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Grifter scamartist

Wendy Mazariegos was hired by us for interior design. She put on a good show during her two visits to our house and never delivered for the amount of money she was given. We contacted an attorney only to find our that Wendy has scammed a CT woman for a large sum of money and has a lengthy record of residences, etc. all of her websites only allow reviews that go directly to her so that she can delete or filter! She is a fraud with a capitol F! We have attorney docs to prove that she has our stolen property which she stated that she would return! That was months ago…

Is Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez a legit?

Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 10 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez located?

Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez is headquarted at Matisse Street FL US. You can contact Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez by dialing (321) 710 -7062 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez’s customers?

According to Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez’s customers, a monetary loss of US $8500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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10 Reviews on Interiors By Wendy LLC-Wendy Mazariegos/Velasquez

  1. Liar, Liar , Liar

    Wendy is a con woman. She had a renovation company called HBA Home Improvement in Stamford Ct. that she ran with her husband and father. I hired her to do a home renovation. She is skilled at making you feel comfortable and you will really believe she cares. One or two guys would show up everyday. I gave her several payments based on work that was supposedly completed and a substantial amount of money for windows , bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinets and other product. She was pushing me to order my appliances through her , offering me her designers discount . Thank goodness I did not. I couldn’t understand why sub contractors kept quitting. She told me it was because they were not doing quality work. One day my doorbell rang and the current plumber, electrician and hvac guy had come to tell me that Wendy had been bouncing checks. They demanded money from me that I had already given to her and threatened to put mechanics liens on my home. Then things unraveled, the kitchen cabinets that she told me were going to be delivered any day were never ordered. The check she gave the company bounced- which was unbelievable because she was a dealer for the manufacturer and had opened a storefront. They told me that she had not paid them for the cabinets she bought to put in the showroom either. The window dealer told me she bounced his check also and they had come to take back the windows but they were already installed. The HVAC guy came and took back the equipment. I told them all they should call the police because passing phony checks is a crime. No one wanted to go that route, it was easier for them to have me pay again for them to do the work I already paid her for. I consulted my attorney and he told me most likely pursuing her was a waste, she had a LLC and it would probably cost me more in attorney fees and I would never see a dime from someone like this. Meanwhile, throughout this she never denied that she had taken my money. She put a GO FUND ME page up to help her with her struggling contracting business, give a female immigrant business owner a chance to be successful. She continued to lie up to the end and the work that her father and husband did complete was substandard. It was a nightmare of 22 months. The amount of money she stole from me was well into the six figures. Then she mysteriously moved to Florida. I saw that she opened a new company called Interiors by Wendy LLC. When I posted my review which was very vague, I was contacted by several other people in Connecticut who had been scammed and then Florida people contacted me. I don’t understand why the law protects you if you are scammed in an investment but a contractor can rob you blind and walk away. If the investment fraud laws applied to contractors she would easily be doing life in prison. This home was my retirement home and she sucked my dry.

  2. Lying, con artist, fraud

    This woman is a con artist,lying and unethical fraud. She does not have FL LLC nor did she have one in CT. She took a large sum of money from a CT woman. Complaints have been filed with numerous organizations in order to expose her and prevent this in the future. Wendy Mazariegos/Wendy Velasquez/Interiors By Wendy LLC in Central FL is not to be trusted with your money!!!!!!

  3. Another victim

    Another unsatisfied customer:

    My name is Judy Noriega. I met with Wendy and gave her payment for 3 hours. I spent my time being very specific about what I wanted. I wanted help with picking out colors that would allow me to incorporate items I own and would like to use. What she presented to me made me feel like she did not listen to me. She sent me a pictures of furniture in colors and design that made no sense to me. She promised a full refund on 9/1. From: Wendy Mazariegos [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, September 1, 2017 8:24 AM To: Judith Noriega Subject: Re: Review Invoice IN-10058 From Interiors by Wendy, LLC I am providing you a full refund. I will mail a check along with the floor plan copy you provided. I have contacted her repeatedly about this refund and every time she says she will get it out this week. My last two e-mails received no response. Needless to say I am unhappy with my experience. Feel free to contact me before hiring Wendy. (813)215-3656.

  4. Interiors By Wendy LLC- con artist

    BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Think twice before doing any business with this person. She comes across as a very timid and sincere person but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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  5. Interiors By Wendy LLC

    Addison and Company LLC
    Relationship: Fellow designer
    Wendy, as a fellow Ivy Designer I am so impressed with your design work. I am also so very honored to be included with such a great group of peers that are dedicated to giving their clients the best of Interior Design. Looking forward to what you do next
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    Savvy Interiors
    Relationship: Colleague
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  6. Exposing a fraud to prevent futur theft in FL

    Quotes from her supposed customers-Wendy lives in FL!

    I am thrilled with my new home office space! Wendy was very easy to work with and did a wonderful job designing a room where I will enjoy spending time. She worked well with my layout needs and immediately clicked into my design aesthetic. I enjoyed the Laurel & Wolf process and will not hesitate to work with Wendy again in the future! Thank you Wendy! Delightful experience!
    – Allyson B. in Alexandria, VA

    My room turned out beautiful. Wendy did an amazing job! Thank you!
    – Jennifer M. in Pepperell, MA
    Room: Living Room
    Style: Transitional

  7. Wendy Mazariegos and her many business affiliates....

    Laurel and Wolf-Another company associated with Wendy Mazariegos and her fraudulent Interiors By Wendy LLC business!

    Buyer Beware!

  8. Extremely untrustworthy!!!!!!

    Do not do business with this person! She has lived in Central FL-Davenport, Lakeland, ChampionsGate and soon to move again once she scams another!!! Wendy Mazariegos or Velasquez will take your money and run! She has conned several people from CT and FL. Don’t be next!!!!!!

  9. Beware of Wendy Mazariegos Velasquez and her unethical business practices

    This person is a scamartist and a thief! She constantly changes her LinkedIn profiles in order to avoid negative exposure. She has changed locations many times in Central FL-Orlando, ChampionsGate, Lakeland-you name it! Uses houzz, alignable, and her personal website to thwart any negative reviews. She has been reported for her fraudulent activities. Buyer be VERY aware!!!!!

  10. Ripped off

    This owner is a fraud. Her LLC is not listed in FL and she uses sites like houzz and alignable to control her reviews in order to look good for her next victim!

Reviews: 10
Reported Loss : 8500 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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