IBC Bank

Wast of Time

I have never had such a hard time trying to obtain my money from IBC Bank in my life.

I made a deposit through the atm, and I was notified Iwouldnt be able to access my money for WEEKS!

I depend on my financial institutions to provide me MY MONEY when I need it.

I spoke with multiple people asking for any help expediting the process or allowing some exception to no avail.

I can’t wait to recieve my money that I deposited and close my account.


Is IBC Bank legit?
IBC Bank is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 6 consumer(s) was/were given a IBC Bank as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is IBC Bank located?
IBC Bank is headquarted at 3817 NW Expwy Ste 100 Oklahoma City, OK 73118. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact IBC Bank by dialing (405) 841-2100 or visit their website ibc.com.
How much monetary loss is incurred by IBC Bank’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by IBC Bank’s customers, US $4852 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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6 Reviews on IBC Bank

  1. Your money is so safe that NOT EVEN YOU can use your own money

    What a nightmare of a bank. You deposit your money at this bank, and it is NOT your money anymore. You will face all kind of blocks that prevents you from using or withdrawing your hardly earn savings. 21st century and they don’t even support online wire transfers.

  2. Hat VS Mask

    I’m a business owner and I went to cash a check at the Aransas Pass
    Branch located in Walmart. Joshua Villarreal asked me to remove my ball cap and then I asked him if I could put it back on he replied no. I then ask why it would be ok to wear a mask but no hat. He replied we ask the customers to lore mask then they are able to put them back on. I then stated that he had my ID in his hand an he knew my identity
    Yet I was not able to put my hat back on.He said it was company policy. I then mentioned that it was his job to know his customers so he shouldn’t have to ask a customer to remove his hat. I then told him that I kept a high balance in my account and that I would be closing
    My account soon. He then replied. I will be more than happy to help you close your account. The made this remark three times.. as if I was bluffing. I explained to the Manager the reason I was upset was
    Not being allowed to wear my hat because I haven’t been able to get
    A hair cut because of the corona virus. She replied the same, it company policy. Joshua then asked again. I can help you close your account if youde like. I never let my balance get below 20,000 dollars.
    Your bank won’t stay open if people like me pull out our money and change banks. After things open back up … I will return to close my account and open another at a competitors bank.

  3. I do not understand how they are still in business !!!

    Can I give negative stars? – 5 would be fair , this is by far THE worst bank ever!!!. I have to deal with it every week for the past 10 years (not because I want it, I do not have a choice).

    Always new UNDER TRAINED people, so sssslllloooooowwwww and useless. I do not understand how they are still in business !!!

  4. So ridiculous,go and deposit a check Dont expect to use it right away

    So ridiculous,go and deposit a check Dont expect to use it right away, they have even take up to a week for me to use my money from check,I literally have to go cash my check then go put it in the bank,not to mention Heather is so rude in customer service!

  5. Will most likely be taking my business elsewhere.

    Deposited a check for my business account and the funds are still not available. Regretting this decision. Will most likely be taking my business elsewhere.

  6. Please, for all that is holy, don't bank here!!!

    So done! My balance changes daily on the app, up AND down, even without deposits, auto pay is never processed on time, won’t help if there is any major issues that affect an overdraft fee,

    even if it was due to unauthorized charges, and then, today I found out that an auto pay that I cancelled, that shows on the app as cancelled, was sent out anyway, overdrafting my account. Getting a new bank, today. Please, for all that is holy, don’t bank here!!!

Reported Loss :4852 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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