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Home Comfort does sloppy work

I was scammed by home comfort USA twice and I take all the blame on me. When the first time, they did sloppy work at my house, I was completely frustrated. I called them many times and said that I would register them on the consumer complaints forums, they agreed to make things right.

They suggested that the work that was pending at my parent’s house would be taken care with utmost priority and responsibility. We needed a HVAC install from scratch at my parent’s house. I had discussed this before with Home Comfort, but after looking at their work, I had changed my mind.

However, to gain my trust, the salesman told me that he would offer discount and the service would be done on time with perfection, without fail. So, I agreed to give them the second chance and they blew that chance as well.

I scheduled the install for the next week and they confirmed the same. I also applied for leave to make sure everything was fine. The day of the scheduled install, the people came with all the things required to do the install and unloaded it in the front lawn. Later, when they tried to start the work, they figured it out that they missed the requirement for an electric panel upgrade when they came for the inspection on the first day.

So, the guy who came for the installation tried reaching people from the company and gave up after 30 minutes when he was not able to connect with anyone. I also tried to talk to the salesperson who recommended this deal and I was not able to connect as well. The salesperson was on leave and no one was ready to take the responsibility on his behalf.

The guy left with all the equipment and asked me to reschedule the work. I wasted my time on these guys and had to ruin my leave for nothing. Later, when I got connected with that salesperson, he said that the I would be required to pay $1700 in excess of the amount we agreed upon. When I asked them for working at my home, I had paid them $20K already and they had done the worst things.

There were patches on the walls and left my vents in a very terrible conditions. Asking them to compensate for the same, I asked them to include the upgrade in the cost suggested during the first visit.

But, they denied. So, I cancelled the install with them and got another company to do it. They charged me even less than the agreed amount with Home Comfort. There are no words to explain the rudeness and irresponsible behaviour that I came across while dealing with these people. They do not know the work and charge higher price for no reason.

Only to increase their profit, they ask for unreasonable amounts. And, at the end, they leave their customers frustrated like they did it to me.

Is Home Comfort USA a legit business?

Home Comfort USA is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 32 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Home Comfort USA located?

Home Comfort USA is headquarted at North Tustin Avenue 1120 CA US. You can contact Home Comfort USA by dialing +1 (714) 459-5193 or visit their website homecomfortusa.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Home Comfort USA’s customers?

According to Home Comfort USA’s customers, a monetary loss of US $20000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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32 Reviews on Home Comfort USA

  1. I guess they have enough business and don't need any more.

    Scheduled a Project Manager for this Saturday morning between 9 & 10 to come and give me an estimate on new AC and furnace. They call at 9:45 on Saturday morning to say he would be there between 12 and 1. At 12:30 I call them and ask where their Project Manager is.

    They call me back at 1:00 to say he would not be here until between 2 & 3. If this is how the company starts out for a quote, then no thank you to their service. Extremely disappointing. I guess they have enough business and don’t need any more.

  2. horrible product and inept service.

    We get a phone call that says he was running late and didn’t have the part in his van and now the part store is closed. After rescheduling again, only to have the next repair man come and say it wasn’t the motor at all, he thinks it is something else we then went to the field supervisor and demanded his visit to our home regarding the horrible product and inept service.

  3. Unless they make this right I can NEVER recommend them.

    This has been a huge disappointment. Clearly this is a lemon unit or their installers and repair crews are inept. Either way we will be demanding a replacement unit immediately at their cost. Hopefully they have the ethics, that their company says they stand upon, and will do what is right and replace the faulty unit. Unless they make this right I can NEVER recommend them.

  4. The outside compressor unit made a high pitched squealing noise.

    Called Home Comfort as we heard their advertisements on Christian radio quite often. Had an air conditioner go out in early July (of course with company visiting that week). They told us we had to replace the entire unit, AC and heating unit because somehow they are connected.

    The sales guys were polite and we trusted them and the company. They got the replacement done quickly however that is when all the PROBLEMS began! The outside compressor unit made a high pitched squealing noise.

  5. He calls and is very rude.

    Ken’s comments, relative to the repair of my air handler, were spot-on.
    However, I devoted the majority of my comments to their lack of maintenance, on my maintenance contract.

    He did not make any comments, relative to the lack of maintenance, on my maintenance contract. One has to wonder why he did not (OK, failed) to comment on the bulk of my comments.

  6. Good salesman. Home Comfort Is a Costco dealer.

    Good salesman. Home Comfort Is a Costco dealer. They beat Costco’s discounts and rebates with lower pricing and a better filter for the Lenox heating unit. Top notch installers. The box the heater sits on was insulated and sealed. Would recommend this company.


    stay away fm this company . They misdiagnose the problems , provide inexperienced techs , inflated repair costs and then they try to sell you products that you do not need. They also try and sell you a maintenance program in order to come back , to again try to sell you a repair that are not needed or a product that is not needed.

    DO NOT ALLOW THIS COMPANY IN YOUR HOME . Pls understand that I have never written a bad review on a company in my entire life , but this was such a bad experience multiple times , that I just can not allow another consumer to go thru my bad experience. pls call another company.

  8. Very disappointed in this company.

    Our two year old air conditioner ran out of freon due to poor installation. When we tried to call to get it fixed under our warranty they continually promised to call us the next day to schedule an appointment. This happened for 4 days.

    Meanwhile our home was up to 93 degrees in the house. I let them know that our three year old daughter has a heart condition that worsens when her body is stressed and that we were not able to stay in our home while waiting for them.

    They still gave us the run around. We ended up paying another company to fix it because we needed to return home. Very disappointed in this company.


    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! My family had a horrible experience dealing with these guys. These people use scare tactics to get your $$$ and prey on elders “your unit is cracked” “your at risk of having a house fire” They will definitely tell you that your unit needs to be replaced because they make so much more $. People, please get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

    They tried ripping my family off. Quoted 16k for complete new system. My system is only 15 years old. I got another opinion and turned out to be a $60 flame sensor switch and I got my system fixed for $175 parts + labor.

    The repair man just laughed when I told him the horrible experience I had with HOME COMFORT USA and reassured me that my unit was in great condition and they were just after our $$$ sadly there is a lot of dishonesty in this business. I will be filing a complaint with contractors state license board.

  10. he is courteous and very professional.

    the service I received from Manny the technician was superb, he serviced my unit 2 weeks ago and today he changed the filter grill and was fast, he is courteous and very professional.

  11. Never Again

    HCUSA credited me $25 to purchase paint so I could do it myself. Contract states they are to place a cover around the AC that is mounted on the roof. City of Anaheim requires it. HCUSA stated they would put up a lattice.

    I verified w/ the City building dept. & a lattice is NOT permitted. HCUSA rep stated they put up lattices all the time. HCUSA is based in Anaheim, & they DO NOT know the regulations in their own area. HCUSA stated they are awaiting an email from the “city engineer” w/ size specifications & regulations for AC cover. It’s been 3 weeks.

  12. Worst company

    Worst company ever you can get a better price anywhere and better customer service from anywhere else. They call people yelpers to their face and they got my name wrong 4 times. Don’t go with them call someone else anyone! Trust me!

  13. Home Comfort USA Review

    The company is a scam. I was scammed too. They never got the technician on time. I needed someone to look at my vent which seemed choaked and I wanted to install a new one. They took away the money and did the worst job.

    Never ever going to hire with them.

Reported Loss :20000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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