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Jennifer is a scammer and need to be caught. There are a lot of victims and she’s keeping their money and not delivering the services. Do not send her any money?

1. On June 9th, Jennifer made a post in a group saying, “Is credit card (cc) debt making you feel like you’re drowning, do you struggle to pay the minimum each month? Message me to find out how to get your cards paid off and debt free.” I messaged her to find out what the post was about, and she asked me for my cc balances, limits etc. She explained by saying she negotiates with the cc companies to pay off the balance due and work with an investor, William F. Griffin who provides funding.

2. A couple of days later, she asked if I wanted to apply for a loan with her and explained how it worked. She told me a guy by the name of William F. Griffin gave her a loan in January of this year and she became debt free and no longer used her cc’s. She put me in a group chat by text message and the three of us were chatting among each other. William explained what he did, told me where his office was and why he helped people out the way he did. Any questions I asked, he had a legitimate answer.

3. Jennifer told me to obtain the loan, the processing fee would be 10k and she and I could split it. I told her that’s a lot and explained that I only have 5k on my cc and the fees for the cash advance are outrageous. She said when she got her loan in January, she used her cc to pay for the fees and when she received the loan, she paid the cc back. I asked her if she has proof of the money William sent her in January. She said yes and sent me a Vanguard Federal money market receipt with her name, account number and the amount of $678,919.10. I didn’t question her because it looked legit to me.

4. She told me William was leaving to go to Africa the next week and wanted to get the loan started because he would be there for a month on business. I told her let’s just wait until he gets back and she said no because she had a couple more bills she wanted to pay, and I could pay off all of my bills and be debt free as well.

5.  William sent us the term sheet on June 12th, and they were reasonable and a great percentage rate. He then told me the loan will be in Jennifer’s name because she’s already in the system and her credit was good. I was still skeptical at the time, but she told me if we didn’t get the loan in 2 weeks, she would give me back my money and it would arrive in her account safely. I told her ok. She wired 10k to William to a Wells Fargo account from her Ameriprise money market account, however later on, I found out the document she sent me was a fraud.

6.  She sent me a receipt and to be fair and keep things even, I took out $5180 from 2 cc’s and sent the money to her within 4 to 5 days. William said he would put the money in Jennifer’s account a week later, but nothing happened. I questioned Jennifer and asked why William didn’t put the money in her account yet. She said she would check on it. I believe there was no William and she was pretending or making up the name and texting from another number on the same phone she uses.

7.  Every week I was messaging Jennifer and she had an excuse every time. Almost daily, I would text her asking when she was going to pay me, and she always had an excuse.

8.  I reported her to the authorities on July 17th. Monday, August 5th, she reached out to me and wanted to resolve the issue between us because the investigator called and spoke with her. She said, “she told me she would get the funds back to me and was waiting on her Capital One card”. She told me she got approved for $14k and would get a cash advance and send me the money. She asked for the total balance which I sent her  the next day and told her what day I needed it by.

9.  The amount I gave her was $5350 which was what she owed me plus fees/interest. She said she would send me a cashier’s check that week and provide tracking. She wanted me to notify the police department on my end that we have reached an agreement. On Aug 9th, she messaged me and told me she got the cc and was calling to increase the cash advance limit and then she would get the cash and send me the check.

10.  Monday, August 12th, she said she was getting the final amount of cash that day and the cashier’s check. She asked me to verify my address. I sent her my address and she said she would send a copy of the check and tracking late that day. At 9:27pm, I messaged her to ask if she had sent the check. She said she missed the post office’s closing time that night and she had an appointment in the morning near FedEx and would go inside to send the money to me.

11.  The next day, I reminded her not to forget to mail the check. She said it was definitely going out today. I sent her another text message the same day at 1:16pm reminding her again. At 2:20pm, she asked for my email address to give to FedEx for confirmation. After not seeing an update on tracking the next day, I called FedEx. FedEx said a label was created but that was it. No package was sent out. I messaged Jennifer to ask where she took the package. She said she took the package to Walgreens on Augusta Rd in W. Columbia because they have a FedEx drop off location inside. I kept tracking the package all week and it never updated and still was saying that just the label had been created.

12.  September 7th, I still have not received the check and the tracking update still has label created. I believe she created an account online with FedEx, put in the information and took a picture and sent it to me. I believe there was never a package sent to me.

13.  I sent her $1700 with the fee of $16.00 for a total price of $1716.00 on June 13th, 2019 by Walmart to Walmart, (RIA) $3300.00 on June 5th, 2019 with the fee of $36.99, for a total price of $3336.99 by Money Gram and $180.00 on June 18th, 2019 with a fee of $3.99, for a total price of $183.99 from Money Gram.

Is Jennifer Wingard hall a legit?

Jennifer Wingard hall is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Jennifer Wingard hall located?

Jennifer Wingard hall is headquarted at Lexington SC. You can contact Jennifer Wingard hall by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Jennifer Wingard hall’s customers?

According to Jennifer Wingard hall’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5180 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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5 Reviews on Jennifer Wingard hall

  1. Not Accurate Information

    The information given by Ms. Throckmorton is not completely true. She was in debt and I had the opportunity to take out a business loan. We both put in the funds to move forward and we were both scammed out of our money. I lost just as much as she did. Lindie has made many risky business dealings to make money and none have panned out for her. I am sorry she lost money, but since this time she has threatened my family, job and friends. She has not provided the complete truth in her post. If it makes her feel better to slander me then that would be the only thing to make this woman happy or have someone give her $200,000 for doing nothing.

  2. Tell the truth Lindie

    Lindie the information you detailed above it NOT what happened and you have posted fraudulent pictures and texts to go along with your agenda. Did you not purchase CPNs that are illegal? By the way the police want to talk to you about that. The loan didn’t work out because she are insane. No one wanted to work with you and we all lost money not just you.

  3. Thank you Nancy because Lindie is the CON

    Lindie was involved in illegal activities such as trying to obtain a CPN to obtain credit. A CPN is illegal and usually comes from someone who is deceased or a child She gave $50,000 to a gentleman to clear her credit. Lindie is looking for the next get rich quick scheme and brought me into her mess. There is a lot she hasn’t shown in her “review. Lindie has conned people all over Facebook trying to get them to help her with her next plan.

  4. Nancy, yes, I do have proof. Another lady and I hired a lawyer and have a lawsuit out on her. I know anyone can make up stuff and etc. I definitely wouldn’t have posted this if it wasn’t true.

    1. Lindie is a Con Artist

      Lindie stop with your lies! You are the one who has been stalking sending anonymous packages to people, posting with fake profiles on social media. The police have an investigation into you. You purchased fake CPN profiles to obtain goods which is illegal. Where did you buy those? You paid $50,000 to an attorney to build your credit and he took your money. Stop blaming others for the things you have done. You weren’t the only one who lost money.

  5. any proof of this?

    anyone can make a fake review with stuff removed from any FB page, there is no proof the name and picture wasn’t taken without permission. The review is a fraud.

    1. I do have proof. I also have a police report and the lawyer’s information that is handling the case among other things. If you want to see it, I would be more than happy to send to you. Have a nice day!

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Reported Loss : 5180 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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