit their website jimburkenissancars.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Jim Burke Nissan’s customers?

According to Jim Burke Nissan’s customers, a monetary loss of US $250 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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7 Reviews on Jim Burke Nissan

  1. Never Again

    We went to buy a car from Jim Burke recently, and we were treated ok, but I have a little bit of advice for future car buyers who might buy from here. They were very assertive and they tried to rush us into a sale. I’m sure this happens everywhere, but don’t let yourself get so excited about “your new car” that you overlook how much the final price amounts to.

    We had a large downpayment to work with, but they went way over the bottom line that we had in mind and said “if you raise your payments by just $X, you’ll be able to afford this car.”

    Nice, except we walked out to sleep on it and the next day they gave us a much better deal. Know how much is too much, and don’t let them know what you’re excited about. That way they won’t be able to push your buttons and rush you into paying a higher price than you are comfortable with. It’s your money…don’t part with it until you get exactly what you want. And wait until after they give you the very best deal possible to introduce your trade-in.

  2. Scammer

    My credit is banged up and I was upfront with the dealership about this from the moment I began talking to them. We finally were able to get a deal worked out, despite increasing the cost of the car from the advertised price,

    and Gary wanted me to give him my debit card number over the phone so he could hold the car. I refused and after several exchanges, Gary’s words were: “From what I’ve seen (speaking in regards to my credit), someone would rather steal my debit card than yours”.

    This is probably the only time I have heard a car dealer have something like that come out of their mouth. The sooner Jim Burke can implode, with the rest of downtown Birmingham, the better. If you have another option for buying a car, take it.

  3. I have nearly been in an accident on numerous occasions.

    Brought my Gr Caravan in because of clunking in the rear and because it has an excessive delay when I press the gas pedal, and it misses when accelerating. They have had it almost a week.

    They replaced a rear strut ( they should be replaced in pairs). they did NOTHING about the other engine problems. With the gas pedal delay, this Dodge is UNSAFE. I have nearly been in an accident on numerous occasions.

  4. Lease a vehicle in Utah.

    Lease a vehicle in Utah. I wanted to purchase it in Alabama since my daughter who’s in college was driving it there. The sales manager Brandon Nathan was very rude since he did not know the process of how to do the return.

    The finance manager was out for the day. I admit I was frustrated about them not being able to help me, but the way he handled everything and over talked me was disgusting. Horrible customer service. Ended up going elsewhere.

  5. Feel free to contact me at

    They advertise free oil changes for life as long as you have the “manufacture” scheduled maintenance performed there. HOWEVER, when you get to 16k miles they give you a brochure with the “dealer” recommended maintenance and tell you that you must have it done in order to get your free oil change. They expect you to get wheel alignment and fuel injector service done. At 16k miles? Really?!?

    Alignment isn’t a maintenance service, it’s an as needed service. Ridiculous. There was also some shadiness with the financing guy when signing my paperwork but I let that go. Go buy a car at BENTON Nissan and get lifetime warranty for free instead. I would be happy for Burke Nissan to make this right but I’m not holding my breath. Feel free to contact me at

  6. I just took my car in for the second free oil change and was told I would receive a $30 credit towards an oil change.

    I just took my car in for the second free oil change and was told I would receive a $30 credit towards an oil change. The $$ is not the issue, the issue is I was lied to. At no time at the point of sale, nor the first and only free oil change was I told they were not free. Every commercial Jim Burke has highlights this service and it’s a lie.

    Our family bought 2 cars in 4 day period at Jim Burke and I can assure you we will never purchase there again. I will pay someone else for the oil change so I don’t have to give 1 cent to Jim Burke. I don’t appreciate being lied to. If you lie about something as simple as an oil change I can’t imagine what else you lie about to your customers.


    BEWARE THIS COMPANY WAS INVESTIGATED AND FOUND GUILTY OF CRIMINAL CHARGES BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. We purchased a vehicle and because we live out of state they are withholding part of the CONTRACT TO MY MOTHER, she is a Senior Citizen. General Manager will NOT honor the contract.

    No accountability in this dealership when something goes wrong. #SCAM #FBI #FRAUD #LIES I have emails, text messages, hand signed documents AND the contract that states what they owe. VERY UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES at this dealership. We are pursuing this to the fullest extent and will campaign to bring this dealership back into the NEGATIVE SPOTLIGHT IT DESERVES

Reported Loss :250 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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