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This is just from my experience with Adi Avron. Totally a nice person, but I don’t really need nice. I just need some stability in the chaos that is moving in NYC.

It’s frustrating that brokers have to add frustration into the mix with packing, to move, buying, finding a place, etc.

She told us that the place was not open to negotiations, and we come to find out we are paying $400 more a month for a smaller place than the people next door who just moved into a more renovated place. Great. They negotiated the lease down.

She said to choose this place over another place we saw because we would save on electricity. After all, there is a deal with the building, so it is subsidized. I spoke to them, and they had no clue what we were talking about.

She told us that Equinox had a free membership upon signing the lease since the gym was under construction.


Even the management company had no clue. I called her about it, and she referred me to her manager.

She told us about the gym and the lounge in the building. She failed to mention that membership is 1k a year.

So she was rather lying or did not do her research; either way, we paid for her mistakes. Both situations are unacceptable.

Is Hecht Group a legit?

Hecht Group is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 11 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Hecht Group located?

Hecht Group is headquarted at 136 E 57th St Fl 14 Manhattan, NY 10022. You can contact Hecht Group by dialing (212) 203-0707 or visit their website hechtgroup.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Hecht Group’s customers?

According to Hecht Group’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3487 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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11 Reviews on Hecht Group

  1. Very professional and organized office.

    Very professional and organized office. The brokers are willing to help and try to expedite deals. The particular agent I worked with is called Jonathan Cunard. Unfortunately the management we tried to get approved for is not as nice.

  2. Over all I'd recommend!

    Most of the agents here are really nice; they help each other out a lot. However, if you’re interested in a specific listing you may get the roundabout when trying to contact the listing agent.

    Once you get past that, closing is pretty easy. The agent I worked with possessed a fair amount of real estate knowledge to make things simple. Over all I’d recommend!

  3. I would highly recommend her.

    Lara Lapysh was great- really good at keeping in contact throughout the process ( even at weekends)- efficient, professional and helpful. I would highly recommend her.

    1. Lara Lapysh is to be avoided at all costs

      I sold my apartment in West Village, and Larisa (Lara) Lapysh would constantly lie to me and invent charges to steal money while I was stuck in South America during COIVD lockdowns in 2020. Her online reputation is awful.

      Lara has no business in the real estate world.

  4. They screwed us and didn't care--don't use this company to find an apartment!

    This group got us all the way through to signing of the lease of a supposedly no fee apartment (though we had to pay what we were told was a $500 deposit to go toward the deposit on the apartment–that turned out to be $640 flat fee) only to find out the apartment didn’t accept pets as we were signing the lease,

    even though we told our nice but clueless broker from the beginning that we had a dog and cat and only wanted to see places that allowed pets (obviously). The head of the office, Ed, is arrogant, deceitful, and only cares about getting your money, and the agents are inept. They screwed us and didn’t care–don’t use this company to find an apartment!

  5. I would never use this immoral company.

    I used them to secure an apartment that was advertised as NO FEE and guess what, I was conned by this company to pay a brokers fee when I was told it was going to my landlord as rent.

    They also withheld crucial correspondence from my landlord regarding the terms of my payments so that I would not know the difference and now it is costing me dearly. I would never use this immoral company. What a shame.

  6. I lost a week from the limited time I had left looking for another apartment !

    So far I am still asking myself if there are any honest realtors out there but Josh Hecht must top all with his dishonesty.He took all my information including bank account and credit card info along with the application for the management company and never sent it in.

    He told me that it was going to take a day to know if I would be approved or not but that never happened.I had to call him and ask him about my application and he strung me along for a whole week until I called the management company and found out he never sent in my application along with my documents.

    He then refused to answer the phone and I am not sure if he will return my subsidy papers.Scum of the earth about sums him up ! I lost a week from the limited time I had left looking for another apartment !

  7. They were so rude to me and wouldn't give me the time of day.

    Okay-either the reviewer above had a miracle experience or he way paid because this real estate group is awful! They were so rude to me and wouldn’t give me the time of day.

    I even tried a few different realtors in their group thinking I just had a bad experience with one-nope-SO RUDE! I am sorry Hecht Group, but I think you really need to take some customer service classes and learn some manners in how to treat potential clients!

  8. Scammer

    The broker didn’t show up.

  9. I will not use this agency because of her.

    Woman who answers the general inquiry number needs a serious attitude adjustment. I will not use this agency because of her.

  10. They certainly do not give a damn. Especially about you.

    This establishment is the worst business to ever disgrace the streets of Midtown East. My sincerest wish is that it would be completely effaced, ruins and such, from all memory and records of New York City.

    In particular I would like to address the merit of the two unprofessional and sorry miscreants which, I am sorry to say, are the owners of the “business,” Amnon and Oded Hecht. Two beings, wholly bent with all their might on creating the most miserable real estate and office experience you might ever have the displeasure to transact.

    Amnon and Oded Hecht have a complete disregard for any principle which might suggest that indeed, one should enhance the experience of one’s paying clients. Please investigate this matter thoroughly.

    They have been involved in all which might appall even the simplest business owner; from serious legal trouble to awful personal issues, especially Amnon Hecht. He can’t even carry a professional conversation with Google (I happened to overhear this conversation).

    Of their lesser counterparts, the agents themselves, it is enough to say that the fact they ever joined this sorry excuse for a business decries much about their principles, work ethic, and how much little brain they have available.

    What’s more, after visiting their “Admin office” I am completely convinced those poor two girls should be making a fortune. The tone and words which were used with said individuals was enough to make the most insensible person cringe.

    If you should ever find yourself in close proximity to any of these individuals, please do yourself the best thing you will ever do for yourself — and shun all associations with the Hecht Group. They should have just called it the Heck group. To Heck with it all. They certainly do not give a damn. Especially about you.

  11. Scammer

    We used Ms. Pamela Paige Hinklin. She took over $8000 in deposits and another $5800 in fees. And on the day before we were supposed to move in told us that the Landlord didn’t want to deal with us because we had asked for a pro rata rent reduction for days that the apartment wasn’t available. Standard and appropriate.

    Now a mom and her 4 year old daughter are on the verge of homelessness because their current apartment has been rented already. Ms. Pamela Paige Hinklin’s response, and I quote “ha ha ha I am laughing so hard.”

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Reported Loss : 3487 $
Severity : High
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