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Jason and his email income expert and money boss are crap

I have tried this junk course, and it sucks. Sorry for all the bad words, but there is no other way to explain how irritated I am after deciding to join this program. Jason Capital may seem like a normal person offering his skills to others in exchange for money, but he isn’t. He is a con artist who has devised this course to cheat people online. There is no better way to put it in one word than calling it abuse.

Jason Capital told me that he would prove that the entire thing worked, and all I needed to do was sign up for the course. He said that he had many offers going on the time I enrolled for it. He knew it was the right bet. He would offer me something at a reduced price, and I will feel like the only lucky person in this world. While on the other hand, he would be planning to take me down.

I feel like a fool. This person did take me down with his sweet words. He made me believe that there is no other way to get better profits in business than by writing emails. I believe that emails are an essential part of communication and can bring a lot of change to the profits (definitely in a good way). But, making it sound like it is the only way should have alarmed me at the beginning itself.

I checked myself in for the course and was fooled a big time. One must notice many things before planning to go for something that does not have a face. I would say that because Jason does not work under his actual name. Later, when I tried to find more about this person’s past, I was baffled to check that there is not much information about this person online. He has all his business under this pseudo name.

I do not know the reason behind these two lives, but it must be something severe. His background is blur and fishy. He has not much talked about himself and where he used to work or his experiences in the past. So, one has to believe everything that he says about himself.

It seems a perfect example of too good to be a true thing. The course is explained so that it feels as if it can make anyone millionaire in a day. The course says that by writing emails, Jason has earned millions from companies without pointing out the names of those companies. There is no evidence that the profits have been ever made. Jason capital will tell you stories and would like you to believe them without referencing those incidents. This clearly says a lot of things.

Not just that, if you will look into the reviews scattered on the web, you will find many of them with a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes. This proves that the email income expert, the course offered by Jason Capital, is not legit. He bAll these show that the reviews are not legit. And, if they are, it anyway shows that Jason is not a good teacher. If he has taught people to write emails, didn’t he be responsible for training them to write correct English?

After understanding that there was not much in the course to offer, I researched online for more proof. I came across many dropouts that again prove that the course is not at all worthy. The virtues about the course that has been written online do not seem to be true. It feels as if someone has paid some overseas experts who lack English writing skills to fill those reviews on the internet.

I have seen this from the inside and know what this course has to offer. There is nothing unique or extraordinary about the course. After you complete the course, you will feel as if you made a fool of yourself. All these huge words and beautiful quotes made to get you onboard will ultimately look fake and flimsy.

When going through the course, I asked Jason if his students have made any profit by using these tutorials. Jason was too blunt to answer. He said that I am not at all the right fit for the course because I lacked intent. I mean, I am the guy whom he liked a lot in the beginning when I was about to pay for the course. When the time came to provide answers, he started being the badass. I have met many people, but Jason is the most shameless person I have ever spoken with.

If I had talked to him face to face, I would have known right away. He is a scammer and a big liar. He plays with words and makes you feel like the most special person with so many capabilities and only waiting for the right direction. He thinks that he has the right direction for you. But guess what, he is a liar. He has nothing that he can help people with.

The course is rather a torture, and those who have been with that would certainly agree with me. He talks about the email marketing strategies, which we have already been listening to for so long, being in the marketing field. If there is anything new to this, then Jason’s lies and scam make the course even more shitty.

This guy never answered the call once I asked for the refund. And, there is no one to help in case you have any problems in between the tutorial. You are on your own. I was very disappointed after going through the course and would suggest staying away from it.

If you like to learn, you can access all the free videos and content available on the internet. Those are a real help and not this course. Yes, you heard me, the free ones. They have more value than this paid course.

Jason and his email income expert and money boss are crap.

Is Jason Capital legit?
Jason Capital is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 10 consumer(s) was/were given a Jason Capital as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Jason Capital located?
Jason Capital is headquarted at online, USA. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Jason Capital by dialing N/A or visit their website jasoncapital.teachable.com/p/email-income-experts.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Jason Capital’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Jason Capital’s customers, US $1990 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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  1. Perfect Example

    Imagine validating what he said by admitting you TRIED and worked hard and havent made money and IS a waste. But then you defend it telling these people THEY are stupid because they stopped when it smelled bad. You smelled how bad it was and said YEA im about this shit, and just ended up with shit in your mouth as you smiled. Moron.

  2. Scam

    He coulda just said 2000, in sales there are different types of clients, ones that hate beating around the bush and others that need lots of convincing

  3. my million times emailing them from my professional email to be honest I did get a refund

  4. The reason Jason Capital is a scam is NOT because these guys didn’t try hard enough. If he advertises in WRITING that he provides a full refund and doesn’t then he is in fact, a liar and scammer. That’s literally the definition of a liar and scammer.
    Either he shouldn’t advertise that he gives full refunds, or he should give the refund without 1000 hoops to jump through.
    If guys truly got value and made bug money from his course, he wouldn’t have to worry about customers requesting fake refunds. They’d gladly pay and even refer other people.
    Going by a fake name is shady too. It’s fine to have a cool name that reflects your business. But he has never been upfront about his real name when telling his background stories. A quick google search will show he lied about his college baskebtall success in Michigan. Alex Maroko never play D1 ball anywhere.
    The silly story about the baskebtall program having rights to his real name is ridiculous. That’s his real name… no one can take those rights 🙄
    His Instagram is weak too. He clearly lives in a cheap rented condo. The area in his videos is really low end. Guys who have been rich for over a decade like Jason claims can afford a reasonable place without even trying. That’s not being frugal- it shows he’s exaggerating the big profits.
    Again, not saying his program is trash- but why have all these red flags if you are legit?! It turns people away and he’s losing a lot of profits.

  5. Scammed on refund

    Asked for a refund within the first seven days and suddenly they stopped responding to my emails I think the course has some valuable content but they don’t stick to their word on thatRefund policy which is the reason why I gave it a shot in the first place I did everything they suggested in the first week and decided it wasn’t for me I feel scammed out of $1000

  6. I have the same problem

    May you email how did you make a professional email. Cause im trying to get a refund from them as well.

  7. You guys are lazy c#nts

    The huge problem in todays world is when we see something like this “Ye get money quiek” then everyone wants it. But the sad truth is that there will be always hard work to get that money. The course is legit. But some of you ass holes just think that money will fall in your hands by not doing fuckall. Let me tell you something then you should have never bought the course. Thats why he only has 300+ students whu have been successfull because they actually workerd hard and tried. Not like some of you giving up the first few days thinking its shit and fake not working scam…Mean while its your dumb ass problem because you did not even try. I will be honest its fucking hard for me but I am trying and even if I dont make any money of it atleast I can say I tried. Even if it is a huge fucking wastte of money IDC. Fucking grow up and learn to work for shit

  8. The problem with most of these people are that they literally don’t want to do any work and think you can just become rich instantly. All those things he did to them in the sales pitch is what he teaches you to do. They bought it, you know why? Because he’s a damn good sales person and instead of learning from that and using those skills to their advantage, they claim scam. Theres no such thing as getting rich. People just want a magic potion for getting rich instead of realising he’s giving them tools for them to then go out and use. And he has explained why he doesn’t use his real name. When he was younger he sold a business of basket ball training but did not realise at the time that also gave them the rights to the use of his name which is why he now uses the name Jason Capital. He even reveals it and his real name in one of his videos.

Reported Loss :1990 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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