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Jim Fink with his is cheating his customers

When I contacted Investing Daily, I was sure of getting some leads. The mails from Jim Fink suggested that they provide one lead every day. This is what I could make it up from investing daily’s email. This was the first lie and a misleading message that staff members are forwarding to every individual. They want people to turn up and subscribe to their filthy deceitful email services.

I have been investing in stock market from a long time and when I know someone is making it up, it is not just a figment of my imagination. I do research before making a claim. I believe in gathering all sort of proofs before I allege someone for something wrong. After getting a lot of information from the investing daily’s personal finance and options for income reviews, I made the decision of contacting these Crooks. This gave them a hint of my interest into the stock market trading.

From there, the journey of bulk emails started. I was informed that the company provides one lead in a month, but the emails portrayed a different story. This was a great turn off for me. Hence, I decided to call this off. They also pitched for free advice through mails. However, this was again a bait for getting prospects call them. This is a way to attract audiences and then lure them into signing up for premium accounts.

Investing Daily personal Finance advice is not at all great and there are lot of people who have lost their money. I won’t say that this is something out of the blue. This happens all the time. No one can give you guarantee for 100% success in this industry. But, what pissed me off is that praises about making everyone happy.

Do you think this is possible? If yes, why do not they make a fortune out of it themselves, instead of spreading that profits to others. In addition, Jim Fink claims that his investment consulting can help make 30%+ profit in a year. This statement is highly overrated. Either, they do not consider bad trades or wait until the entire trade turns to profit with that kind of margin. What I have learnt from my experience, you do not need expensive course to learn about trading.

Every suggestion has a risk attached to it. Even, suggestions from successful investing firms carry a component of risk. Whosoever claims a trade to be risk free, is making a fool out of you. Like Investing Daily is doing. I have tried few free suggestion of this company and have not made much out of it. They were just usual trends that you would get anywhere. I am sure, their premium service would have not much to share. If they do, why are they charging for assisting others.

You will find mixed reviews on the internet which suggests that they are not providing 100% profit trades because it is not possible at all. Neither Investing daily options for income nor investing daily personal finance works. No doubt, Jim Fink has a lot other suggestion, up his sleeve, but are they for making his customers rich or for his own sake?

Is Investing Daily a legit?

Investing Daily is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 54 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Investing Daily located?

Investing Daily is headquarted at 7600 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043, USA. You can contact Investing Daily by dialing +1 (703) 905-8100 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Investing Daily’s customers?

According to Investing Daily’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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54 Reviews on Investing Daily

  1. Saw the Name Jim Fink &Past Lies I Remembered!

    Recently I had Started getting Txt messages from a site Investing Daily,Not quite Ringing A Bell Yet That This Was Rinks Site He Had Set Up To Try And Look More “Legitimized” And I clicked on the Txt And it Was A. Scam Presentation. Of “Velocity Trader” And The Interviewer Was Talking With Jim And Asking Him Questions So That Jim Could Set Up The Scam .. Well, At The First Part Of The Interview The Statment Was Made That Jim Had A Phenominal Trading Record of Trading- A Whopping 6 YRS Of Trading WINNING TRADES In A ROW ! Something LIKE 647 winning Options Trades in a ROW ! About Also Admitted That His First 2 Yrs Of Trdes in A Total Of 8 YRS Altogether Were All loosers. I Think 25 or so Trades .. And What ZzGot Me Was The Interviewer Said That He Had FACT CHECKED EVERY TRADE And That Each Of The Winners Were Many By Double & Trip Digit Wins! So, At This point I’m Wondering “He’s Portraying Jim Like Buffet,Mark Cuban, Mr.Wonderful &Elon All Rolled Into ONE! So, Now I Was Just Listening For “The Hook”And That Didn’t Take Long When He Said That Usually His “Velosity Trader Was Normaly
    $5Grand , But ALOT OF Timed In A Special Offer He WILL Let It Go For $3K To Members Of A Corp. BUT TODAY (BECAUSE I WAS SOOO SPECIAL) I WAS GOING TO GET IT FOR. F R E E !! And I’m Like “Really”, This IZ my Lucky Day, The 8 Course “FAST TRACK” COURSE To Tradeing Option THE Jim Finke Way + 2Trades Every Tues AM Of At least Most of The Time, Double Digit Wins., Hold 3 – 10 days & He Would Email Early Fri. To Sell or Hold for Another Wk.. And After U Hit The ” Sign Me Up Paage” LIKE MAGIC The Price That Was FREE Goes From $3,000 , And Jim WILL “Asorb” $1,500 Of That Ford A Rock k Bottom Price Of $1,499 !!
    The AMAZING PRICE Was Only Available To The First 50 Suckers That Were Stupid Enough To Send This Com Man Their $$ And the Stipulation Was That Since It Was A Special Low Low Price For Being This Gullable Ur $1,500 WAS NON REEFUNDABLE- NO QUESTIONS ASKED! PERIOD!! Not EVEN If HELL Were To Freeze OVER WHILE HE WAS THERE COUNTING UR MONEY “NOT SORRY NO REFUNDS!” So At This Point I Was Looking For A Place I Could Leave A Lovely Colorful Comment, But Wouldn’t U Know It, He Really DOESNT WANT TO HEAR FROM U – BECAUSE HES “SO RECLUSIVE”, (hiding from People He Has Ripped Off ) THAT HE REALLY DOESNT GIVE A DAM WHAT U THINK. ECAUSE THIS IS. H I Z. SCAM AND HE’LL RUN IT THE WAY HE SEES IT CAN PROFIT AS MUCH SCAM CSH AS SATIN WILL ALLOW U TO HAVE IN HELL! (HERES A HINT JIM- U DONT GET TO TAKE ANY OF IT WITH U! I KNOW, BEEN THERE DONE THAT!! LITERALLY! I DIED IN A BAD CAR ACCIDENT WHEN I WAS 16 AND U DONT TAKE SHIT W/ U ONLY UR B-DAY SUIT!! BUT I GUESS GOD THOUGHT I WASNT UP TO “STANDARDS ” YET SO HE PUT ME BACK IN THAT CAR AND I ALMOST BLEED TO DEATH AFTER THAT!! I Was Like “Dam Why Didn’t U Just Keep Me There. At least I Wouldn’t Have Blead All Over This Nice Lady’s Carpet That Happens To Be So Kind as To Rescue Me After U Put Me Back in the Wreck.. Because as the Wholee Time I Was in Heavebmn I Hadn’t Bleed AA Drop Of Blood EVEN Though My Chin Was Neearr Cut Off And My Eye brows Were cut off laying in my Eyes and my Nose Was Cut Half way Off Abmnd I Was Scalped Half Way Back To the Crown of My Head .. Ever Since Then He’s Loved Me Like Jesus, Kept Me Wondering & Poor! , , I Guess I’m just Waitin On My Crucifiction Next I Do Feel Like Many TIMES I’m His Play Toy , Becauuse Ii’ll Get Close To A Break through Of of Finally Not losing at Love And Not Losing in the Monitary Aspects of life. And Like CLOCK WORK He’ll Interdicct Something. Totally Unforseen Into My Efforts To Totaly Derail Them Time & Time Again!! And I Can See Him Laughing Sayying stop Me ” U Just Thought I Was Going To Let U Succeed At LOVE Which Gets Destroyed In Some Unforseeable Way And/Or I Was Say – and This Really Happened , I Was Working For A Very Good Underground Utility Corp In Gold Canyyon Ranch. , N As, And I was Foreman Over A Few Guys On A Good Crew And We Did So Well On This Job. I Was Up For Superintendent On Our Next Projest Which Brought A $5,000 Pay Rase Per Month Swell Just So Happens That Very Day My Wife got A Call from Tenn. That I Was To Come To Tenn That My Beloved Step Mom Linda Was Termanal Brain Cancer And only Had Weeks To Live if That, Well I Had To Go to Tenn , that was The Woman that raised Me, there was No Other reason They Could have Tore Me Away From That Company. and A Promising Future – Not Even My Dad Passing Did I Leave to go to Tenn But For Linda , I Had To Be There For Her So do doubt In My Resignation, The Owner Said UR Position is Still There When I Get Back – 8 MOS Later After Going Thru A set up in a Court action There Totally Unrelated Non incident. And The whole Ordeal was Just As Nightmare. And Again Thanks God !! I just Can’t Get A Break.. But To dell U The Truth , I Can’t Eat To Get Back To Heaven, There Really Are Many Mansons In My. Fathers House And It IZ SO Vast And. Beautiful.. 😇👍
    ..Y’all Have A Blessed Day! Thanks for Reading My Comment, Sorry If I Got A Little Off Trac, But I’m Sure He’s Got A Reason For That Too..
    EVERYTHING I’ve Talked About Here Is 100% True!
    ..Have A Blessed Day..😇👍
    And Don’t Fall For Crooks Like Fink,
    But Watch Out,They Lurk About Everywhere in this Industry !..🙋🇺🇸

  2. great ad. do more research before you buy

    Got a wonderful ad for bait and switch where I was going to get 10 minutes of trading advice as a sales pitch to buy into the program for only $7. By now, you know how hard it is to cancel and subscription so I just listened to the ” free advice”. No info given, just a sales pitch. My opinion is if they can’t even honor the 10 minutes of free worthwhile advice, stay away. Sounded great but you know that saying.

  3. They are continually up-selling their customers…it doesn’t matter if they have made any money or not. Very tiring…Luckily, I did get all my money back.

  4. Cancel My subsription as of today 4 26 2020

  5. Great advice

    I made $153,695 in 2019 from a $375,00 capital pool. On his advice.

  6. The stock market if for those willing to take risks

    I have been with Investing Daily for two years regularly investing using their signals. I made $153,864 in 2019 from a capital pool of approx $375,000. I so not do all the trades Jim Fink recommends, I do not always do the trades he sends out exactly as he sends them out and I do not always make money. But I do way better than I could on my own and each week he sends out a rescue email if a given position needs to be rolled or closed out. on any of his trades where I followed directions I have not last money except on three occasions where when I was assigned early. That is a risk of trading options and not Jim Finks fault. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish.

    The trade signals they send out as part of their program require a high level of understanding of options trading this is not just buying and selling stocks. I do not recommend anyone who knows nothing about options take this on as investment advice.

    I am so tired of these people who complain because they lose money in the stock market. And want to blame someone else for their loss. The truth is if an option trade has to be rolled out that trade was a loser. If the trade that replaces it uses the same underlying ticker then it is still a different trade. So if the rollout trade is a winner and covers the loss of the rolled trade and the seller of the signals calls that not losing money then it true. the trader did not lose money. I don’t know that I completely agree with that line of reasoning but in this case the guy selling the signals is protecting you from the market as best he can and you are coming out OK.

    So for the guy who wined and complained about Investing Daily go and put your big boy pants on if you want to play in the stock market sandbox. And go avail yourself as to the myriad of options training tutorials available for nothing all over the internet. then when you know a little bit more about what it is you are doing then yo can go back into trading options and you will know stuff that will keep you out of the weeds instead of blindly following someones advice for a different set of market conditions that exist right now when you are wanting to pull the trigger on a trade.

  7. I trade on my own, do very well. Have tried just about every spam suggestion with results similar to your description. Thanks for the tip, no point in me retesting the obvious,


  8. Jim Fink's service works really well

    Some of the complaints I’m reading here are about Investing Daily’s email promotions and spamming. Some are about their actual products. And some are just incoherent and not clear if they’re even related to Investing Daily and Jim Fink. (Also, it’s strange that two people gave a glowing review yet just one star. Mistakes, I suppose.)

    I agree that their emails are annoying, so I simply used their unsubscribe link and changed my email preferences. Standard.

    And I was skeptical of their marketing claims, just like I am with all marketers.

    But their Options for Income service with Jim Fink has been outstanding. I started using it in early 2017. It probably took me six months to fully figure it out and get comfortable. In the beginning I wasn’t following all the instructions as best I should have, so I just sort of broke even. But once I started doing all the trades and all of the “rolls”, it really started working. My returns are consistently 20-30% now.

    Once you become a member of their service, it becomes instantly clear from the discussion boards that a lot of people are successful with the service. And those who aren’t generally seem to not be doing the rolls as he advises.

    The nice thing about the option spreads he recommends is that they’re a pretty low risk way to learn about options trading and set yourself up for long term success.

    Trading spreads isn’t for everyone. But I’m more than happy that I gave it a try. I don’t trade any other way now. Good luck to everyone. There are a lot of crooks in the investing arena but as best I can tell, these guys aren’t. Annoying marketers, sure. But the investment advice is good.

    July 19, 2018

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Reported Loss : 1000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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