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I am a business executive in the Las Vegas, NV area and just a little over two years ago financed my automobile with InTouch Credit Union.

I have remained a good customer by paying my payments in full each month since the beginning of the loan.

I recently called in (as usual) to make my monthly payment and was told I would be charged a $10 fee to make my payment over the phone and online.

I asked how I can avoid that fee and they recommended either visiting a branch (not convenient for me as there are only two locations and both are a far distance and, they are only open from 9am – 5pm which are my same business hours) or setting-up auto withdraw which I would have to do at a branch as well.

I sucked it up and paid the $10 fee, paid my payment and within days visited a local branch to complete the withdraw request form.

I was told at the branch that I would need to call or come in to make the next payment as it would take time to get my withdraw request completed.

I made 1 more payment through the customer service phone line (paid the $10 fee) and expected (as I was told) that the next payment would be auto deducted from my account (I bank with another institution).

Fast forward a month later, I get an alert from my credit monitoring app that I had a 30 day late payment post to my credit profile with the three credit bureaus.

I immediately contacted InTouch to find out why I was reported 30 days late (has never happened to me), they explained that the previous months payment wasn’t made.

I explained that I had completed my end of the instruction that was provided to me and asked if it could be removed because it was their error.

She was able to locate the notes that I completed the form and stated that it could be corrected but it had to be done by a manager.

She said a manager would call me back – never happened.

I have called several times speaking with several customer service reps and finally after demanding a manager, I received a call today from the customer service branch manager, Jeff.

He immediately began by telling me in other words, there is nothing they will do (I should’ve called to ensure they did their job!) so I requested to speak with his superior.

I later received a call from his manager and to sum this up…he confirmed that he will do nothing to help!

I will be looking to refinance my car with another institute and will NEVER recommend anyone to do business with these folks.

Is InTouch Credit Union legit?
InTouch Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 16 consumer(s) was/were given a InTouch Credit Union as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is InTouch Credit Union located?
InTouch Credit Union is headquarted at 4299 E Sunset Rd Henderson, NV 89014. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact InTouch Credit Union by dialing (800) 337-3328 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by InTouch Credit Union’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by InTouch Credit Union’s customers, US $3254 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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16 Reviews on InTouch Credit Union

  1. Very dissatisfied.

    I would not recommend them for auto loans. I paid off my loan over three weeks ago and have yet to receive my title. I even paid additional for 2 day shipping and no title. Spent many hours on the phone with customer service and no one seems to know what is going on. Very dissatisfied.

  2. InTouch you've just sunk to an all time low..

    This used to be a great bank but now after updating their new online banking this past weekend has had us where we have NOT been able to login to our accounts at all and there’s NO live person answering the phones.

    This is pure GREED at it’s finest trying to do away with employees and replace with machines. I will be transferring our accounts to a new bank. InTouch you’ve just sunk to an all time low..

  3. Sad to see a previously outstanding credit union go downhill like this.

    I have been a member since 1987 when they were the EDS Employees’ Federal Credit Union. I’ve stayed with them because they used to have the best customer service and rates. Will be finding a new bank as of today. I accidentally replied to a text saying a transaction was fraud due to it not being the amount I was expecting, and my card was blocked.

    Went in same day (Saturday) to have it fixed, employee unblocked it which took quite a long time and a call to “Ops”. Then it didn’t work at all the rest of the weekend. I had to put the deposit on a rent car on my daughter’s account, she had to pay for her own birthday celebration Sunday, and I was unable to pay bills or get cash out as needed.

    Monday I called “customer service” as there is no way to get the phone number for the branch. Waited on hold 30 minutes to be told I had to go into the branch to get a new card; there is no way to “unblock” a card and they shouldn’t have done that. Went into branch, had to get on the video teller machine to ask for a manager at the branch as there were no people to help.

    Finally manager came up; both she and the employee who unblocked the card were unapologetic. I was told that (a) I should have tried the card before I left, (b) that it wasn’t their fault because “Ops” told them it would work, and (c) it wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened and I should “go with the flow” because “these things happen.” Horrible, horrible “customer service”. Sad to see a previously outstanding credit union go downhill like this.

  4. Stay away from this second-rate bank.

    I’ve been a customer for 15 years. My wife for over 20, and we recommended ITCU to our daughter. They changed their on-line system and I have had to call them 4 times just to log in.. Each time creating a new password. I get off the phone, go to log in with the new password and am locked out…again.

    I have called and complained and went to a brick and mortar location and was greeted by two of the rudest people I’ve ever encountered at ITCU. Add to that the ITCU is automating with auto tellers to get rid of people who need their job just to pad the pockets of TTCU executives. Obviously caring for people is not big for this company. We will be moving to another, more accessible and customer-centric bank at the first opportunity.

    A not-so-funny aside: Minutes after going through the call process for the third time (after being caller 94 and waiting for 40+ minutes to talk to someone) I received a call from ITCU. Silly me thinking it was a call to apologize and let me know they are working hard to fix their system.

    The girl never mentioned it as she tried to sell me other financial products at ITCU. Not a way to keep customers and certainly no way to treat loyal customers. Stay away from this second-rate bank.

  5. They bought me insurance for a vehicle that was already insured.

    They bought me insurance for a vehicle that was already insured. EXTRA 10,000 on my LOAN ! WTF ? Then they said it was my fault because they changed their address, and didn’t communicate that !! Also they do not communicate through email so that there is no documentation for a court battle !!!!

  6. Very bad bank.

    Their debit cards never work. They charge unnecessary fees. Very bad bank.

Reported Loss :3254 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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