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Conflict of Interest Registered Charity with Graham Jones & CO

Beware of Institute of Patentees and Inventors ( this website and organization claims to be non-profit and a registered charity. Their “Ask An Expert Scheme” run by the British Library. They provides a free one to one advisory session for an hour under a strict ‘confidentiality’ arrangement for members or anyone else. This is hosted on behalf of the library by the President of the I.P.I., Mark Sheahan, an “Inventor In Residence”, every second Thursday.

In actual facts they DO NOT provide free advisory, their President Mark Sheahan is a con-artist, scammer, with no credibility. He would beat around the bush, and waste your time under an hour. He would then advice you to seek a patent lawyer which he would highly recommend. He would highly recommend Graham Jones & Company located at 77 Beaconsfield Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 7LG. This is the same address as registered by The Institute of Patentees and Inventors, isnt this a conflict of interest? They would later charge exorbitant fees when you consult them.

They had in year 2017 registered as a charity, and collects funds and donations from general public, as of today 2019 they had not submitted any financial reporting to the charities commission in the UK its mandatory to reveal how the funds are used up. A check with Company House on their accounts shows cash/funds in access of £10,000 which was then written off as depreciation under fixed assets. They should be investigated by the charities commission for fraud, money laundering and misappropriation of funds.

Unaudited Financial Accounts

These Trustees for the Institute of Patentees and Inventors listed below should be wary they had been used as part of this collusion for misappropriating of funds.

Dr Barrie Blake-Coleman
Professor Anthony Francis Johnson
Jonathan Olof Lippold
David John Wardell
Dr Stephen Sik Fan Wong
Dr Nicholas Tucker
Helen Goldthorpe
Dr Robin Forsyth Browne
We inventors in London had written to charities commission, action fraud police, HM Revenue and Custom to investigate Institute of Patentees and Inventors.

Check the Board of Director for Institute of Patentees and Inventors

with Graham Jones & CO both had one similarity the Directors and Trustees are the same!

This is a clear case of collusion. How can a registered charity have the same Trustees and Board of Director for another Patent Attorney (Graham Jones & CO) ? They are definitely not the knight is shiny Armour saving a damsel in distress/inventors but instead an unscrupulous predator preying on vulnerable naive inventors. They do not practice what they preach, just another money making organization with ulterior motives DO NOT have any association or partnership with them or support / donate to them.


Is Institute of Patentees and Inventors legit?
Institute of Patentees and Inventors is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 5 consumer(s) was/were given a Institute of Patentees and Inventors as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Institute of Patentees and Inventors located?
Institute of Patentees and Inventors is headquarted at 77 Beaconsfield Road, London, SE3 7LG, United Kingdom.. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Institute of Patentees and Inventors by dialing +44 02086928455 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Institute of Patentees and Inventors’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Institute of Patentees and Inventors’s customers, US N/A was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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5 Reviews on Institute of Patentees and Inventors

  1. The IPI is NOT a scam

    Graham Jones OBE, the president of the IPI has been a great help for the past 10 years. He is one of the most honest and generous people I have known. I find it disturbing that anyone would make such negative comments.

  2. The IPI is not a scam, but a genue way to get advice from seasoned Inventors

    Could I kindly ask you to remove the ”Institute of Patentees and Inventors” page from your website.

    I looked at your website and, in many ways, if you are genuine, I liked what you are doing, but you have got it wrong this time, as a scammer has scammed you. The allegations are totally false and slightly irritating, as I spend over 60% of my time on unpaid voluntary work, helping Inventors like myself. I believe I know where this false claim has come from. Although, he is probably using his real name or associates with you.

    Last year, I picked up on the fact that someone was using something very close to our logo and wrote to him to stop. On further investigation, it was clear he was a total scammer who had been getting away with it for years. Please see the details shown in my letter below, which shows the extent this guy got up to.

    Very shortly after I sent this letter to a number of official bodies, both here in the UK and abroad, your ”Dirty Scammer” page appeared and one of our trustees got an onerous email, the first ever negative in my 20 years of doing this.

    I do not know your policy about removal and would certainly not take legal action, as I have better things to do with my time and money, e.g. ”sticks and stones”. If you do not take it down, I would be disappointed (”publish and be dammed”), but would ask you to show this reply in full, including putting my name to it and the letter shown below. I am still going after this sad ‘Walter Mitty’ crook, because he is taking advantage of Inventors and is using our UK flag and needs to be exposed, as with all scammers.

    On a final note, if you are not genuine, you should know, I will never spent a penny regarding this issue so you are totally wasting your time and would advice you to get a life.

    See copy of letter below.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I wanted to draw your attention to a company who claimed, but none of this is true, that they had an Honorary Patronage from the ‘Duke of York’ and the Intellectual Patent Office (both have been informed), as well as claiming they were a registered British/Charity organisation. They are called the Association of British Inventors and Innovators (ABII) and their President, a Dr. Youg (sometimes called Dr. Wilson Young and, would you believe it, Sir Dr. Wilson Young) are planning to put on a show (IBIX) in London on 3-4 May 2020.

    As the President of the Institute of Patentees & Inventors (IPI), a hundred years old organisation this year and, now a registered Charity, I was alarmed, when I saw the logo they were using to promote themselves. The logo was, in my opinion, intentionally close to ours. I wrote to them asking them to change it.

    On further investigation, I cannot find this company ‘Association of British Inventors and Innovators’ at Companies House. They also mentioned they are a ‘not for profit’ organisation but they are not on the Charity listings either.

    Dr. Wilson Young, as he calls himself, is also on something called the ‘Asian invent’ Advisory Council (Singapore?), as SIR Dr. Wilson Young. I could not find him mentioned, as a Sir, in the Burkes Peerage or The London Gazette.

    They mention their organisation was set up in 2007 and a co-founder was a well known and respected British inventor called Frederick J Williams. I have never heard of him and he has never had a patent in his name or comes up in a Google search.

    Dr. Wilson Young, the ABII ( and IBIX ( are now all under investigation by a number of British and European agencies.

    I noticed that they were selling award goods online, so it would be interesting to follow the money trail.

    There was an address and phone number on their web site, but this has since been removed, after I wrote to them. It is a flat above a Chinese Restaurant in Soho!

    The Association of British Inventors & Innovators
    3rd Floor, Frith Street
    W1D 5LF

    Phone number +44 (0)754 5151121 (UK)

    I checked the venue, as I wanted to see if this event was booked on 3-4 May 20 and it was.

    This chap is certainly a fantasist and very naive, but there is a lot of time and money spent behind him, so I am not sure what his full intentions are. It could be to get overseas people into the country, who then disappear or/and does a runner with money paid by the exhibitioners’, SO BEWARE.


  3. I recommend the IPI to any inventor

    I have known Graham (Graham Jones OBE, Chartered Patent Agent/Attorney) for 25 years or so and I can vouch for him as being scrupulously honest and straight. I would recommend him to anyone.

    The IPI is non-profit and offers advice and information to people but it does not offer ‘practical’ help as far as I’m aware. That is, if someone comes along like Ruby Morgan (“I am still waiting for some pratical assistances to process my inventions.”) and expects free services that normally would cost a significant amount of money then they are going to be disappointed. It says on their disclaimer page:

    “The Institute of Patentees & Inventors is a non-profit making organisation, the purpose of which is to assist its members and in certain circumstances, member of the public on how to safely, and in strict confidence, protect their ideas and intellectual property. ”

    “..We take part in the “Ask An Expert Scheme” run by the British Library. This provides a free one to one advisory session for an hour under a strict ‘confidentiality’ arrangement for members or anyone else. This is hosted on behalf of the library by the President of the I.P.I., Mark Sheahan, an “Inventor In Residence”, every second Thursday. This Inventors Workshop is by appointment and is highly popular, so due to the demand it is advisable to contact the library well in advance in order to attend. Just go to their website or use the button on this page; scroll halfway down and follow the instructions to book online direct. This is part of the British Libraries services and is administered under their auspices

    The British Library has also been a popular venue for many of our events and meetings over the years. These varied events are social and educational as well as being business orientated. It is easy to get to and makes a great place to meet friends and network….” (

    So, it’s been around for over 100 years, is a registered charity (thus vetted by the Charities commission) it works with the British Library (one of the most respected institutions in the world). And Graham Jones has an OBE.

    One reason he was awarded the OBE is that he has provided unpaid support for the Institute for decades and he also charges comparatively low rates to private inventors. Many companies charge £thousands for the same services. I recommend him to all my clients.

    Anyway, it is extremely easy for a a person with a grudge of some kind to trash someone online!! The author of this review has not identified him/herself.

  4. I am yet to find out, I am still waiting for a respond.

    I have been a member for twenty years this November. I was at the 80th anniversary celebration, I am still waiting for some pratical assistances to process my inventions.

  5. I am setting out to prove your claims false.

    As an inventor I will be seeking assistance from IPI to process my inventions. The Institute has a charitable status now, so I am hoping help will be available, then the scam claims will be false.

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