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Home Depot is unprofessional. It sent me a broken product

I planned to buy a Maytag and was looking for one for a few days. There was some sale going on at Home Depot. Usually, I buy from the companies I have dealt with. But, this sale was the reason I chose to have a look.

When I saw a product with the specifications I needed, I ordered it with Home Depot.

I was in a hurry and before making the purchase, I enquired about the delivery date. They confirmed that the product was in the store and they would be able to deliver in any of the next three days I would choose.

I purchased the product on Saturday, and they suggested that they could make the delivery on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I asked the lady to book the delivery on Friday as I was off from work on that day. She asked me if I could do it on Saturday. I thought it would be just a day. So, I agreed. After three days, I received a call from the store.

They informed me that they do not deliver on Saturdays as it’s their maintenance day. I confirmed that the lady who sold me the Maytag offered that date. They said that she must not have known. It was entirely unprofessional.

I asked if they could deliver it on Thursday. They completely denied saying that they were already occupied with the pending orders and that the delivery would not be made until the next ten days.

I requested them to make the delivery as the product was in the store and I had to wash the towels every other day.

I ran a saloon, and the delivery was very urgent for me. But, they did not listen and said that I had to wait for those many days. I had already made the payment for the product. So, I waited.

They delivered as per the schedule say they had suggested. But, I was frustrated to see that there was some problem with the top of the dryer. The clips were not there to hold them. The delivery guy said he had to take it back to the store.

He connected me with the store in charge, who said they would see if it could be fixed. If not, they will have to wait for the next 13 days to order a new one.

I only got the hoses hooked to the washer. The delivery boy did not check the product if it was working or did not take out any packaging material from inside. He did not perform any instructions written in the installation guide.

It has been ten days since he did the installation, and nothing has been fixed. I am still waiting for him to complete the installation and send the items.

It was an awful experience with Home Depot. I am never going to purchase anything from this store. They provide misleading information to sell their products. They are a rip-off.

Is Home Depot a legit?

Home Depot is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Home Depot located?

Home Depot is headquarted at Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334. You can contact Home Depot by dialing 18004663337 or visit their website homedepot.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Home Depot’s customers?

According to Home Depot’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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1 Review on Home Depot

  1. I regret my purchase from home depot

    Before you purchase anything from Home Depot, I want to warn you. I regret not having read the reviews before making my purchase. My review: I will never shop at Home Depot again.

    It was the first and only time I had used Home Depot. It was very, very poor service. It was very frustrating and a big mess.

    We ordered a washer/dryer and fridge on November 17th. We still have to wait for the delivery team to complete the installation two months later.

    There are many problems with them. They have been dishonest, untrustworthy, and immoral. They are a terrible delivery company Tem Co. Summary of our experience:

    They arrived first and explained that they couldn’t install the appliances as one piece was missing from the washer/dryer, and the fridge had scratches.

    They left their stuff in the truck without removing it and only returned a few minutes later.

    It was a scandal, as they were still waiting for us. They claimed they rang the bell, but nobody was home. We checked and found the part included.

    Our two children were born in this house, and we had to wash our clothes at the neighbor’s house. It was raining, dark and stormy.

    Each time they came, we had to prepare the home, unplug the fridge, secure the rooms, and so on.

    Between, I called the Home depot customer service line many times. I felt traumatized. We tried again and were disappointed.

    Sometimes it was not helpful, taking 45 minutes to get through, sometimes disconnected, and sometimes friendly people who said “it was ridiculous” or “ridiculous.”

    We should request compensation. We were held hostage because we had already paid two months prior, and we still waited for the appliances to arrive.

    Home depot did not have any leverage over the delivery system. The delivery team returned on January 21st after weeks of frustration.

    They said they couldn’t install the washer/dryer as Home Depot didn’t supply parts.

    We were outraged and demanded that they install the fridge at most. They did this quickly without paying any attention. We paid for the appliances, and we asked them to return them.

    They said they couldn’t because their truck was too full. Seriously?

    What excuse can you give for not going to work after two months? We still have our washer/dryer that doesn’t work after two months.

    The new ones are in the middle and have no parts. After three disconnections, I called Home Depot, and they said that the team would be coming in February.

    Huh??? That is what you do! Imagine the problems that two children would face.

    Are you sure that’s the way you work? Never again. This is a lesson learned. Let me know if you award any compensation.

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Reported Loss : 1200 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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