Armature is the word for Green Society

If this is how an online order happens with, I am better driving to the nearby stores. I had never used these online services. However, after a lot of thought and reading a couple of reviews, I thought how tough it could be. So, I made my first order on and I guess it would be the last one.

While I was comparing the prices at different online websites, this store attracted me the most in terms of price and few great reviews. I believe these were as fake as their introduction on the website. They are nothing like those fast delivery companies that get your order just next day.

They have mentioned on their website that they can process the order fastest to the patients when and where they would require it. I suffer from chronic pain and when I ordered marijuana from them, I was already in pain and was not able to drive few miles for the item I wanted.

So, I ordered from them. After ordering when I did not receive any details about the tracking number of shipping details, I waited for 48 hours and then emailed them asking about the status. I had made the payment as well. They only accept e-transfers. There is no other mode of payment that one can select apart from the one that I used to pay them.

This itself is such an incompetence. I may not have ordered before, but I know the alternatives that these online stores provide. Some even allow COD options which I would have preferred if given the choice. Knowing that it was my first online order, I was very scared, and I had ordered the minimum quantity available to them.

I did not get the reply to the first email. I wrote them three in a continuation and the third one had the ultimatum. I warned them that I would cancel the order if they do not ship it right away. And, they finally heard my request. They asked me for some additional information and I sent them. Again, silence from their end.

I emailed them again with the warning and they said that the order was shipped. I asked them for the tracking details, but they did not provide any.

I had to again mail them and after a day, they sent me the tracking number that was not traceable. They had just prepared the shipping that day itself. Is this how these online stores treat their customers.

No respect and no responsibility. I felt as if I was begging. I had paid in advance and as per their claim, I should have received the order in few days. But, they kept ignoring my emails. These guys really pissed me off. I am never going to order from an online store and even if I ever got the nerve to do that, it would not be the Green Society.

I am in pain and these people did not care about it. I even mentioned that in the emails, but they made me wait for my item for so long.

Is a legit? is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 15 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is located? is headquarted at Oxford Street West 41 ON CA. You can contact by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by’s customers?

According to’s customers, a monetary loss of US $800 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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15 Reviews on

  1. Very poor delivery!

    Extremely poor delivery.
    After almost a month, I still haven’t received my order.
    I am not too sure if they have even mailed it to me yet!
    I doubt if I’ll ever recommend them.

  2. No Complaints From Me

    Buying from them for years Thank you Greensociety. Also thank you Liberal government for legalizing Pot.

  3. Bad concentrates

    If you like concentrates that taste like burnt chemicals and cost 60 dollars a gram, well. This site might just be what you’re looking for.

  4. Basically the same as the other reviewers here.

    Honestly, I’m so tired of their runarounds, and total incompetence, that detailing it yet again would take more strength than I can muster. First shipment went “missing”. After practically begging them to replace the order, they finally conceded. Guess what? Second shipment missing. Canada Post told me both were delivered to the address on the shipping label. Problem is, their shippers screwed up the address on both shipments. Green Society will not admit any wrongdoing. While I’m not out a ton of money – 76.00 – it’s more the principle. I am Bipolar 2, I use the product to help reduce the hypo-mania episodes. I told them this. They really didn’t seem to care either way. There are lots of legal cannabis shops and dispensaries in Canada now. You’d really have to be a little crazy to purchase from these people. Special note: Customer Service Rep, I think there may only be one, gets special marks for giving the runaround. She should have been a politician.

  5. No delivery.

    No delivery. Tracking number provided was never active.

  6. Order Confiscated

    I ordered a $190.00 worth and had it confiscated in TX by the DEA.I emailed the company and they have not responded. Been almost 2 months since my order was jacked by the Alphabet boys and no response!!!!! Please, please save your money!!!!! Their customer service sucks and unless your 6ix 9ine(Snitching[ WHICH I DON’T DO!!!]) you won’t get a response!!! Shop locally my friends!!!

  7. Terrible!!! So upset

    I placed an order on 7/10/2020 through cashapp and no one has given me any information and when I email them I get no response I also talk to the live person and all they say is how can I help you today and when I say something about my order or anything I get ignored. I need help! Has anyone had this issue?? Will I ever get what I ordered!!!!!! Lost 180 dollars !!!!

  8. my experience l had with this site

    have tried to order delivery from this location 3 times and every time there is a problem. In short, I have entered my order 3 times and never once has the order arrived. I always know that the store will call me after 5 minutes with some lame excuse as to why they can’t deliver. you guys leaves me hanging, every time. Their delivery is not to be trusted so l will recommend ( because the mean good business thanks.

  9. Green society ripped me off

    Green society never msiled out my package ..after a bogus tracking # …promises of package …stay away

  10. Beware of

    This isn’t about the .io address bc I didn’t use it. I ordered from (there is also a .ca address) is a FRAUD! Ordered goods, they instructed me to pay with Zelle and send it to an email with a Nigerian name. I wasn’t able to use Zelle so they had me use cash app and to send it to a Linda Hauser. Sent $195 and sent them the screenshot of the completed transaction. Never heard from them again. No answer to emails, no one picks up phone and they’re fake webchat feature I get no response. They were very responsive up until the transaction was completed. Rip off and I reported to FTC and IC3

    1. Omg the same thing happened to me they literally said order completed after I paid smh. We’re you able to get your money back with the help of cash app.


    I tried contacting Green Society support team twice and it’s been days and I have yet to receive any response. My order is still on hold after paying over $200. This is NOT good business! My best advise is to go somewhere else. I wish I would have read the many reviews online which cautioned the same.

  12. GS is BS

    Warning!!! Do NOT use GS!!!!! –
    absolutely hate writing bad reviews, especially for something involving herb, but, I’ve had the worst of all worst MOM experiences. I recently spent $400 on a promo for 3 ounces; the herb came, and while it was a tad sticky, it provided more than sufficient pain relief for my hip arthritis. A short while later, to my surprise, I received the same order in the mail (a duplicate that I hadn’t paid for). For me, there was no moral questioning, however, there was some concern about my having to mail 3 ounces in the mail. I wrote them immediately in hopes to receive a shipping label or some direction on how to get this weed back in their hands. It took a little bit to get a reply, but once I did, I was asked to take it to the post office, pay to have it shipped back, and that they would reimburse the shipping. — The package was shipped back to them ASAP, and anonymously, w/ a $22 shipping charge incurred.

    Here’s where it gets interesting — while I wasn’t expecting anything for my honesty, one would expect a MOM to show it some way to a) protect their reputation and b) for customer retention, but this wasn’t the case with GS. I was written back once all of the effort was put in to get this herb back to them, and my shipping was only repaid via credit (points) through GS’s site with a mere $8 additional ‘thanks’ for my troubles, an amount that is LESS than shipping coverage for an order from GS, which means that I have to drum up another $150, minimum, just to get my $22 back. They have used my good deed to drive more revenue, and it left me with a very sour impression of GS. I would NOT recommend them for the simple fact that there is very little value towards their client base. In addition, there was very little gratitude towards the deed – the impression I got was that I was at fault for their error. Now that I will no longer be using GS, I am out $22 + $40 worth of points from the $1300 I’ve spent with them. I should also mention that I requested my $22 back via etransfer, and they loosely agreed, then went silent.

    Go somewhere else, somewhere that the service makes you as happy as the herb — this place is not.

  13. here is an email to use and complain-
    James Widiker

  14. I had same issues with the green society online store , ordered 400$ of product as a first time customer , I also have epilepsy and suffer without my high grad pot ….they took my money right away but I didn’t Recieve a tracking number till do days later and they never emailed me back when I asked for it , delivery date came and no package so I tracked it and notice these people didn’t even drop it off at the post off the evening I received my tracking info which my Wednesday and I placed and paid for the order the previous Sunday so now it’s Thursday and it’s no chance I’m going to get my package till Monday ,I tried to limit my pot intake over the weekend to save so I’d have enough till Monday but I paid for it by having many seizures…now Monday is here and still no package ,called Canada post and started investigation , over the next week I just to the local pot store to get by on there no good product…finally 2 weeks later I got a call from Canada post and they had my package and told me the sender put the incorrect postal code and wrote the address backwards is the reason for the shipping error , I also emailed this to green society and all Tharp did was blame Canada post and after some arguing Jenny told me sorry and offered me a 20$ credit to their store and I told her that I didn’t want her insult of 20$ on a 400$ ordered and that I didn’t appreciate her lying to me blaming Canada post when it was them beening lazy and stupid so then her boss called me but she was ever rudimg than Jenny and went back to blaming Canada post so I had enough I am just going to warn all of these idiots and their don’t give a hell attitude … t use green society . Ca cause you will regret it

  15. Misleading

    This person obviously only ordered from this place once. There are times they screw up like any other human. But out of the dozen times I have ordered from them I have never had an issue and they always have amazing product at reasonable prices. And I mean what can you expect? The shits not 100% l*g*l to be distributed by companies like this chin up chump.

    1. Green society “warning scammers and heartless

      It’s only been to weeks and I’m still upset about being scammed by green society .ca , placed my order on June 23 2019 received my tracking info a day late which made me nervous but I just waited hoping for the best ..I started tracking the package the following day and oticed it was in the wrong city out to be delivery 5 hours away from where I lived which is never on the route taken cause I’ve been ordering for years from other sites and am very familiar with package tracking so I emailed them right away on the 25th letting them know of the error and I also called Canada post to start investigation on way this is happening ,then over the next 2 days I watched this package jump around from city to city far away from me ….now today I called Canada post asking to only speak to a supervisor and finally I got someone and they told me the info on the package was not correct and the parcel was stuck in a loop , I sent green society email number 6 now with now response in 7 days and I don’t know what to do , Canada post say than my parcel has now disappear and I need to cantact the sender but what do you do when the sender won’t respond back so now I’m out a lot of money and many a lot of seizures do to my epilepsy and not having my mediation …..I’m a honest good person and I just don’t want anyone going through this experience by dealing with these heartless people especially if pot is your life saving medication

    2. Green Society fraud

      Order via their website, got text from [email protected] to PayPal.
      Never got tracking or order, NOT EVEN A REPLY.
      I contacted my credit card company filed fraud complaint
      Also, contacted State of California and Canadian government that handles marijuana sales etc.


Reviews: 15
Reported Loss : 800 $
Severity : Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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