Jessica Menack

A Scoundrel, Sociopath, and Incredibly Dangerous Evil Monster

Jessica Mack NYU Barclays – A Scoundrel, Sociopath, and Incredibly Dangerous Evil Monster

I have known Jessica Menack since she was a child and know what kind of family she grew up in. Jessica Mack is a sure-fire Sociopath! She is unfortunately very dangerous as she has always been plotting ways to destroy and harm people. In her words, the more drastic, the merrier.

Her sociopathy pathology is both genetic and environmental. If you see the many reviews of what kind of horrible person his father (Steven Menack) is, you will see Jessica Menack is the same kind.

She thought she is popular when we all know she is an evil and monster. We pretend to be her friends but not close because we know the serious consequence of falling prey if we are not her friends or close to her.

She has been sick for so long, and it is surely hopeless. She will be damaging people for the rest of her life without fail. Family, friends, classmates, teachers, professors, colleagues, and employers will not be safe.

The only advice: run as fast as you can! Or unless you are terrific enough to be able to destroy her instead and save the world! We’ll keep you posted if she gets even more sick and venomous.

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See below to see what Jessica Menack’s father, Steven Menack, is like, and you are guaranteed she is just a younger version of the same thing!!!:


I really wanted not to use any stars. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS GUY! You will be sorry! He will do and say anything to get more and more money out of you. He will even stoop to blackmail to get more of your money. HE SHOULD BE DISBARRED!

Terrible.  Absolutely terrible.   Misrepresented total cost. Always late for meetings. During meetings, he went out of his way to make small talk and charge you for his time.  It took forever to respond to emails/phone calls and nickel and dimed us over every little thing.  The final bill included 15 instances of a $36 charge for his one-line responses to email/text messages?  Over $700 in photocopying charges?  DO NOT USE THIS MAN.

We settled our divorce, which was twice as expensive as we were told it would be, and I agreed to give my ex-husband the car and the house to get out. NOW, 2 years later, my ex refuses to refinance, and I am still on the loans, AND my credit is ruined! Steve did not put in the agreement that my ex needed to refinance to get me off of the mortgage and car loan.

This attorney does not return emails or acknowledge anything except to nickel and dime everything!

He will small talk your ear off to make an extra buck.

Beware!! This guy is a shyster. He will bleed you dry. He keeps the conversation going about things that are not important to you to trap you in his office to run up the bill. You can almost feel his glee as the clock ticks on. He has a terrible reputation for a reason. Stay away!! I was warned but went anyway, but after it was clear he was not going to make things quick as he initially assured us, we ate our losses and started over with someone honest who wasn’t just out to squeeze as much money out of us as possible.

I can not believe how awful this mediator is – do not use him.
These other negative reviews are exactly what we experienced with him.
Absolutely atrocious. Worst experience ever, unprofessional, overcharged, and now a year later and tens of thousands $$ later and still not divorced. He still wants more money to file!
They fired him and are now in huge debt — some mediation. Now we can start all over with separate attorneys — thanks, Steve, enjoy our money.
I hope no one has to endure what we did, as getting divorced isn’t challenging enough. This
attorney turned it into the ultimate nightmare. BEWARE

DO NOT USE IT! I found Steve from a Google search. Our initial call seemed promising, so my husband and I called him back together to both agree on a mediator/lawyer. He once again assured us both that going with him would be the quickest, most effective, and efficient way to proceed with our divorce and lead us to believe it would only cost a few thousand to use him. My husband and I are friendly, so there was no fighting over anything. We have no children together.

This was one of the easiest divorces a lawyer could have. Since we were unfamiliar with the process, we didn’t know the standard procedure for a divorce. Steve went over costs with us, but they were kind of vague. For example, he told us his charges per hour, and his quote said the creation of the divorce Agreement could take anywhere from a few hours to upwards of 18 hours. Since our divorce would be so straightforward, we assumed that our divorce Agreement would take a few hours. Our first meeting with him took over 2.5 hours.

Our next meeting with Steve was to go over the first draft of our divorce Agreement. He sat with us and asked us every detail of everything we owned, things that weren’t necessary (found that out later), so that he could charge us for his time. A reputable lawyer would have mailed us the paperwork to complete on our own time and mail back. Instead, we sat there for hours, all while being charged, answering questions like VINs of cars, account numbers, pets’ names, balances of credit cards, policy numbers of insurance, etc. None of this was required, and had it been, as mentioned, we could have completed that paperwork on our own.

Although my husband and I were friendly, drove there together, and sat together, he still made 2 copies of the divorce Agreement to each look at our own, single-sided, 80-page document, which he charged us every page for. I could go on about his incredibly unethical practices, but most have probably stopped reading by now! After we went through the draft, he took those copies that we paid for and threw them away.

Anyway, to create the divorce Agreement (which I believe most of it is a template anyway), we’ve paid $12,000! Steve wanted another $4,200 from us to file the paperwork with the court! Needless to say, we didn’t proceed with him!

My suggestion to anyone who has a pretty straightforward divorce, go with a place like a divorce center! We’ve since contacted a divorce center that does everything for $499! However, if you need to hire a mediator/lawyer, do your research and NOT USE STEVE MACK!

I have to say, I was extremely disappointed and felt completely taken advantage of with no recourse.

My wife and I met with Steven in May… as he was explaining the procedure, he was talking and shoving paperwork in our face to sign. Not given the time to read, my wife and I signed documents. The consult was billed at $360 per hour, and an additional $180 “paperwork” fee was charged on day 1. Minimum of 2 hours…. so, our first bill “COD” was $1,000 (because it was a bit over 2 hours).

He explained our process would be pretty easy, and we should get it completed within 2 additional sessions. We figured it would cost $3,000 ($1,000 x 3) plus the court fees of $300 to file (plus his time to file) …. even if we went over in time, we figured we would be under $5,000 total.
After the 3rd session, he said CONGRATULATIONS! We have completed the mediation sessions.

Then….. BAM! we were hit with, here is your final invoice….. Paperwork, time…… $10,000…… I said, WHAT???????? how can you charge $10,000?

He said it’s in your contract… page 9, document 4, section part B (kidding)…
$360 per hour for document preparation…. x 20 hours plus, the paper fee ($100) plus postage+ + + +……
He takes horrible notes, asks you the same questions 3 or 4 times, forgets what you told him, kneels on the floor under the desk, doesn’t use AC in the office…

We should have left after around 1.

Long story short, it cost $13,000+. and we still aren’t done. He said another couple of $thousand to complete.
Well, I went to Monmouth County courthouse, got a 10-page document wife and I filled out and the same $300 filing fee…..
I spoke to others that went the traditional attorney route, and they went in and said, I have $5,000 total. Can you do it? All did it for $5,000 or less…

In my opinion, go to an attorney tell them your budget; if they can’t do it, leave and go to another.
There are thousands of attorneys in NJ; you will find one that will help.


I am going to the NY/NJ BAR association to file a complaint on how he takes advantage and does NOT explain his process. He uses manipulative words and sentences in his documents. He uses terms and sentences that attorneys understand. Hey, I’m not a dumb guy and can usually figure stuff out, but there are words and sentences that I had no idea what even meant. And there is nothing I can do to battle his charges because I signed the contract on day one, withOUT reading….. He even said I encourage you to go to an attorney to review my documents…..
Is he serious????? Pay another attorney????

Do not hire this mediator! If you do, prepare to be tickled and dimed for everything you have and to shell out thousands of dollars every time you see him! he will always find an excuse why he needs a few thousand more than you were quoted or on top of what you already paid. He charges you for everything! His high hourly rate includes nothing! Everything else on top of it is an additional charge.

Every phone call, regardless of how short you will be charged for, you cannot talk to this man without his clock and calculator on, every slice of paper, every stamp, every text, every email you better believe you will be charged; for! If he reads an email from you, you will be charged; there is a high $75 fee to get copies out of storage if you ever need copies in the future from him. that charge includes nothing! You will also be charged when it took him to get your file out of storage and for the copies and a presentation because nothing is simple with him. You can’t just have copies; he has to put together a new essay to charge you, of course.

He says it’s all due to legalities. Bs! he will make sure that he gets a few hundred out of you no matter how small of a thing you may need or want from him. Everything is a complete production. He has to make an elaborate presentation, so it takes him longer to do so he can ultimately charge you more money. I paid $180 for a short email from him that he claimed was at a discounted rate!! He said it should have cost me almost $700!!! really???! and this is supposed to be the cheaper route??!!

And…if he gives you any discount, you better be sure that he will document it, rub it in your face, and write an entire essay on how much of a discount he gave you. He calculates it. And guess what???!!! He tells you what percentage of a discount he gave you and will attach it to the documents you’re requested, which he included in that $180 email I received from him. the explanation of the discount was longer than the information I asked for!!

I’m sure he charged me for the time it took him to explain the discount! This man is only interested in racking up the charges. You can find a cheaper, more honest mediator that won’t suck you dry! he didn’t even do that great of a job in my case, either. You might as well give your money to the parent of your child then put it in his greedy hands! it will be better off! do yourself a favor and research another mediator!!

Do not hire

We went to him for a peaceful divorce and not expecting the expense that occurred. In the end, our divorce cost almost 18K. Fees for phone calls, copying fees. Always a fee for this and that. I have had lawyers for other things in my lifetime and never met anyone like this. Nickel and dime us in a vulnerable situation. Very sad for the profession. Not caring for us as people, but the dollar sign.

do not hire him

I had the same situation. I thought will be cheaper to hire Steven Menack for my divorce, but that was wrong. We paid him almost 17000 dollars, and he asks for another $3000, maybe more, to finish the case. I told him we really don’t have more money for him. So I went to the courthouse and explained my situation.

They just gave me the forms to fill out and set up the court schedule, and I didn’t spend any dime. Now I plan to go to the NJ bar association to complain about Steven Mennack for unfair services charges. Do not hire, or you don’t care about the money to go to his pocket.

Most expensive Mediation

I tried to do divorce Steven Menack……we were very disappointed. We chose mediation because we thought it would be the cheapest way to get divorced, but it became a costly proposition. Our divorce will cost almost 20K …..and the send we decided to quit because we don’t have so much money. I would never recommend this layer/mediation to anyone unless u have money and are willing to give them away.

Just empty your bank account and give it to him

this man is a total rip-off. He will suck you so dry; you’ll wish you never got divorced! If he could charge you for the air you breathe in his office, he would. of course, these things cost money, but he’s charged beyond the reasonable fees. I’m talking to read an email and answer a phone call, open your wallet and give him all you got. … please, find someone else!


Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Misrepresented total cost. Always late for meetings. During meetings, he went out of his way to make small talk and charge you for his time. It took forever to respond to emails/phone calls and nickel and dimed us over every little thing. The final bill included 15 instances of a $36 charge for his one-line responses to email/text messages? Over $700 in photocopying charges? DO NOT USE THIS MAN.

Is Jessica Menack a scam?
Jessica Menack is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Jessica Menack legit?
First Jessica Menack is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Jessica Menack ’s consumers?
There is/are 1 review(s) posted about Jessica Menack and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Jessica Menack located?
Jessica Menack is located at West New York, NJ 07093, USA. You can contact Jessica Menack by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Jessica Menack ’s customers?
According to the report(s), US N/A was the total loss incurred by Jessica Menack ’s customers.

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